Brigham Young High School History

Brigham Young High School Seal
BYH Crest

Lyrics taken from BY High
Wildcat Yearbook, 1963

Alma Mater
& Fight Song

BYH Alma Mater Song

Beloved B.Y.U. High School,

We give praise to thee!

Students ever faithful,

We'll march on both strong and free,

Dear "Y" High,

Your name will guide us,

In our hearts you'll stay!

Holding aloft our standards,

We'll be loyal to the Gold and Gray!

Alma Mater 

Old BYH Fight Song

Fight, team, for dear "Y" High,

While we sing your praises to the sky!

Fight fair with might and main,

Fight to win this game!

Rah! Rah! Rah!

We work and cheer as one,

Making "Y" High's place in the sun!

All staunch and bold,

Fighting for the Gray and Gold!

Fight Song 

Brigham Young High School Alma Mater Song
BYH Alma Mater -- Click for larger version.

BY High Cheerleaders

BY High Beehive

Larry Denham and opponent show sportsmanship.

Y High view from University Avenue

BY High School front steps

Gina Grow, cheerleader, with leg injury

Brigham Young High School class ring

Brigham Young High School Gold & Gray

Video: BYH Songs & Photographs
1963 to 1967, edited by Paul Nibley