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411, Class of 1969 to 1980

411, Class of 1969 to 1980

Ghost Classes of BYH 411

Class of 1980? If Brigham Young High School was closed in 1968, why are classes 1969 through 1980 included in this website? The closing in 1968 affected many students from Kindergarten through 11th Grade who had planned to attend and graduate from BY High. They were all forced to leave and complete their secondary education elsewhere. At the request of many who were students in those years, the classes of 1969 through 1980 have been added to this website directory as honorary alumni of BY High School. Sometimes called the "Ghost Classes" of BY High, all of them -- K through 11 -- were included in the historic final BYH Wildcat Yearbook published in 1968, along with the final graduating class of 1967-1968. Before that, students who attended BYH but who did not graduate with their classes were also marked as honorary alumni.

Ahlander, Ann Elaine
179 North Palisades Drive
Orem, Utah 84097-5059 US

Ann and Michael Tucker
  • Work: 801-785-3554
  • Home: 801-224-0809

Class of 1971. Ann Ahlander. She was born in 1953 to Joseph F. Ahlander and Anna E. Brown Ahlander. BYU 1975. Married Michael R. Tucker, who was born in 1952. They have the following children: Jaime Ann Tucker, born in 1976, married Jared Hemmert; Melissa Tucker, born in 1978, married Owen Williams; Natalie Tucker, born in 1980, married Matt Mathews; and Tyler Michael Tucker, born in 1985, married Amanda Strong. Ann's brother, Mike Ahlander, graduated from BYH in the Class of 1968. @2007

Anderson, Clark

Clark Anderson

Class of 1971. Clark Anderson.

Anderson, Mark T.
4101 Timpview Drive
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Mark and Aleca Anderson
  • Work: (801) 225-7705
  • Cell: (801) 762-7071

Class of 1971. Mark Tucker Anderson. Class Vice-President. His parents: Bill J. Anderson and Norma Patricia Lamb Anderson - they had four children: Julie Anderson (Dan) Clark [BYH Class of 1968]; Mark T. (Aleca) Anderson; Timothy W. Anderson; and Russell B. (Laury) Anderson. BYU BS Finance & Economics, Marriott School of Business 1980. Married Aleca Alleman, 3 children: John T. Anderson; Amy Anderson; and Megan Anderson. Mark is Senior Executive Vice President, NewGen Air Holdings LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina, now living in New York. @2006

Barrus, David

David Barrus

Class of 1971. David Barrus.

Barton, Keith D.
1729 Willowbrook Dr
Provo, Utah 84604-1393 US

Keith and Kathy Barton
  • Work: (801) 607-2157

Class of 1971. Keith Barton. Parents: Que Daniel Barton Sr. and Donna Jenkins Barton, married 1944 in Manti, Utah. Their children: Que LaMar Barton, Jr. [BYH Class of 1964, deceased] and Baby Barton [dec], both of Provo; Brent L. Barton of Provo; Keith D. (Kathy) Barton [BYH Class of 1971] of Provo; Gary L. (Debbie) Barton of Durham, North Carolina; Kimber H. (Cindi) Barton of Orem; Annette Barton (Wayne) Hoaldridge of Riverdale, Utah; Kaylene Barton (Terry) Casper of Nephi; and Melanie Sue Barton Lingwall of Salt Lake City [1995].

Bennion, Rebecca
371 South Palisades Drive
Orem, Utah 84097-5739 US

Rebecca and F. P. Armstrong
  • Work: (801) 225-3589

Class of 1971. Rebecca Bennion. BYU 1975. Married F. P. Armstrong.

Bowen, Dean

Dean Bowen

Class of 1971. Dean Bowen.

Bowen, Robert
920 Eastview Dr
Alpine, Utah 84004-1123 US

Rob Bowen
  • Work: (801) 756-5619

Class of 1971. Robert Bowen. Robert is a banker, and he lives in Alpine, Utah. Robert is a brother of Scott Bowen, BYH Class of 1966.

Brown, Barry R.
301 Whitetail Circle
Lafayette, Colorado 80026 US

Barry and Debbie Brown
  • Work: (303) 926-6920

Class of 1971. Barry Brown. BYU BS Psychology 1978. BYU MBA 1980. Barry married Debbie Nuttall in 1976 and they have four children and two grandchildren. He works for IBM in Boulder, Colorado, in the business continuity and recovery services division. He had a lot of interesting experiences getting customers back in business after 9/11. Barry still enjoys sports, hunting, and the outdoors. Barry's brother, Michael Brown, is a member of the BYH Class of 1969. ~ ~ ~ ~ Email sent to bounced back. @2011

Bushnell, Bruce

Bruce Bushnell

Class of 1971. Bruce Bushnell. Class Social Chair.

Call, Kathryn Sue
2589 East 2980 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 US

Kathy Cope
  • Work: (801) 466-0992

Class of 1971. Kathryn Call. Class Social Chair. BYU BA Advertising 1989. Married ____ Cope.

Chatterley, Matthew
707 South 300 West
Orem, Utah 84058-6175 US

Matt Chatterley
  • Work: (801) 225-5808

Class of 1971. Matthew Chatterley. BYU BA Art and Design & Teaching Certificate 1979. BYU MA Painting and Drawing 1983.

Chewning, Sam

Sam Chewning

Class of 1971. Sam Chewning.

Christensen, Coleen
291 West 100 North
PO Box 100063
Alton, Utah 84710 US

Coleen and Craig Heaton
  • Work: (435) 648-2567

Class of 1971. Coleen Christensen [incorrectly spelled Colleen in 1968 Wildcat yearbook]. BYU 1975. Married Doug Heaton.

Christensen, Paul (1971)

Paul Christensen

Class of 1971. Paul Christensen.

Christensen, Sandra L.
1160 North 730 East
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 US

Sandra and George Wilkes
  • Home: 801-796-9335

Class of 1971. Class of 1971. Sandra Christensen. Reporter for Brigadier student newspaper in 1967-68. ~ ~ ~ ~ Sandra Christensen Wilkes. BS Marriage, Family and Human Development, BYU; Masters in Social Work, BYU. Sandra married George Wilkes in 1973. They have five children, 13 grandchildren. Sandra's occupation: Clinical Therapist. President of Alumni Association, School of Social Work, BYU. Former member of Confetti Performance Group. Alternate email: @2011

Christiansen, David

David Christiansen

Class of 1971. David Christiansen.

Clark, Jeffrey R.
329 E Street SE Apt 3
Washington, D. C. 20003 US

Jeffrey and Anne Clark
  • Work: (202) 543-6052

Class of 1971. Jeffrey Clark. BYU BS Accounting 1977. BYU MBA 1979. Married Anne. His parents: Bruce B. Clark and Ouida Raphiel Clark. Their children: Lorraine Clark [BYH Class of 1965] (R. Vencil) Skarda of Provo, Utah; Bradley Drexel (Janette Robinson) Clark [BYH Class of 1968], Sugar City, Idaho; Robert Clark [BYH Class of 1970] of Orem, Utah; Jeffrey (Anne) Clark [BYH Class of 1971] of Washington, D.C.; Shawn (Barbara) Clark of Spanish Fork, Utah; and Sandra Clark of Orem, Utah. [Nov. 2004]

Clark, Rebecca
337 Osino Unit 2
Elko, Nevada 89801 US

Rebecca and Kurt Knudsen

Class of 1971. Rebecca Clark. BYU BA Art 1975. BYU-Hawaii 1991. BYU Studio Art 2008. Married Kurt Knudsen. Her parents: Harold Glen Clark and Mary Dean Peterson Gilbert Clark. [Her mother was a member of the BYH Faculty from 1947 to 1951.]

Corbridge, Wayne H.
1028 East 140 North
Lindon, Utah 84042 US

Wayne & Brenda Corbridge
  • Work: (801) 785-7373

Class of 1971. Wayne H. Corbridge. BYU BS Civil Engineering 1977. BYU MBA 1979. Married to Brenda Williams Corbridge. Five children. Real estate developer, home builder and President of Trophy Homes. [Note: email sent to is not being delivered.] @2006

Cox, Carilee
779 North 350 East
American Fork, Utah 84003-1351 US

Carilee and Kelly Harper
  • Work: (801) 756-6891

Class of 1971. Carilee Cox. Graduated from Singapore American School as Valedictorian. BYU BA Family Living 1975, summa cum laude (with high honors). Married Kelly Harper. Alternate email:

Davis, Cynde Sue

Cynde Sue Davis

Class of 1971. Cynde Sue Davis.

Edmunds, Ann (1971)
Orella No. 456
Iquique, Chile CL

Ann Concha

Class of 1971. Ann Edmunds. ASBYU-Hawaii Travel Management 1997. Married _____ Concha. [Iquique, Chili, is spelled correctly.]

Francis, Debra
6167 W Lake Ave
South Jordan, Utah 84009 US

Debbie and Craig Forman
  • Cell: 435-773-2208

Class of 1971. Debra "Debbie" Francis. ~ ~ ~ ~ Married Craig L. Forman. Debra earned her BS at BYU in 1981. She was employed in the Vice-President's Office at Dixie State College in St. George, Utah. Retired from Dixie State University and moved to South Jordan, Utah. Four children, eight grandchildren. @July 2021

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