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When searching for information about Brigham Young University High School using search engines or newspaper archives, there are dozens of search terms that may be used. Most of these terms work best when they are typed within quotation marks. Here are some of the most effective:
“Brigham Young University Senior High School”
“Brigham Young University High School”
“Brigham Young Senior High School”
“Brigham Young High School”
“Brigham Young High”
“BYU Senior High School”
“BYU High School”
“B.Y.U. High School”
“BY Senior High School”
“BY High School”
“B.Y. High School”
“B.Y. High”
“Brigham Young University Laboratory School”
“Brigham Young University Lab School”
“Brigham Young Laboratory School”
“Brigham Young Lab School”
“Brigham Young University elementary and high school”
“Brigham Young University elementary school and high school”
"BYU Laboratory School"
"BYU Lab School"
"BYU elementary and high school"
"BYU elementary school and high school"
“BYU Lower Campus”
“B.Y.U. Lower Campus”
"Brigham Young Junior High School"
"B.Y. Junior High School"
“Brigham Young Academy”
“Brigham Young Academy High School”
“Brigham Young Academy Square”
“Academy Square”
“BYA High School”
“BY Academy”
“B.Y. Academy”
“B.Y. Academy High School”
“Y High”
“Brigham Young Wildcats”
Note: Some of the more abbreviated terms work better if you add:
“graduated from B.Y. High”
“attended B.Y. High”
“taught at B.Y. High”
“student at B.Y. High”
“teacher at B.Y. High”
“principal at B.Y. High”
Unfortunately, some “commercial alumni” sites and even some fake sites have lifted phrases and graphics from the official BY High alumni website, in an attempt to attract you when you are searching for the official site. Avoid clicking on them because that reinforces their priority position in search engine results.

When you are browsing the official BYH site, mark it as one of your favorite places so you can find your way back more easily. In fact, click on this link:

now, and save the url (Internet address). You may wish to create a shortcut on your desktop.

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2. Search for any information not already included in the Directory profile, for example, an obituary, or a link to a life story on the internet.

3. Email the person's information, along with details about the source, to

4. We will confirm the source and add the information to the person's profile on the Directory.

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