November 2019
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Jim, website volunteer

Portrait of Brigham Young, founder of BYHS

Signature of Brigham Young

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Brigham Young High School began as the Brigham Young Academy in 1876. BYA was a secondary school that grew over the decades to include grades K - 12. In the 1890s, the school began to include a few college-level students, but BYA was always primarily a high school.

In 1903, Brigham Young Academy was dissolved, and it was replaced by two organizations: Brigham Young University High School and Brigham Young University. For the next 65 years, B.Y. High served as the heart of the BYU College of Education. Master teachers at Brigham Young High School helped generations of student teachers -- once known as "Normals" -- to start successful teaching careers.

Historical Overview Continued

B.Y. High Class of 1959
Celebrated 60th Year Reunion
September 21, 2019

B.Y. High Class of 1964
Celebrated Its 55th Year Reunion
July 13, 2019

BYH Class of 1964 Class Reunion 2019

B. Y. High Class of 1969
Celebrated Its 50th Year Golden Anniversary Reunion
July 6, 2019

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