Donor Honor Rolls
of the
Brigham Young Academy

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The following lists are of the principal donors who rescued and restored the original Brigham Young Academy Building. They are also honored on a large plaque displayed in the Provo City Library at Academy Square. A total of approximately 2,000 contributors participated, and the list that follows honor the names of those who donated gifts ranging from $1,000 to $1,000,000.


George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation

State of Utah Legislature

Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation


Dr. Stephen R. and Sandra M. Covey

Willard L. Eccles Foundation

NuSkin International, Inc.

Steven J. Young

Anonymous Donor


Robert J. Bullock

Bill J. and Norma Anderson

Anonymous Donor

Katherine W. Dumke and Ezekial R. Dumke Jr. Foundation

Dan Shaw

Paul K. Sybrowsky

Smoot and Maurine Brimhall

Wallace A. and JoAnn Raynor

Stephen W. and Bette M. Gibson

Zions Bank

George H. Brimhall

Dr. L. Douglas Smoot and Marian B. Smoot

Mark W. Cannon


Stanley E. and Mary Alice Collins

Frank A. and Phyllis B. Van Wagenen

Dr. Gene and Carol Thorne

Brent F. and Charlene M. Ashworth

Stephen D. and Cindy Clark

The Provo Daily Herald

Pulitzer Publishing Company

Central Bank and Trust Co.

Phyllis S. Allen

Lorimer T. Christensen

U.S. Bank

Stephen K. and Mary Jo Brimhall

Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Taylor, Jr.

James H. and Kay B. Armstrong

Covol Technologies, Inc.

Dr. David K. and Laura T. Harmon

Pauline T. Hughes

Dr. Howard and Julia Nielson

Susan E. Ream


Dr. David P. and Sheila Gardner

Verl G. Dixon

Hilton R. and Sharlene Terry

Dr. Williams S. and Ella H. Brothers

Stephen D. and Margaret D. Taylor

Monroe J. and Shirley Paxman

Dr. Marden J. and Bessie S. Clark

Robert Redd

Barbara B. Burton

Leonard Lee and Sue A. Bartlett

Diana J. Peterson

Tom and Myra Taylor

Sheryl and R. Dean Clark

Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation

Dean and Kathleen Hughes

M & R Family Ltd. Partnership

Verl J. and Ruth A. Iverson

Sid Sandberg

Glee and Patricia Zumbrennen

Ralph and Mary Woodward

Bernard Eggertson


Lloyd and Odes Cullimore Family

Nancy Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Heiner

Newt and Kris Andrus

Loftis J. and Blanche W. Sheffield

Earl S. and Saundra Z. Maeser

Barbara B. Ainge

Dr. Merrill J. Bateman

Kim S. and Melinda C. Cameron

Dr. Sherman L. and Sheryle Cloward

Mrs. William G. Dyer

Charla and Ralph H. Francis

Phyllis M. Hansen

Ronald G. and Mary Helen Hyde

Steve A. Kovacich

Karl E. and Helen B. Maeser

W. Floyd and Vera H. Millett

Mark and Jane Ricks

Reed and Julia Smoot

Mrs. Fern Smoot Taylor

Dr. Gary M. Watts

David and Judy Grow

Donald J. Butler

Dr. Robert and Carol Crist

Jacobsen Construction Company

D. Creed and Elinor B. Brimhall

J. Lavar and Helen R. Bateman

V. Jordan and Patricia N. Tanner

Stephen G. Bennett, P.C.

Mary Allen

Ray E. and Janette C. Beckham

James H. and Vena L. Cannon

Lowell W. and Beth Crandall

Dr. Lavell and Pattie Edwards

R. Penrod and Rowena Glazier

Ora H. Hardy

Dr. Briant S. and Barbara T. Jacobs

A. Dean and Jean M. Larsen

Richard L. and Jane B. Maires

Dr. H. Mark and Judith G. Nelson

Rocky Mountain Institute of Public Affairs

R. Sterling and Marilyn F. Spafford

Stephen K. Taylor

Robert R. and Kay B. Webber

Selene S. Oates

W. Guy and Nanieve O. Callahan

Dr. C. Terry and Susan L. Warner

Kent and Carol Clark

Gerald L. and Lois A. Hayward

Ruth T. Kartchner

Joseph K. and Ruth S. Allen

Rey L. and Mary Carol Allred

Norma Smoot Bills and Cheri Bills Tyndall

Dr. John N. and Margaret M. Cannon

Dr. Peter and Donna Crawley

Dwight H. and Leslie A. Egan

Kim O. and Anne E.A. Golightly

Dr. David A. Hatch

Dr. De Lamar and Mary White Jensen

Francis Lawlor

K. David McAllister

General Robert C. and Gloria U. Oaks

David and Carol Sanchez

Lavorn G. and Beatrice M. Sparks

Dr. Weldon J. and Gayle D. Taylor

Merrill J. and Helen B. Weech

Kenneth J. Bond

Dr. John and Olga D. Gardner

Van and Marilyn Washburn

Bill Baranowski

Roger and Ruth Kaspar

John W. Lewis and LaCinda Smoot Lewis

J. Scott and Annette P. Bowen

Mary C. Anhder

Dr. Jerald S. and Karen B. Bradshaw

Dr. John D. and Donna M. Chamberlain

Dr. David J. and Donna G. Dalton

Paul G. and Patricia B. Fillmore

D. V. Groberg

Henry E. and Renee W. Heilesen

Mary S. Jensen

Nancy B. Livingston

Dr. E. Bruce McIlff

Dean and Jaynann M. Payne

Sidney L. Sandberg

Dr. Douglas Stout

Janie Thompson

Gloria E. Wheeler

David B. and Kathryn Paxman

William R. and Mildred Gould

Don M. and Arlene C. Alder

Peter and Janelle Lysenko

Jack and Lisa Roberts

John M. and Dorothy Bowen

Dr. Delbert Glen and Rebecca Ririe

Nina Armstrong

Janet Calder

B. A. and Margaret S. Childs

Roberta A. Dismukes

Henry and Elsie Dee A. Florence

Harriet M. Gubler

Maurice K. and Vera H. Heninger

Dr. Edward L. and Evelyn M. Kimball

Donald H. and Marsha Lou Livingston

Alan G. and Joanne Michels

Mima and Mark E. Rasband

Maurice E. and Gloria T. Smith

Dr. William J. and Charlene F. Strong

Utah Sorosis Club

Women's Council of Provo

Donors to the Brigham Young Academy Foundation
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