Brigham Young High School History

BYA, BYH Athletic Battles

Raged From 1890s to 1968

Brigham Young Academy's First Football Team -
First BYA Football Team - 1896
In 1896 the first BYA football team in 1896 played the University of Utah three times, and also the Elks, the Crescents, the YMCA of Salt Lake City, the Wheel Club of Denver, and Westminster College. The team included, back row, left to right: Eugene McArthur, BYA Athletic Association president; Heber Larsen, A. D. Miller, Dave Hyde, Alma Carbine, Walter Hasler, manager; middle row: Nephi Otteson, Jesse LeFevre, Orville Larsen, Hans Poulsen, John Peterson, Andrew Peterson; front row: Albert Fillerup, Sam Hinckley, Ben C. Call, and Frank Cox.

Brigham Young Academy's founding principal, Karl G. Maeser, focused on academics and did not include school sports for his high school students. Principal Maeser's term ran from 1876 to 1892. His goals were to teach integrity, honor, and scholarship combined with spirituality, and his ideals prevailed through to the end of the school in 1968.

In 1892, Dr. Maeser's successor as BYH high school principal was Benjamin Cluff, Jr. Principal Cluff had studied at the University of Michigan where he had seen first hand the benefits of school sports as a healthy complement to academic life. He encouraged student participation in athletic pursuits. In March of 1893 the student newspaper The Normal noted the formation of an athletics club at the Academy.

Initial contests were intramural games between high school classes, and each year a BYA Field Day spotlighted baseball and track & field events. The athletic fields were located at such places as a resort on the shores of Utah Lake, and later on the Upper Campus, on land situated where the Joseph Smith Building was later built.

Competitions with other schools and independent athletic clubs began in baseball in 1891, football in 1896, track & field in 1899, and basketball in 1900.

The football teams struggled in their early years, fighting opposition from both more experienced teams and Church leaders who were unsure about endorsing football with its many injuries, rowdy crowds and boisterous yelling.

After the son of a member of the LDS General Board of Education for Church Schools died as a result of football injuries, and the son of another General Board member was maimed for life from the same cause, football and indeed, all school sports at Church academies were called into question, with the various academy principals arguing in favor of sports programs.

The General Board finally decided to let each academy's board set policy for its own school. Most boards took a moderate stance, like the Salt Lake Stake Board that allowed athletics, but specified that football be excepted "as a barbarious brutal exercise not to be dignified by the title of a game". By December 1900 all semblances of organized football had been excluded from the BYA sports program, and remained so until 1920.

Nationally, dozens of athletes were dying following football scrimmages each year. The Church academies were not the only schools of that era that chose to ban football because of injuries and deaths.

Basketball proved to be the strongest team sport at the school, and at the Y, this sport started out as a women's game.

BYA Women's Championship Basketball Team ~ 190
BYA Women's Basketball Championship Team of 1900. Pictured are E. Kimball, manager, left, with Ovena Jorgensen, Serepta Sevey, Maud McArthur, Nora Jorgensen, Aretta Snow, Ethel Crane, and M. R. Gates.
The Academy and High School produced a number of fiercely competitive athletes over the years, and many were honored as all-state competitors. In every decade, dozens of talented sports stars went on to play for university teams.

The most accomplished athlete in early BYH history was, indisputably, Alma W. Richards, BYH Class of 1913. He was an example of how BY coaches mixed high school students with collegiate students in individual and team sports.

In 1912, as a junior in high school, Alma Richards won an Olympic gold medal in Finland for his high jumping, and that was just the beginning of his spectacular athletic career back in the States.

In 1926 Coach Frosty Richards first dubbed BYH athletes and teams with the name "Wildcats" and the name stuck for 42 years, until school history came to a close. (The annual yearbook was also called the "Wildcat", and the school newspaper was usually titled the "Y'ld Cat".)

BYA and BYH often had a lower enrollment compared to the other schools they faced in athletic competition -- usually with only 60 students in each high school senior class, including boys and girls. Nevertheless, the school was consistently well represented in athletic competitions.

In 1940 BYH played six-man football, and battled in a championship game to a tie, sharing the Utah State Championship with Parowan. Coach Dave Crowton, BYH, in a show of sportsmanship, ceded that title to Parowan because of a brief and unavoidable BYH substitution violation in a previous game.

BYH moved back to 11-man football in 1943. The job of manning a larger football team year after year was always a challenge for BY High coaches, but the courageous Wildcats fielded full teams that won many hard-fought games.

BYH battled to second place finishes in 1940, 1941, and 1959 in state football championship games.

Many singular honors were won by BYH tennis team members in annual competitions. In golf, various athletes participated and excelled, including Bob Swenson, who tied for top honors in the State in 1948.

The record of basketball accomplishments is particularly noteworthy. The teams in every decade from the 1900s to the 1960s were tough and pulled off many upset victories.

BYH 1948 Utah State Basketball Champions
BYH State Championship Basketball Team ~ 1948

In Class B competition, the BYH basketball team took the Region and then BYH's first State basketball championships in 1948, and 1949.

Harold Christensen, Class of 1949, played on both State championship basketball teams, and also lettered in football -- he was quarterback -- baseball, track and tennis, the only BYH athlete to letter in five sports. He received All American honors in basketball, and went on to have a distinguished record of achievement at BYU and for the rest of his life. There is much more to know about him; suffice it to say that he was the all-time, all-around top athlete in modern times at BYH.

BYH State Basketball Champions ~ 1949

In 1952, BYH placed second in state basketball competition.

The 1960s were filled with winning regional titles. In 1962 the Wildcats took Consolation at State.

Brigham Young High 1963 Basketball Champions
BYH State Basketball Champions ~ 1963

In 1963, the BYH basketball team, coached by Courtney Leishman and and Jed Gibson, took the State Class B Championship, and received the high honor of being recognized with the Region 7 Sportsmanship Trophy.

Region 7 Sportsmanship Trophy, Brigham Young High

In 1967, the BYH basketball team won the Region IV Class A title.

In baseball, the Wildcats won the Region title five times: 1957, 1958, 1959, 1965, and 1967. For an eyewitness account of the 1967 season, click here.

It was the goal of all BY High teams to demonstrate integrity, good sportsmanship, a strong competitive spirit and a determination to meet every challenge that faced them, in the spirit of Principal Karl G. Maeser's teachings from 1876 to 1892.

You are invited to enjoy an exciting visit to BYA~BYH sports over a span of more than 70 years by looking at newspaper clippings and stories linked below:

Brigham Young Academy & High School ~
Scattered Sports Newspaper Clippings

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1892 Baseball and Track & Field Contests, With Prizes, Set for May 18th ~
Source 2

1893 Football Intramural Game Witnessed by 1000 at BYA Field Day

1895 Baseball Team Invites U of U Team to Game in Provo May 18th
Source 2

1895 Baseball, Track & Field Teams Host U of U Athletes - Baseball Game Tied 12-12 When Game Ended in a Dispute

1896 Football - First Gridiron Game Between BYA and the University of Utah - April 6th

1896 Football - 800 Witness U. of U. Win Over BYA 12 to 4 in April Contest

1896 Football - University of Utah Team Practices for Second Game Against BYA on Thanksgiving

1896 Football Team to Arrive in SLC by Union Pacific Railroad

1896 Football - Dismay in SLC as Top Ute Players Will Be Absent for November Game with BYA

1896 Football - BYA vs U of U - No headgear!
1896 Thanksgiving Day Game, BYA vs U of U

1896 BYA vs U of U - First Half
First Half
1896 BYA vs U of U - Second Half
Second Half

1896 Football - U of U Wins 6 to 0 Over BYA in Thanksgiving Game - Illustrated, Above

1896 Football - U of U Team Books Union Pacific Trip to Visit Provo for a Game Against BYA - December

1896 Football Team Plays U of U for Third Time in One Year - This Time in Provo in December

1896 Football Team Victorious 8 to 6 Over U of U Eleven in Provo on December 5th

1896 Football Year - Modern Day Review of First Three Games with U of U

1897 Baseball Team Defeats Visiting L.D.S. College Nine by 29 to 28

1897 Football Outlook Previewed in September - BYA Team Rumored to be Strong

1897 Football - BYA Arranges Two Games, November 6th & 13th, with Tough YMCA Team
Source 2

1897 Football - YMCA Practices to Meet Heavier, Less Experienced BYA Team

1897 Football - BYAs First Big Game of the Season Against YMCA Eleven

1897 Football Mudder - BYA vs YMCA - No headgear!
1897 Football Mudder - BYA vs YMCA

1897 Football Team Battles in Mud to a 0 to 0 Tie in First Game With YMCA - Illustrated, Above

1897 Football - Excitement Builds for Return Match with YMCA in Provo - Last Minute Adjustments Made

1897 Football Team Falls to YMCA 16 to 4 on a Perfect Day for Football

1897 Football - To Play Utah on December 4th in SLC, and later in December in Provo

1897 Football Team - Utah Anticipates Little Trouble in Downing BYA Eleven

1897 Team Brings Crowd From Provo to SLC

1897 Football Team Wallops U of U by 14 to 0 in Surprise Upset in SLC

1897 Football Team To Play SLC Crescent Team in Provo

1897 Football Team Defeated 14 to 10 on Rainy December 11th by Crescent Team Singing Ditty

1897 Football Team Prepares for December 18th Game with U of U in Provo

Brigham Young Academy --Second Football Team--1897
BYA's Second Football Team - 1897
Members of the 1897 BYA football team included, reclining: Albert Fillerup, left, John A. Johansen; seated: Bert Miller, Frederick Ewell, John Judd, Dell Brown, David Hall; standing: Frank Cox, Bayard Mendenhall, David Hyde, John Petersen, William M. Hughes, Orvil Larson, and Jesse LeFevre.

1897 Football Team Emerges Victorious 22 to 0 Over U of U on Snowy Day in Provo

1899 Field Day - BYA Students Thank U of U Students

1899 Football Team Set to Play U of U in December

1900 ~ 1910

1900 BYA Athletic Association Meets to Organize Teams ~
Source 2

1900 Baseball Team Wins Match Game Over Provo

1900 Football Programs at LDS Schools Discontinued by General Board of Education for Church Schools in November

1901 - New Track, Baseball & Basketball Team Uniform Colors Chosen

1901 Athletics - $1,000+ in Gymnasium Apparatus Ordered

1901 Baseball, Football, and Gymnasium Facility To Be Built

1901 Baseball Team Loses to Provo 12 - 6

1901 Basketball, Baseball & General Field Sports Set at BYA Field Day March 30th With LDS College Featured as Visiting Competition

1903 Athletic Meet - LDS College Sends Letter of Apology for Rowdy Behavior of Several of Their Students at Athletic Meet

1903 Track - Interclass Meet Held

1903 Basketball - Colorado Team Visits Provo for a Series of Games

BY Track & Field - Temple Hill - circa 1905
Track & Field Location on Upper Campus, circa 1905

1903 Track Meets Among Schools Begin in Utah in 1903

1904 Athletics - First Coach Was Warren Colton - Coaches Shared BYU & BYH Assignments

1907 BYU Basketball Team - Completely Made up of BY High Students

1909 Brigham Young High School Baseball Team
1909 Brigham Young High School Baseball Team
The 1909 Brigham Young High School baseball team included: top row: George Brooks, John Hunter, Aldous Dixon, Wyman Berg; middle row: Bert Richards, George Foster, Hugh Baxter; bottom row: Lloyd E. Woods, Lynn Baxter, and Orrin Wilson.
1911 ~ 1920

1913 Basketball Team Defeated by Box Elder

1914 Basketball Team Will Play Academy Team in Ephriam

1914 Basketball Team Defeated by LDS High School

1915 Basketball Team Defeats LDSU and Wins Utah Division

1918 Basketball Team Wins Nebo District Championship by Defeating Springville

1918 All Utah School Sports Impacted by Spanish Influenza Epidemic

1919 Track - Lyman Brown of BYH Breaks Mile-Run Record at Track Tournament with First Sub-5 Minute Time

1919 Football - LDS Schools Allowed to Play Football Again
Source 2

1920 BYU High School Basketball Team Prospects Look Good
Source 2

1920 Basketball Team Wins Thriller Over Springville

1920 Track & Field - BYU & BYH Host High School Invitational - Top BYU Athletes Participate

1920 BYU Football Team Beats Tintic High and Advances to State High School Championship Game

1920 BYH Football Team by the Pearly Gates
BYH Football Team - 1920

The 1920 BY High football team. We have a list of the twelve men who faced Logan High in a playoff game (see article). This list has not been matched to the photo. Swenson [Reed?], left end; Dickson [Fred Dixon?], sub. left end; Anderson [Hugh?], left tackle; Bowman [Lyman Brown?], left guard; Jackson [Elwood R.?], center; Hatch [Victor?], right guard; Bench [Dean?], right tackle; Peterson, right end; McIntosh [Donald?], quarterback; Pine [Thomas or Mark Pyne?], left halfback; Chamberlain, right halfback; and Partridge [Truman], fullback. [Salt Lake Telegram, November 21, 1920]. [See also 1921 Banyan.]

1920 Football Team on Track to State Championship Derailed by Logan High

1920 Football Season Banyan Recap; First Season When Football Returned to B. Y.

1921 ~ 1930

1924 Basketball - BYU Juniors Play BYH Varsity and Defeat Them

1924 Basketball - BYU Sophomores Play BYH Varsity and Defeat Them

1926 Basketball Team Leagueless, After Laying Off for Several Years, Trying to Demonstrate Success to Win an Invitation to Play in a League

1926 Basketball - "Frosty" Fred Richards,BYU Senior & BYH Alumnus, Appointed BYH Coach

1926 Basketball Team Formed and Admitted to Alpine Divison

1926 Basketball Team Named "Wildcats" and BYH Basketball History Begins

1927 Basketball - Assessment of First Ever BYH Basketball Team

1927 Basketball - 1928 Season Districts Established by the Executive Committee of the State Board of Control of High School Athletics

1928 Basketball Team Meets American Fork - BYH Not Regarded as a Dangerous Outfit

1928 Basketball Team Loses to American Fork, Not Expected to Defeat Next Opponent, Pleasant Grove

1928 Basketball Team Under Coach Joe Buys Has Strongest Team in Several Seasons (Skip boxing cartoon)

1928 Tennis Team Favored to Win State Tennis Tournament

1928 Tennis - Aldy Smith and Wilson Booth Win State Doubles Championship; Kent Johnson Wins Singles Crown at BYU Invitational

1931 ~ 1940

1931 Basketball - Dick Thorn Appointed Basketball Coach ~ Replacing Coach Weldon Monson

1931 Basketball Team Finished 2nd Last Year, Looks to Be a Strong Contender This Year

1932 Basketball Contest Between BYH and Provo - BYH Has Preseason Wins, But Has Slight Disadvantage

1932 Basketball Team Defeated by Provo

1932 Basketball Team Defeated by Lehi

1932 Basketball Team Defeats Lincoln with a
Basket by Tom Eastmond in Final 10 Seconds

1932 Basketball Team Falls to Pleasant Grove

1932 Baseball Team Upsets American Fork

1932 Basketball Team Pulls Off Sensational Victory Over Provo - Now Tied for 2nd in Alpine District

1932 Basketball Team Upset by Lehi, Nudged Out of State Playoffs

1932 Basketball Loss to Lehi a Thriller Nonetheless

1932 Basketball Team Bounces Back to .500 By Whipping Lincoln; Next Up, Pleasant Grove

1932 Basketball - Pleasant Grove Barely Ekes Out a 36-35 Win Over BYH

1932 Basketball Team Upset by American Fork In Final Game of BYH Season

1932 Women's Drill Team to Participate in BYU Relay Carnival Event

1932-1933 Basketball - Cyprus Downs BYH in Pre-Season Practice Game

1933 Tennis Team Coach T. Earl Pardoe Announces Formation of Utah County High School Tennis League

1933 Tennis - Tennis League Formed With 2 Divisions; BYH Has 2 Teams, One in Each Division

1933 Tennis Team Plays Bingham Netters Away From Home

1933 Tennis Team Defeated by Wasatch Academy 3 Matches to 2

1933 Basketball - BYU Varsity Features Former BYH Star, Dick Grimmett ~ Grimmett Excels Against Utah

1933 Basketball Team Defeated by Granite, Next Faces Nephi in Provo

1933 Basketball Team Defeated By Nephi in Preseason Practice Game

1933 Basketball - Sports Editor Analyzes Nephi and BYH Squads

1933-1934 Basketball League Season Schedule Listed; First Up, Provo at BYH

1933 Basketball Team, Vastly Improved, Barely Beaten by Springville 47-45 in Preseason Game

1933 Basketball Team Plays Nephi is a 2nd Preseason, Game, Loses Again

1933 Basketball Team Defeat by Defending Champions, Granite High School

1933 Tennis Champions, Grant Holt & Bill Pardoe, Doubles, BYU Invitational

1934 Basketball Team, Coached by Buck Dixon, Loses Nip and Tuck Game to Pleasant Grove, 20-28

BYH Basketball Team Defeats Lincoln Soundly ~ BYH Climbs Out of Cellar

1934 Basketball Team Upsets American Fork

1934 Basketball - Reed Oldroyd One of Top Scoring Players in Alpine District

1934 Basketball Team Defeated by Lehi

1934 Basketball Wildcats Rally to Beat Traditional Rival, Provo 33-32

1934 Basketball Wildcats Rampage Against Lincoln

1934 Basketball Team Defeats Lehi

1934 Basketball - Lehi, Loser to BYH, Defeats Provo, Loser to BYH, to Win Alpine District Title

1934 Tennis Team One of Three High Schools to Compete in BYU Invitational Tournament

1934 Basketball Team Defeats Davis in Preseason Game

1934 Basketball Team Falls to Granite, Defending State Champions, in Preseason

1934 Basketball Team Triumphs Over Springville in Preseason Warmup

1934 Basketball Team Defeated Again by Granite, This Time in Provo Just One Week Later

1934-1935 Basketball Season League Play Set; BYH to Play Lehi in Opener

1934-1935 Basketball Team Analyzed in Detail by Sports Writer; Wildcat Basketball Emphasized Because BYH Does Not Play Football

1935 Basketball Team Wins 7 of 10 in Preseason; Starts League Play in January

1935 Basketball - Defending Champion Lehi Defeats Strong BYH Team

1935 Basketball Team Defeats Lincoln in Away Game

1935 Basketball Team Triumphs Over American Fork

1935 Basketball Team in Tie for 2nd Place

1935 Basketball Forward, Booth, One of League's Top Scorers

1935 Basketball Team Favored in Upcoming Game with Pleasant Grove

1935 Basketball Team Gains Victory Over Pleasant Grove

1935 Basketball Forward Booth Third in Individual Scoring

1935 Basketball Team To Tangle with Provo in Intercity Rivalry Tilt

1935 Basketball Team Falls as Provo Ekes Out 29-24 Victory

1935 Basketball Team Must Face Unbeaten First Half Winner, Lehi

1935 Basketball Game with Lehi Moved Up One Night

1935 Basketball Team Loss Leaves Lehi Still Undefeated

1935 Basketball Team Tramples Lincoln in Runaway Victory

1935 Basketball Team Defeats American Fork in a Solid Win

1935 Basketball Team Defeats Pleasant Grove ~ Margin of Victory, 1 Point

1935 Basketball Team to Face Provo Again

1935 Basketball Team Third in League Play with 5 Wins, 4 Losses

1935 Basketball Team Whips Provo, 40-32 ~ Breaking 1st Place Tie Between Lehi and Provo

1935 Coaching Staff at BYU Largest in History of Y Sports; Some Coaches Have Assignments at BYH

1935 BYU Coaching Staff Enlarged; Fred W. "Buck" Dixon Continues as BYH Coach

1935 Tennis Team - Pardoe and Booth Are District Doubles Champions

1935 Track & Field - Oldroyd Qualifies for State Meet in Broad Jump

1935-1936 Basketball Game Schedules Set for Alphine and Nebo Districts

1936 Basketball - Provo Sinks BYH in Opener

1936 Basketball Teams Defeated by American Fork

1936 Basketball Team Nosed Out by Pleasant Grove for 3rd Loss

1936 Basketball Team Wins 1st League Game by Handing Lincoln Its 4th Straight Loss

1936 Basketball Team to Play Lehi

1936 Basketball Team Battles Lehi to a Tie, Then Falls 22-21 By a Free Throw

1936 Basketball - American Fork Favored to Defeat BYH in Upcoming Contest

1936 Basketball - Undefeated American Fork Downs BYH

1936 Basketball Team Holds Commanding Lead Over Pleasant Grove, Winning 38-28

1936 Basketball Team Noses Out Lincoln for 3rd Victory in 9 Games

1936 Tennis Team Wins Second Place Behind Provo

1938 Tennis Team Defeats Springville

1938 - Graduated BYH Basketball Star Don Snow Reports for BYU Football Camp

1938 Football - Spectacular Six-Man Football Preview Contest Between BYH and Lincoln

1938 Football - Six-Man Games Scheduled with Spanish Fork and Weber High

1938 Basketball Team Defeated by One Point by Provo

1938 Basketball Team Loses to Roosevelt Rough Riders

1938 Basketball Team on Barnstorming Tour Loses Badly to Alterra

1939 Basketball Team Opens League Play Against Lehi on January 6th

BYH six-man football positions

1940 Six-Man Football Team Preps for Championship Games

1940 Six-Man Football Teams, BYH & Parowan, Battle in Snow to 6-6 Tie on Thanksgiving Day

1940 Six-Man Football Championship Game Described in Detail

1940 Six-Man Football Team Ties in Championship Game, But Forfeits to Parowan; Parowan Lauds Sportsmanship

1940 Sports Recap Explains Six-Man Football Tie and Forfeit

1940 Basketball Team -- Don Hansen is Tallest Center

1940 Multi-Sport Coach Dave Crowton's Record

1940 Tennis Star Huish Wins State Title

1941 ~ 1950

1941 Basketball Victory Puts BYH Two Games Ahead in Region Title Battle

1941 Basketball Team Puts Alpine Division Title on Ice by Defeating Pleasant Grove 43-40

1941 Basketball Team Wins Region, Enters State Tournament for the First Time in 20 Years

1941 Basketball Tournament: Dixie Faces "Too-Tall" BYH Players

1941 Baseball Team Plays First Season Ever

1941 Tennis Team Ties Lincoln Team

1942 Basketball Team Comes From Behind to Defeat North Summit; Rally Led by Don Hansen

1942 Basketball Team Loses to Lehi in Key Game

1942 Basketball Team in 3-Way Tie for Second Place

1942 Tennis Team - 3 BYH Players Win Top Places

1943 Football Team Plays First Year of Eleven-Man Football

1943 Basketball Team Comes from Behind to Upset Lehi

1943 Basketball Team Falls to Manti High School in Preseason Game

1943 Tennis Team, Defending Nebo District Champions, Trounce Provo High Tennis Team

1943 Baseball Team Falls to Provo in Opener

1943 Baseball Team Upsets Payson

1943 BYH Honors Top Athletes

1944 Baseball Team Builds for 1945

1944 Basketball Team Faces New Season Challenges

1945 Basketball Seeks Intra-City Clash with Provo

1947 Golf Team First to Enter State High School Golf Tournament

1947 Coaches Dixon and Crowton at BYH

1948 Football Team Best Ever - Photo of Harold Christensen, Quarterback, Jae Ballif & Norm Christiansen

1947-1948 Basketball - Coach Dave Crowton Analyzes Team's Strengths, Weaknesses

1948 Basketball First String Plays Only First and Third Quarters Against Springville

1948 Basketball Team Overcomes Granite, Harold Christensen Sparkles

1948 Basketball Team Qualifies for State Tournament the Hard Way; Face Uphill Battle If They Are to Win

1948 Basketball Photo of Starting Five Before State Tournament

1948 Basketball Team Wins Overtime Game, Beating American Fork

1948 Basketball Team Wins State Class B Tournament

1948 Basketball Team Finishes in Top Spot

1948 Basketball All-State Center, Harold Christensen, on Top of University Recruiters' Lists; Coach Crowton Needs a Vacation after Overtime Wins; Christensen Accepts Team Trophy

1948 Basketball Champions Honored by Provo City

1948 Basketball's Harold Christensen Named to Deseret News All State Basketball Team ~ Harold Christensen & Tom Karren Win All-State Honors

1948 Basketball Coach Dave Crowton Leaves BYH Job for BYU Position

1948 Tennis Players at BYH Win

1949 Tennis Team's Bob Kirkpatrick Wins Singles Title at BYU Invitation Meet

1948-1949 Basketball Defending State Champs to Play Springville

1949 Basketball Competition Fierce at Half-Way Point

1949 Basketball Team Defeats Murray High in Second Round of State Tournament

1949 Basketball Team to Face Cyprus, Defending State Champions, in Semi-Final Round

1948 & 1949 BYH Basketball Teams are State Champions and Win Respect

1949 Basketball - Victory Rally Honors BYH Wildcats - Photo: Harold Christensen, Tom Karren & Kent Broadhead

1948-1949 All Sports: BYH's Christensen Tops Epic Era at Provo School - Letter's in 5 Sports

1949 Basketball - Christensen Named One of Top 24 High School Basketball Players in Nation

1950 Basketball Team Defeats Park City High in First Round of State Tournament

1950 Tennis Team's Max Eggerten Wins Singles Title at Snow Invitational Meet

1951 ~ 1960

1951 Basketball Star, Vern Whatcott, Graduates and Stars on Military Basketball Team

1952 Football Quarterback, Dave Kimball, Wins "Prep Star of the Week" Honor

1952 Basketball Star, Tommy Karren, Plays Forward on BYU Varsity Team

1952 Tennis Team Wins Doubles at Snow Meet

1959 Baseball Team Champs of Region Seven

1961 ~ 1968

1963 Football Teams Wins Opening Pre-Season Game with Park City

1963 Basketball Team Defeats South Summit in First Round of State Tournament

1963 Basketball State Champions Honored

1966-1967 Basketball Team Led by Bergeson Twins Beats Uintah Utes 63-51

1967 Baseball Star, Hard-Hitting Loren Duke, Plays in August All-Star Team ~ [See Dallan Olson story]

1968 All Teams Complete Last Season - BYH Era Ends
~ End of Article - Sports Focus

The Final BYH Football Team in 1968
1968: The Final BYH Football Team

Cheerleading has occupational hazards

Larry Denham (r) demos sportsmanship in 1966.

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