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Dangerfield, Royden James

Dangerfield, Royden James

Royden Dangerfield

Class of 1921. 'Raymond' Dangerfield [actually Royden James Dangerfield]. Source 1: Photograph of the BYH Graduating Class of 1921. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1921. Royden Dangerfield. Source 2: 1921 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1921. Royden James Dangerfield. He received a High School Diploma in 1921. Source 3: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 148. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1925. Royden James Dangerfield. He received a BS Degree in Political Science in 1925. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 148.

Daniels, Caroline Ameilia [Caddie]

Daniels, Caroline Ameilia [Caddie]
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Caddie and Frank Mills

BY Academy High School Class in 1876. Caroline Ameilia "Caddie" Daniels. BYA High School, Class of 1877. One of three Class of 1877 graduates: Amelia Kristina "Teenie" Smoot, Samuel Moore, and Caroline "Caddie" Daniels. Source: 1920 BYU Banyan, school history written by Alice Louise Reynolds. ~ ~ ~ ~ One of the First BYA Faculty & Staff. The first Normal graduate of Brigham Young Academy, she joined the BYA faculty upon her graduation in 1877. One of the original 29 students who registered on the first day of classes at Brigham Young Academy, January 3, 1876. ~ ~ ~ ~ Faculty & Staff. Caddie Daniels, Training School, 1876-1884. She is also listed on a list of 59 names of the earliest students of Brigham Young Academy, taken from a file in the BYU Archives, made by an unknown contemporary student. ~ ~ ~ ~ Caroline Ameilia (Caddie) Daniels was born on December 9, 1860, in Provo, Utah. Her parents: Aaron Daniels and Hannah Caroline Rogers. [First marriage for her mother. Second marriage: James Davis (Caroline Rogers Davis). Third Marriage: Abraham O. Smoot (Caroline Rogers Smoot). ] Caddie Daniels entered Brigham Young Academy in 1876, and graduated as a Normal high school student in 1877, at about 17 years of age. She became a faculty member at BYA upon graduation in 1877, and taught there through 1884. She married Charles Frank Mills (Frank) on March 22, 1883. She was 22 years old when she married. Frank Mills was born on December 14, 1861 in Kaysville, Utah. He died on July 21, 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Caroline "Caddie" Daniels Mills died on August 24, 1934, in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the age of 73. Interment, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Daniels, Emma Isabella

Daniels, Emma Isabella
Provo, Utah US

Emma Daniels

Emma Daniels. She is listed on a list of 59 names of the earliest students of Brigham Young Academy, taken from a file in the BYU Archives, made by an unknown contemporary student. ~ ~ ~ ~ Emma Isabella Daniels was born on December 4, 1862 in Provo, Utah. Her parents were James Ephraim Daniels, Jr., and Elizabeth Jane Jones Daniels. It does not appear that she married. She died on January 6, 1883 in Provo, Utah. Interment, Provo City Cemetery.

Daniels, Geneva Mary

Daniels, Geneva Mary
Roosevelt, Utah US

Geneva & Lyle Larsen [Pace]

Class of 1938. Geneva Daniels. Geneva spent her early high school years at Roosevelt H.S. She received a scholarship and came to BYH, graduating in the BYH Class of 1938. Her parents were Walter Wallace Daniels [born on July 18, 1888, in Vernal, Utah, and died September 5, 1956, interment Roosevelt Memorial cemetery] and Amelia Elizabeth Crumbo Daniels, born 1889 in Kansas, passed away in 1970 in Utah] Walter & Amelia married in 1909 in Oklahoma, and they had 6 children including: Sylvia Wanda Daniels, Lola Christine Daniels, Geneva Mary Daniels, Phyliss Daniels and 2 other children. One of Geneva's sisters is Phyliss Daniels [Mrs. Bernard Oberhansley. Geneva Mary Daniels of Roosevelt, Duchesne County Utah, married Lyle Jay Larsen of Whiterocks, Uintah County, Utah, in Vernal, Uintah, Utah on February 24, 1940. "Pvt. Lyle J. Larsen of the US Army took his basic training at Camp Roberts in California. He was recently home on furlough after which he reports back to Fort G. Meade, Maryland. His wife, the former Geneva Daniels, resides in Roosevelt." [Roosevelt Standard, September 7, 1944] Lyle J. Larsen was born on January 17, 1918 [some cemetery records may incorrectly show 1/17/1913], and died on March 26, 1986. Source. Geneva second married ______ Pace, and at death her gravestone reads "Geneva Larsen-Pace". Geneva was born on September 6, 1920 and passed away on August 27, 1992. Geneva was a resident of Roosevelt, Utah. We have been unable to find an obituary for Geneva [2015]

Daniels, Matt B.
536 North 2430 West
Provo, Utah 84601 US

Matt Daniels
  • Work: (801) 377-0203

Class of 1972. Matt Daniels. BYU Open Major 1976. Matt B. Daniels.

Daniels, Spafford N.

Daniels, Spafford N.

Spafford Daniels

Class of 1914. S. N. Daniels (male). Graduated in 1914 from Brigham Young High School. Source: 1914 BYU Banyan, BYH section, pp. 84-89. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1914. Spafford Daniels. He received a BYH Commercial Diploma in 1914. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 201.

Danielson, Darrel Keith
4133 Beechill Dr
Bartlett, Tennessee 38135-1660 US

Darrel and Linda Danielson
  • Cell: 901-570-4463
  • Home: 901-570-4463

Class of 1964. Darrel K. Danielson. Student Body Business Manager. Football, Wrestling, Track, Y Club, Forensics, Chorus, Band, Seminary Graduate, Honor Society, Boys State. BYU BS Economics 1971. Pepperdine University - Mailbu CA MBA 1975. Married: Linda Jean Stay. Facilitator for Federal Express, Memphis Tennessee Stake President. BYH Honorary Historian. Currently employed at FedEx in Memphis, Tennessee. @2011 ~ ~ ~ ~ Retired from FedEx in 2011. Served a Senior mission with his wife to Guatemala. Currently he is a counselor in the Memphis Tennessee Temple presidency and also a sealer. @Mar2014

Darais, Alex Basil

Darais, Alex Basil
Provo, Utah US

Alex and Norma Darais

Faculty & Staff, beginning in the 1955-56 school year and continuing through the 1956-57 year. Alex Basil Darais was born in 1918, in California, to Greek parents. He gives credit for his interest in fine arts to his parents, who exposed him to their Greek culture. Both the fine arts and Greek traditions remain an important part of Darais' life. When he was serving in World War II, Darais received a paperback book of poems from the Red Cross titled The Pocket Book of Verse, Great English and American Poems, edited by M.E. Speare. He read these verses a great deal, and they inspired his life-long love of poetry. In 1946, back from the war, Alex Darais attended Brigham Young University and majored in art. He also began to write poetry. After graduating, he went to Claremont Graduate School in California. Having completed his master's degree, he returned to Brigham Young University in the 1950s to teach art at the old Academy and BY High School. As a designer and painter, he became one of BYU's most beloved and respected faculty members. Alex Darais was deeply influenced by cubist watercolorist John Marin and abstract artist Marsden Hartley, as well as by the oriental philosophies of Zen Buddhism. Darais often quotes from his favorite philosophers in classes and in casual conversation. For example, when being interviewed for this biography, he said at his age, he's very aware of the passage of time, and he quoted two old Greek proverbs. "The only permanent thing is change," and "You can't step in the same river twice." Darais says his art works come in response to feelings and experiences, they are intimate and involved. As a teacher and father of seven, he found time constraints required him to do his art "on the run." He changed from oils to gauche and acrylics so he could allow his art "to spill out onto the canvas." This change in media has given his art a sense of expediency and spontaneity that accurately reflects his feelings. Alex has always had an exquisite eye for design, especially for pleasing and interesting patterns hidden in everyday scenes and objects. He finds aesthetic value in shapes most people never notice. Once, at a wedding reception of a friend, he had someone stand on a chair to take a photograph of the intriguing shape of a spill on a tablecloth. As a teacher, he worked to awaken in his students a sensitivity to the infinite beauties all around them, as well as to the design of utilitarian objects. He was once asked to no longer bring his design class to a local department store because the department manager was afraid the students' outspoken critiques of the dinnerware and flatware would discourage customers. Darais constantly points out both interesting shapes and also poor design to his students and to anyone who happens to be around him. He asks everyone to think and to analyze whether objects fit, ("How would that spoon fit your hand? How would it feel in your mouth?") whether the objects are comfortable, are durable, and are practical. Graphic design has also always interested Alex. His best-known projects are probably the Bonneville Bank and Sundance logos. His design orientation carries over into his approach to painting. He makes no attempt to create a three-dimensional picture plane, but uses a straightforward, two-dimensional expression of his ideas and feelings. His paintings are graphic images. Besides his innate interest in design, Darais' love of poetry has helped inspire his art, as well as, his art inspiring his poetry. Darais created a painting titled "Over Three Billion Served" in 1974, and later in 1986, he wrote the poem "Beef." (The poem is found in his book "Little Bird, Selected Poems and Paintings" available through BYU's Museum of Art). Conversely, he wrote the poem "Dark Continent" in 1965, after reading a news story in the Provo Daily Herald; and in 1969, painted a work with the same title, "Dark Continent". The painting "Over Three Billion Served" was painted after Darais noticed a red cross lying on the ground in a parking lot. When he picked it up, the McDonalds' "Big Mac" container "immediately conjured up an image with religious connotations." Thoughts of all the animals that had been slaughtered to make hamburgers came to mind, and he could envision one cow that was trying to break out of the herd. The images also were tied to personal and powerful religious feelings about sacrifice. Out of these feelings came a piece of art portraying both religious values and social criticism. Like many artists and teachers, Darais paints and teaches for the sheer joy of it. However, unlike most artists, Darais has shied away from promoting or selling his art. His wife says each art work is like a child to him, and he can't bear to discuss price, so he doesn't sell many. He has given a few pieces to area museums, and his seven children have each picked out their favorites. In 1990, Darais had a book of poetry and art published: "Little Bird, Selected Poems and Paintings". The book is the result of more than a decade of work. And in April of 1995, a retrospective exhibit of his art work was displayed at the Museum of Art on the Brigham Young University campus. In his final year as a teacher at B.Y. High School, Alex Darais also served as the Wildcat yearbook advisor. It was his idea to take the entire yearbook staff to Salt Lake City to meet with President David O. McKay, and to bring back a personally autographed photo of President McKay for the yearbook (Click here for McKay history). ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Alexander Basil Darais passed away peacefully at home on August 8, 2007, with family by his side. He was born in Venice, California in 1918 to Christina and Basil Darais, who emigrated from Kolindros, Greece. He enjoyed a happy, free-spirited childhood with his three siblings, Genevieve, Tom, and Katherine. He graduated from Venice High School. Two years later, at a pivotal point in his life, he found and joined the LDS faith. Alex served honorably in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World War II. After a three-year involvement in the North African Campaign, he was reassigned to Santa Barbara, Calif., where he met the love of his life, Norma Louise Johnson. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 13, 1945. He studied art at Brigham Young University and earned an MFA degree from Claremont Graduate School. In the fall of 1954 Alex began a long and distinguished career as a professor of art and design at BYU. He was highly respected by colleagues and students alike. While teaching and raising a family, Alex produced a body of paintings that reflects his life, his philosophy, and his deep convictions. He also applied his aesthetic sense to creating dynamic logos as well as product and package designs. Alex had a passionate pastime ~ he loved to compose poems and musical scores. These numerous works continue to delight many. Some of Alex's creativity was captured in his book, Little Bird, published in 1990. Alex had various church callings. He served in the bishopric, the stake high council, in the Provo Utah Temple, and as a missionary to Greece. Alex was a happy man who was most content to share that happiness. He is dearly loved and will be greatly missed. He is survived by his wife, Norma; five sons ~ Norman A. (Judy Barney) Darais; Christopher B. (Vicki Coffin) Darais; Marcus A. (Debbie Conn)Darais; Thomas C. (Suzanne Miner) Darais; and Damon A. (Stacey Brown) Darais; two daughters ~ Christina M. Darais (Edwin Oberbeck) and Andrea C. Darais; 22 grandchildren; and 16 great- grandchildren. Funeral services will be held August 13 at noon in the Pleasant View Chapel, located at 650 East on Stadium Avenue in Provo. A viewing will be held Sunday, August 12, from 6 to 8 p.m. and also prior to the funeral, from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. Interment will be at the Provo City Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the LDS Church's Perpetual Education Fund. [Provo Daily Herald, August 11, 2007.] ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS WIFE'S OBITUARY: Norma Louise Johnson Darais, 1923 ~ 2014. Norma Louise Johnson Darais departed this life peacefully on Friday, April 4, 2014, embraced by the great love of family members present and distant. She was born on March 1, 1923, to Alben Sivard and Clara Deborah Peterson Johnson in Ogden, Utah. Norma was preceded in death by her husband, Alex (on whose birthday she passed), and her older sister Leone, and she is survived by her younger brother and sister, Charles and Marie. She is also survived by her seven children, Norman (Judy); Christopher (Vicki); Marcus (Debbie); Christina (Edwin Oberbeck); Thomas (Suzanne); Andrea; and Damon (Stacey); as well as her 22 grandchildren and her 25 great-grandchildren -- devoted service to whom was the culmination of her life's work. Norma's life path was evenly paved, leading her along to high levels of sustained productivity amid high volumes of sunshine -- life's setbacks never deterred her. At age four, upon her fathers death, Norma's family moved to Los Angeles. She graduated from Washington High School in 1941 and thereafter felt very blessed for spiritual guidance that led her to study food science and nutrition, for which she obtained a degree from UC Santa Barbara. During her studies she met the handsome Greek artist and poet Alexander Basil Darais, who, on his WWII furlough, seized every opportunity to win her love and did so speedily. They were married after Norma's graduation in 1945, in the Salt Lake Temple, by the prominent Apostle John A. Widtsoe, noted Utah university administrator, author, and agriculture expert. Leaving their families behind in California, Norma and Alex moved in 1955 to Provo, Utah, where Alex began his distinguished career as an art professor at BYU, buttressed by Norma's constant support and child rearing. Norma taught home economics at a high school, in the community, and for the Church, always touting the value of the Word of Wisdom -- her love for which had increased early in life through Elder Widtsoe. Norma's gifted expertise in these subjects brought great benefit to her seven children, who experienced a continual abundance of healthy cuisine punctuated with original recipes that became favorites in the home and beyond. There was nothing Norma couldn't can, pickle, nectarize, or fruit-leatherize. Her children wore her handiwork. They felt soul-brightened by the funny and clever forms of her creativity -- in seasonal garden-gathered decorations as well. With all of her domestic designs she often would say, "I love my home and I love being in it!" Many visitors to Norma's home found themselves easily endeared to her upon exposure to her warmth and grace. Norma was always eager to serve the Lord through church service, a highpoint of which came in 1989 when she was called to serve a mission to Greece with her beloved companion, Alex. She, like her husband, delighted in writing verse. Never really meaning to compete with the poetic prowess of his book, Little Bird, she playfully stated that her works would be compiled as Big Bird! Norma had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Of all her reading she most cherished the scriptures--favorites of which she memorized and shared with others -- and her days began with humble study of the scriptures. She called the gospel in its entirety her "Pearl of Great Price." For her wholeness and layers of natural strength whose luster always shone in her countenance, Norma is treasured as her family's Pearl of Great Price. They will miss her profoundly until they are joined together with her again. Formal remembrances for Norma will begin with a viewing to be held Friday, April 11, 2014, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Following the second viewing on April 12, a funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. The viewings and funeral service will be held at the Pleasant View Chapel located at 650 East Stadium Avenue in Provo. The family sends sincere thanks to the medical staff at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for their tender care of Norma. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the LDS Church's Perpetual Education Fund. Condolences may be sent to the family at [Provo Daily Herald, April 09, 2014]

Darais, Andrea C.
1835 North 500 East
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Andrea Darais
  • Work: (801) 374-5372

Class of 1978. Andrea C. Darais. BYU BA English 1984. BYU BA Drawing & Painting 1984.

Darais, Christina Marie

Darais, Christina Marie
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Christina and Edwin Oberbeck

Class of 1973. Christina Darais. BYU 1992. Married Edwin Oberbeck. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Christina Darais Oberbeck, January 19, 1955 ~ February 4, 2015. Christina Marie Darais Oberbeck departed this life peacefully on February 4, 2015, after courageously fighting a rare lung disease for nearly a decade. Christina was born to Alexander and Norma Darais in Provo, Utah, on January 19, 1955. Christina was preceded in death by her parents, Alex and Norma Darais. Christina is survived by her husband, Edwin Charles Oberbeck, her son, Alexander Edwin Oberbeck (age 17), her daughter, Isabella Christina Oberbeck (age 11), her siblings, Norman (Judy), Christopher (Vicki), Marcus (Debbie), Thomas (Suzanne), Andrea, and Damon (Stacey), her two brothers-in-law, Steven (Carolyn) and Kevin (Cathy), and many nephews and nieces. Christina graduated from Provo High School in 1973 and attended BYU with an emphasis in art and English, in which she achieved high marks. While in the art department she met a fellow young artist, Edwin Charles Oberbeck, to whom she was married August 5, 1978; subsequently, they resided in the Salt Lake City Avenues most of their married years. Christina and Edwin found opportunities to travel, sometimes aided by Christina's employment at Eastern Airlines. Their trips included Greece with its abundance of artistic and cultural heritage. There she was also able to spend time with her dear cousin Aglaia and other Greek relatives. Christina had a great love for literature, poetry, music, and the visual arts. On another trip to Europe, she was struck by the beauty of a Bonnard painting and burst into tears. Edwin and Christina's lives fit well together in that they were able to share so deeply in their appreciation of the humanities they encouraged each other in their art creations. Christina's passion for the arts was exceeded only by her devotion to her beloved Edwin, Alexander, and Isabella. Like her mother Norma, Christina was an exceptional cook and baker. She was the family member who could most closely replicate Mom's legendary recipes. Happily a vegetarian, she had the knowledge and skills to make healthy yet tasty dishes. Guests to her home enjoyed her sweetness, warmth of character, and sumptuous entrees served complete with antique china, fine linens, and often by candlelight. Christina's quilts and handiwork showed her artistic touch as an interior decorator and seamstress; her creative eye was apparent in her lovely herb, iris and rose gardens as well. True to her given name, members of the family often commented about her Christlike qualities. She was our family angel. The debilitating illness that would gradually take her life strengthened her resolve to put others first and make their challenges the topic of discussion rather than hers. During many difficult years, she shared what was savory, bright, and delightful. For all these things we hold her in dearest remembrance. A graveside service will be held to honor Christina, prior to her interment, on Friday, February 13, 2015, at 1 p.m. at Salt Lake City Cemetery, southwest area (near Main Street and 280 North).!/Obituary

Darais, Christopher B.
279 East 4960 North
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Chris Darais
  • Work: 801-221-0903

Class of 1969. Christopher B. "Chris" Darais (male). BYU Art and Design 1974.

Darais, Damon A.
1338 North 730 East
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 US

Damon Darais
  • Work: (801) 785-5903

Class of 1980. Damon A. Darais (misspelled Darias in 1968 Wildcat yearbook). BYU BS Electrical Engineering Technology 1991.

Darais, Marcus A.
1080 East 100 North
Brigham City, Utah 84302 US

Marcus Darais
  • Work: (435) 723-7911

Class of 1970. Marcus Darais. Research Library: "Effect of delaminations on a 63-in. Kevlar/epoxy composite rocket motor case." DARAIS, MARCUS A. (Thiokol Corp., Brigham City, Utah) AIAA-1990-1976 SAE, ASME, and ASEE, Joint Propulsion Conference, 26th, Orlando, Florida, July 16-18, 1990. 7 pages. ~ ~ ~ ~ PATENT INFORMATION: "Apparatus and method for reinforcing a pressure vessel." Roger D. Wright and David R. Nelson, both of Logan; Marcus A. Darais and Alan J. Loveless, both of Brigham City; James A. Yorgason, South Ogden; Darrel G. Turner, Perry, Box Elder County. Assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc., Edina, Minn. Filed Aug. 22, 2001, claiming priority to provisional patent Application No. 60/227,176, filed Aug. 22, 2000. Patent No. 6,719,165. @2007

Darais, Norman Alexander

Darais, Norman Alexander
Provo, Utah

Norm and Judy Darais

Class of 1964. Norman Alexander Darais. Tennis, Track, Wrestling, Dramatics, Forensics, Chorus, Seminary Graduate, Seminary 4 years, Model U.N. BYU MA English Literature 1973. After a stint as a steelworker at Geneva Steel, Norm Darais has served brilliantly as director of Brigham Young University Publications & Graphics since the department was formed in 1991. Hired by BYU as an alumni editor/writer in the mid-seventies, Norm was subsequently appointed Managing Editor and ultimately Director of University Publications. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in English. He married Judy. Norm has been a frequent speaker/presenter at CASE [Council for the Advancement & Support of Education] district and national conferences, and he was honored with a District VII Tribute Award in 2000. He has coordinated many CASE judging teams and has led BYU editorial and graphics employees to numerous honors in publication competitions, including a CASE Grand Gold Award for total publications program. The CASE Tribute Award was established by CASE District VII in 1985 to recognize members who have maintained the highest standards of professionalism in their advancement careers and shared their expertise with members of the profession. The recipient in 2000 was Norman A. Darais, Director of Publications and Graphics at Brigham Young University, [and Executive Editor, Brigham Young Magazine] where he has worked for 25 years. The publications program at the University has garnered more than 400 regional, national, and international awards over the past decade alone. The key to his almost legendary success is a collaborative effort that joins visual and linguistic talents into a striking and harmonious whole. True to the criteria of the CASE Tribute Award, Norm has given time and time again, as a teacher, a presenter, a writer, an editor, a mentor. He has given generously of his time and talent to United Way and to local anti-drug community outreach. He has served CASE as a national trustee for publications, as a District VII board member and newsletter editor, and, repeatedly, as a publications judge. Norm Darais has truly enriched his chosen field and all who practice there. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Norman Alexander Darais unexpectedly slipped away from mortality on Thursday, March 17, 2022. Norman was a devoted husband, father, papa, great papa, brother, uncle and friend. Words cannot express how much we will miss him. Norman was born August 20, 1946 in San Bernardino, California. He spent the first 8 years of his life as a Southern California boy. Throughout his life he never relinquished his title of a Southern Californian. In 1954, the family moved to Provo, Utah where his father, Alex, accepted a job as an art professor at Brigham Young University. After graduating from BY High in the Class of 1964, Norman joined the Army Reserve. In 1973, Norman graduated from BYU with a masters in English. He would eventually find himself at the BYU Publications & Graphics Department where he dedicated 40 years of his life. He met his beloved wife Judy through a mutual connection while working at the Daily Herald in Provo, Utah. Norman and Judy were married on June 5, 1971. Last summer they were able to celebrate their 50th anniversary. While working at BYU Norman traveled to conferences all over the country and loved to take Judy with him. Over the years they visited many of the big cities where Norman shared his love of culture and art with his dear wife. Norman had an eye for the beautiful. An antique quarter sawn oak sideboard. A Winslow Homer painting. A piece of black glass. He would always have to take you outside and show you how it actually was purple as light shined through it. He could quote Shakespeare on demand or reference a line from a poem to add to the conversation. With friends and family, Norman returned year after year to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah. Norman had a passion for sharing the things he loved with all those around him. Of all his passions and amazing qualities, the greatest was his love of giving. The joy of his life was to see a need and fill it. He has blessed countless individuals with his generosity and thoughtfulness to help someone along the way. Whether it was helping write a school paper or commissioning yard work at his house to help a starving student, he was always willing to lend a helping hand. In every sense of the word, he was beautiful. Norman is survived by his wife, Judy; children, Genevieve Cannon and Danny (Jenette) Darais; grandchildren: Kylee Darais, Abigail Darais, Jacob Darais, Alexandra Darais, Kade Darais and Josephine Darais; great grandchild, Kiari Hambric; siblings: Christopher (Vicki) Darais, Marc (Debbie) Darais, Tom (Suzanne) Darais, Damon (Stacey) Darais and Andrea Darais and his dear brother-in-law, Ed Oberbeck. He was preceded in death by his sweet parents, Alex and Norma Darais; his soulmate sister, Tina Darais Oberbeck; his precious granddaughter, AnnaLynn Hope Cannon and his baby grandson, Daniel J. Darais. Funeral services were held at 12:00 noon, Saturday, March 26, 2022 at the Pleasant View Chapel located at 650 Stadium Avenue, Provo, Utah. Graveside service and burial followed at the Provo City Cemetery. Source

Darais, Thomas C.
326 K Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 US

Tom Darais
  • Work: (801) 355-3807

Class of 1975. Tom Darais. BYU AA Spanish 1981. BYU Business IPA 1983. BYU Accounting MACC 1983.

Darbro, Dorothy
8342 Van Buren Street
Midvale, Utah 84047-7545 US

Dorothy and Alan Dailey
  • Work: (801) 255-3674

Class of 1954. Dorothy Darbro. Chorus, Fauvines, Library Club, Notre Maison, Photography Club, Shorthand Club, Thespians. BYU 1957. Married Alan R. Dailey.

Darbro, Jay Dee

Darbro, Jay Dee
Provo, Utah US

Jay and Jill Darbro

Class of 1958. Jay Dee Darbro. Junior Prom Finance Committee, Poetry Contest, Senior Graduation Program, Drama, Pantomine. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Jay D. Darbro, 59, of Provo, Utah, passed away on September 5, 1999 after a courageous battle with cancer. He was born July 21, 1940, in Belvedere Township, California, to Kenneth and Lois Bray Darbro. He graduated from BY High School and served 4 years in the U.S. Army. Jay married Jill Healy on November 13, 1969, in the Salt Lake Temple. He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He held many leadership positions. Jay was a retired police officer, and had worked for Newton Manufacturing Company for 20 years. Survivors include his wife Jill, two sons, Shaun (Kerin), and Roger (Pepper), both of Utah; four daughters, Darcy (Jack) Larson, Jerome ID; Donette (Jim) Denison, Cheree (Shane) Halona, and Sandi, all of Utah; 17 grandchildren, and one sister, Dorothy (Alan) Dailey of Midvale, Utah. He was preceded in death by his parents, and one daughter, Denise.

Dastrup, Louise

Dastrup, Louise

Louise Dastrup

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1925. Louise Dastrup. She received a BS Degree in English in 1925. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 368.

Dastrup, Melba

Dastrup, Melba

Melba Dastrup

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1930. Melba Dastrup. She received a BS Degree in Music in 1930. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 404.

Dastrup, Thelma

Dastrup, Thelma

Thelma Dastrup

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1927. Thelma Dastrup. She received an A.B. Degree in Physical Education in 1927. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 404.

Dastry, Ida

Dastry, Ida

Ida Dastry

Collegiate Grads of BYU, Class of 1923. Ida Dastry. She received an AB Degree in History in 1923. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 350.

Dauron, Enid

Enid Dauron

Class of 1940. Enid Dauron. [Her surname may be misspelled -- difficulty finding people named Dauron.]

Davidson, David A.
171 Third Avenue Apt 704
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103-5009

David Davidson
  • Home: 801-355-0492

Class of 1953. David A. Davidson. @2010

Davidson, Deon

Davidson, Deon
Lander, Wyoming US

Deon and Jack Banner

Class of 1956. Deon Davidson. She married Jack Banner. Deon was born September 1, 1938, and died December 29, 2004. Her parents were Peter Edward Davidson, born October 3, 1893 in Fairview, Utah; and Agnes Graham Davidson, born December 6, 1898 in Payson, Utah. They married on December 5, 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had twelve children: 1. Edward Davidson. 2. Alfred "C" Davidson, born 1919 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1989 in Lyman, Wyoming. 3. James Amasa (Mary) Davidson, born 1920 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1996 in West Valley City, Utah. 4. Ruth Agnes Davidson, born 1923 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died in 1984 in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho. 5. LaMar Marion Davidson, born 1926 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1926 in Evanston, Wyoming. 6. Marlow Graham Davidson, born 1929 in Mountain View, Wyoming - died 1989 in Provo, Utah. 7. Douglas D. (Hattie) Davidson. 8. LeRoy Davidson [BYH Class of 1949]. 9. Melvin Davidson (Kaye) [BYH Class of 1951]. 10. Shirley Jean Davidson (David R. "Dick") Goodman [BYH Class of 1954?]. 11. Deon Davidson (Jack) Banner [BYH Class of 1956], born September 1, 1938 - died December 29, 2004. 12. ?? ~ ~ ~ ~ Although Deon's name and photo did not appear with senior class in 1956 Wildcat yearbook, Deon was indeed a member of the BYH 1956 graduating class!

Davidson, LeRoy
3400 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 US

LeRoy Davidson
  • Work: 801-485-5257

Class of 1949. LeRoy Davidson. Track. He graduated from BYH on May 26, 1949. Source: 1949 BYH Graduation Exercises Program. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Peter Edward Davidson, born October 3, 1893 in Fairview, Utah; and Agnes Graham Davidson, born December 6, 1898 in Payson, Utah. They married on December 5, 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had twelve children: 1. Edward Davidson. 2. Alfred "C" Davidson, born 1919 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1989 in Lyman, Wyoming. 3. James Amasa (Mary) Davidson, born 1920 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1996 in West Valley City, Utah. 4. Ruth Agnes Davidson, born 1923 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died in 1984 in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho. 5. LaMar Marion Davidson, born 1926 in Fort Bridger, Wyoming - died 1926 in Evanston, Wyoming. 6. Marlow Graham Davidson, born 1929 in Mountain View, Wyoming - died 1989 in Provo, Utah. 7. Douglas D. (Hattie) Davidson. 8. LeRoy Davidson [BYH Class of 1949]. 9. Melvin Davidson (Kaye) [BYH Class of 1951]. 10. Shirley Jean Davidson (David R. "Dick") Goodman [BYH Class of 1954?]. 11. Deon Davidson (Jack) Banner [BYH Class of 1956], born September 1, 1938 - died December 29, 2004. 12. ?

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