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Class of 1924

The Class of 1924 of Brigham Young High School
Officers of the BYH Class of 1924

The Class of 1924 of Brigham Young High School
Some Members of the BYH Class of 1924

As you can see, most of the members of the BYH Class of 1924 were identified in this 1924 Banyan yearbook photo page only by their last names. Most were born circa 1906, plus or minus a few years.

Using other sources, including research by Scott Cowley, we have been able to identify more students, but 26 still remain with surname only.

Please help us to properly identify each student in this class by their full name, at least. After that, we welcome any additional biographical information you can provide.

To date, we have not obtained a 1924 graduation program [one surely will be found in BYU Special Collections], but we suspect that many of the actual members of the class are not represented in this class photo, because they missed the photo day, or failed to turn in their photo by the deadline, or because they could not afford to have a photo taken in the first place.

Some say the Class of 1924 is BYH's most distinguished class, when all is considered, simply because Philo T. Farnsworth was a member of this class. Everyone else just added luster.

BYH Class of 1924
[List in progress]

[Allen, Norma (Williams)] 1924?
Allred (1) [male]
Allred (2) [male]
Bagley [female]
Beardall, Warren LaVell
--[Thanks to his son, John S. Beardall]
Bench [male]
Billings, Elton, Class President
[Bishop, Angus Henry] 1924?
Blackburn [female]
Chamberlain, Edwin Dilworth "Dee"
--[Thanks to his daughter, Diane Chamberlain]
Chipman, Dorothy
Cook, Victoria (Warnick)
Culmer, Mildred
[Dickson, Mary Ona (Tuttle)] 1924?
Durrant, Donna (Sorensen)
Edwards [female]
[Eldredge, Wilma Lambert] 1924?
Ellertson, Clarence
Farnsworth, Philo Taylor
[Fietkau, Elzada Elizabeth (Evans)] 1924?
[Fotheringham, Donald H.] 1924?
Glazier [female]
Goodrich [male]
Greer, Ernest
Hacking [female]
Hair, Marguerite [Hansen]
[Hansen, Alma Wayment] 1924?
[Hatch, Ray Clark] 1924?
Hatton, Beulah
Hodson, Marva [Gregory]
[Holbrook, George Blaine] 1924?
Huish, Genevieve, Class Secretary
Hunter, Milton R.
Jacobsen [male]
Johnson [female]
Jolley, Jane E.
Jolley, Marcia
[Keyte, Verda May (Hanson)] 1924?
Kimball [female]
King (1) [female]
King (2) [male]
Knudsen, Farrel, Class Vice President
Larson [male]
Lewis, Natella
Lyman [male]
Maxfield [male]
McArthur, Helen [Cox]
McKell, Lea
[Miller, Alberta (Edwards)] 1924?
Moon, James Dailey
Parkinson (male)
Parkes, Flora
Partridge, DeAlton, BYH Athletic Manager
[Pickup, Helen (Erekson)] 1924?
Rawley (female)
Riddle (male)
Sorenson (male)
Stewart, Helena
Van Wagenan (male)
--[Is this Clifton Gray Van Wagenen?]
Vance (female)
Whitehead, Jessica [Smith]
Wood (female)
Young, Zelma (female)
Young (male)

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BYH Class of 1924

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