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Peterson, Grant S.

Peterson, Grant S.
Provo, Utah US

Grant and Eloise Peterson

Class of 1940. Grant S. Peterson. Basketball. Football. Opera. Boys' Organization. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Grant S. Peterson, age 73, died May 7, 1995, at his home in Provo, Utah. He was born in Provo, Utah on April 22, 1922, the son of Hugh and Alene Strong Peterson. He married Eloise Reid on May 27, 1942, in Provo. He attended Provo High School, graduated from BY High School in 1940, and then attended Brigham Young University. He played on the school basketball and football teams and majored in Business and English. He was a gifted singer... [Salt Lake Tribune, May 9, 1995]

Pierpont, Eleanor [Eleanore]
2759 Arctic Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121-1103 US

Eleanore Jolley
  • Work: (702) 457-6776

Class of 1940. Eleanor (Eleanore) Pierpont. Fauvines. Opera. Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer. BYU 1944. She married _____ Jolley.

Pyle, Peggy

Peggy Pyle

Class of 1940. Peggy Pyle. Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class, 1939-1940. Fauvines. Notre Maison, Co-President. Tennis. Wildcat Yearbook Staff. Girls' Athletic Association. Opera.

Rogerson, Phyllis
5010 Marilyn Drive
Salt Lake City [Holladay], Utah 84117 US

Phyllis Colter

Class of 1940. Phyllis Rogerson. Fauvines. Opera. Girls' Athletic Association. Phyllis married ____ Colter. BYU BS Business Education & Office Management 1968. Her brother, Lynn Rogerson, is a member of the BYH Class of 1949.

Russell, Sidney Moore

Russell, Sidney Moore

Sidney and Helen Russell

Class of 1940. Sidney Russell. Born June 18, 1921. Opera. Boys' Organization. President of his Sophomore Class. His parents: Sidney Warren Russell and Beatrice Moore Russell. Their children included: Louise Russell Anderson; Marion Russell Boyson; Edith Russell Godfrey; Sidney Moore Russell [BYH Class of 1940]; and Gloria Russell [BYU Class of 194?] (Jackson B.) Howard. ~ ~ ~ ~ Sidney Moore Russell married Helen Lurene Harris on February 14 (Valentine's Day) 1940, in Davis County, Utah. He died on August 5, 1961 [in New York?].

Schofield, Jack

Jack Schofield

Class of 1940. Jack Schofield. Basketball. Football. Opera. Boys' Organization. College Enrollment.

Smith, June

June Smith

Class of 1940. June Smith. School Reporter. Notre Maison, Co-President. Opera. School Play. She came to BYH from Palmyra, New York.

Smith, Scott

Scott Smith

Class of 1940. Scott Smith.

Tanner, Robert Leigh

Tanner, Robert Leigh
Palo Alto, CA US

Robert Tanner

Class of 1940. Robert L. Tanner. Opera. Boys' Organization. Wildcat Yearbook Staff. ~ ~ ~ ~ Robert L. Tanner is found in the 1940 Census of Provo, Utah, age 18, born in Utah circa 1922. The Tanner household consisted of Robert's mother, Orea B. Tanner, age 44, and her three sons: Champ B. Tanner, 19; Robert L. Tanner, 18; and Bruce M. Tanner, 15 [BYH Class of 1942~H]. The mother and all three sons were born in Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Robert's mother, Orea Bean Tanner, was born June 6, 1894 in Utah. Her parents were James W. Bean and Olive S. Bean. Orea Bean of Teton, Idaho, married Bertrand Myron Tanner, a young cement contractor of Idaho Falls, Idaho, on October 24, 1919 in Fremont County, Idaho. Bertrand was born on January 29, 1895 in Provo, Utah, and died on December 5, 1924 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Orea B. Tanner moved her family of three sons to Provo, Utah, where the boys attended school. Orea Bean Tanner died on January 19, 1981 in Santa Clara, California. ~ ~ ~ ~ Robert Leigh Tanner died from injuries received in a sailplane accident. The sailplane, Schweizer SGS 1-26B crashed on June 4, 1990 at Truckee, California. The glider was owned by David Soom, and operated by student glider pilot, Robert L. Tanner. According to the crash account, the student glider pilot released from the tow airplane without communicating with the tow pilot. The glider proceeded in a northeast direction toward the lee side of the mountains. The surface wind was from the southwest. The glider was observed at a low altitude disappearing over a ridge. The aircraft struck a 50-foot tree about 10 feet from the top, then collided with the ground. Source. ~ ~ ~ ~ Author: Robert Leigh Tanner wrote his Ph.D. Thesis at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford, University, titled, "Radio Interference From Corona Discharges" in 1953. ~ ~ ~ ~ Robert Leigh Tanner A.B. 1944, M.A. 1947 Stanford. ~ ~ Antenna Patent (Robert L. Tanner) 1966

Taylor, Edward

Edward Taylor

Class of 1940. Edward Taylor. Basketball. Football. Tennis. Opera. Forensics. Boys' Organization.

Turner, Ned W.

Turner, Ned W.
Provo, Utah US

Ned Turner

Class of 1940. Ned Turner. Football. Tennis. Boys' Organization. Ned Turner: Carbon Jr. College. ~ ~ ~ ~ Ned W. Turner was born December 23, 1921 in Monroe, Utah. His parents were Taylor Woodruff Turner and Ella Almeda Larsen Turner. He died on August 10, 1941 in Provo, Utah, one year after graduation, in an auto accident.

Wardle, Beatrice

Beatrice Wardle

Class of 1940. Beatrice Wardle. Opera. Notre Maison. Girls' Athletic Association. She came to BYH from Lehi H.S. ~ ~ ~ ~ IS THIS? Beatrice Wardle married Alvin Ameal Adamson in 1942 in Texas (San Antonio?). In 2007: Alvin Adamson, 800 Holly Hill Rd, Edmond, Oklahoma 73003-5036 - Phone: (405) 341-2388

Woolf, Henry McCune [Mac]
3944 E Fairfield Cir
Mesa, Arizona 85205-5111 US

Mac and Bonnie Woolf
  • Work: (480) 832-1110

Class of 1940. Mac Woolf. Basketball. Football. Opera. Boys' Organization. ~ ~ ~ ~ Henry McCune (Mac) Woolf. His parents were Golden LeGrand Woolf [BYH Principal] and Fanny Elizabeth (Beth) Woolf, and they had three children, including Aenone Woolf Christensen [BYH Class of 1935]; Wilbur C. Woolf [BYH Class of 1936]; and Henry McCune (Mac) Woolf [BYH Class of 1940]. Henry McCune Woolf married Bonnie Mae Collier. Henry McCune Woolf and Bonnie Mae Collier had the following children: Charles LeGrand Woolf; Linda Sue Woolf; Robert Eugene Woolf; and Douglas James Woolf. Salt Lake Telegram, February 19, 1943.

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