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411, Class of 1969 to 1980

411, Class of 1969 to 1980

Ghost Classes of BYH 411

Class of 1980? If Brigham Young High School was closed in 1968, why are classes 1969 through 1980 included in this website? The closing in 1968 affected many students from Kindergarten through 11th Grade who had planned to attend and graduate from BY High. They were all forced to leave and complete their secondary education elsewhere. At the request of many who were students in those years, the classes of 1969 through 1980 have been added to this website directory as honorary alumni of BY High School. Sometimes called the "Ghost Classes" of BY High, all of them -- K through 11 -- were included in the historic final BYH Wildcat Yearbook published in 1968, along with the final graduating class of 1967-1968. Before that, students who attended BYH but who did not graduate with their classes were also marked as honorary alumni.

Bancroft, Anne

Anne Bancroft

Class of 1977. Anne Bancroft. [Need more information.]

Belt, Shawna
633 East 1280 North
Provo, Utah 84097-3408 US

Shawna and John Edwards

Class of 1977. Shawna Belt. She is the daughter of former BYH Principal W. Dwayne Belt and Glenys Rollins Belt. She married John W. Edwards, and they made their home in Provo, Utah. @2010

Berryessa, Guy G.
193 Haight Street
San Francisco, California 94102-5710 US

Guy Berryessa
  • Home: (415) 252-7123

Class of 1977. Guy G. Berryessa. BYU BA Linguistics 1986. BYU TESL Certificate 1986. Guy was in the Third Grade at the BYU Laboratory Training School in the 1967-1968 school year. Had the school remained open, Guy and his classmates were in line to graduate in the BYH Class of 1977 -- the 101st! Alternate address in Papaikou, Hawaii - (808) 964-5166. @2010

Bucknew, Pat

Pat Bucknew

Class of 1977. Pat Bucknew (female). [Need more information.]

Burton, Robert

Bobby Burton

Class of 1977. Bobby Burton. [Need middle initial, current location.] [TM]

Bywater, Heidi
100 East 2075 South
Orem, Utah 84058-8174 US

Heidi DeMarco
  • Work: (801) 225-7931

Class of 1977. Heidi Bywater. BYUI 1979. Married Anthony A. DeMarco, Jr. Members of this class were in the BY elementary school's third grade in 1968. Had the school remained open, many would have graduated together in 1977.

Callahan, Shanna
1886 North 285 East
Orem, Utah 84057-2224 US

Shanna Nerdin
  • Work: (801) 226-1920

Class of 1977. Shanna Callahan. BYU AS Pre-Nursing 1980. BYU BS Nursing 1983. Shanna married Ronald K. Nerdin.

Davis, Jay I.
8362 Knotts Landing East
Jacksonville, Florida 32244 US

Jay Davis
  • Work: (904) 777-5133

Class of 1977. Jay Davis. BYU Idaho Broadcast Technology 1979. Jay I. Davis.

Francis, William R.
1639 West 1400 North
Provo, Utah 84604 US

William Francis
  • Work: (801) 377-0381

Class of 1977. William Francis. BYU 1984.

Harms, Norma Adele
10890 Galvin Street
Ventura, California 93004-1044 US

Adele and Michael Sears
  • Work: (805) 647-1335
  • Home: (805) 659-9691

Class of 1977. Norma Harms. BYU 1983. Norma Adele Harms. She married Michael Sears.

Larsen, Joseph
701 East 2730 North
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Joseph Larsen
  • Work: (801) 377-9131

Class of 1977. Joseph Larsen. BYU BS Accounting 1986. BYU MACC Information Systems Consulting 1986. Joseph M. Larsen, CPA.

Nielsen, Sheri
590 South 420 East
Salem, Utah 84653-9571 US

Sheri and Ron Jensen
  • Work: (801) 423-2909

Class of 1977. Sheri Nielsen. BYU BS Elementary Education 1984. Teaching Certificate Elementary Education 1984. She married Ron Jensen.

Parcell, Cindy
American Fork, Utah US

Cindy and Mark Swensen

Class of 1977. Cindy Parcell. Her parents: Mack Ivan Parcell and Grace Eva Dean North Parcell, married April 10, 1946 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their children included: 1) Martin Parcell (Lisa), Ridgecrest, California; 2) Margaret Parcell (Randy) Kimball (she is dec., he married Carol); 3) Polly Parcell [BYH Class of 1969] (Dennis) Bishop, Ridgecrest, California; 4) Trudy Parcell [BYH Class of 1972] (Jerry) Bishop, Pleasant Grove, Utah; 5) Faye Parcell (Howard) Fuller, Santaquin, Utah; 6) Kaye Parcell (Jon) Mitchell, Levan, Utah; 7) Cindy Parcell [BYH Class of 1977] (Mark) Swensen, American Fork, Utah; 8) Shauna Parcell [BYH Class of 1978], Draper, Utah; 9) Becky Parcell (John) Pulver [BYH Class of 1976], Layton, Utah; and 10) Rachel Parcell (Shawn) Dansie, Orem, Utah.

Schwartz, Thomas Grant

Schwartz, Thomas Grant
Provo, Utah US

Tom and Janet Schwartz

Class of 1977. Tommy Schwartz. His parents were Raymond Grant Schwartz, Jr., long-time sports journalist and editor for the Provo Daily Herald, and Elayne Christensen [or Christiansen], of Provo, Utah. They had three sons: Kevin Schwartz [BYH Class of 1971] (deceased), Thomas Schwartz [BYH Class of 1977] (deceased), and Rick Schwartz (Cherie), of Lehi, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Thomas Grant Schwartz was born on August 19, 1959 in Provo, Utah. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He married Janet Phillips Drake. Thomas Schwartz died on April 4, 1991, in Hobble Creek Canyon near Springville, Utah. His interment, Provo City Cemetery.

Smith, Brett

Brett Smith

Class of 1977. Brett Smith. [Need more information.]

Starton, Nancy

Nancy Starton

Class of 1977. Nancy Starton. [Stanton?]

Storrs, Jane Adeline Grant

Storrs, Jane Adeline Grant
Provo, Utah US

Jane Storrs

Faculty & Staff, 1960s up through May, 1968. Mrs. Jane Storrs. According to her students, she was a wonderful Third Grade teacher at the BYU Elementary school. HER OBITUARY: Jane Adeline Grant Storrs died February 12, 2003. Born February 24, 1907, in Duchesne, Utah to John Williams Grant and Julia Bromley Grant. She was the last surviving child of eight children. She married Wilford L. Storrs in the Salt Lake Temple but later divorced. She taught elementary school for most of her life until she earned her Masters Degree and began teaching in the Education Department at Brigham Young University, where she also supervised student teachers. Working at BYU was one of the happiest times in her life. As an elementary school teacher, she had a warm and loving yet firm way of teaching that endeared her to both children and their parents. After retirement, she became a volunteer at Utah Valley Medical Center as the message lady. She raised her children alone when there was little support for single mothers. Jane was patient to a fault, with a sweet and gentle disposition: a true lady who carried herself with dignity to the end of her life. A special thanks to Fleurette (Sue) Peterson, who for many years patiently cared for Jane. Mother was truly blessed to have Sue as her care giver. She is survived by two daughters: Elaine Sperry and Lorna Christiansen; ten grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her parents, siblings, a son, and a great granddaughter. Funeral services were held Tuesday, February 18, 2003 in American Fork. Interment, American Fork Cemetery. [Deseret News, Sunday, February 16, 2003.]

Taylor, Dale M.
1175 Castlecreek Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117 US

Dale Taylor
  • Work: (801) 266-1575

Class of 1977. Dale M. Taylor. BYU BS Mechanical Engineering 1983.

Taylor, Lisa

Lisa Taylor

Class of 1977. Lisa Taylor. [Need more information.]

Trunnell, Janet

Janet Trunnell

Class of 1977. Janet Trunnell. Her parents: Jack Byron Trunnell and Cynthia Mallory [Trunnell] Gardner. They married in 1942. Jack and Cynthia had six children: Thomas Trunnell, Nancy Trunnell, Bari Trunnell [BYH Class of 1966], Martha "Marti" Trunnell [BYH Class of 1974], Mark Trunnell [BYH Class of 1975], and Janet Trunnell [BYH Class of 1977]. After a divorce from Dr. Jack Trunnell, Cynthia married L. Levier Gardner in 1970.

Wallace, Martha
2024 Pilar Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89032 US

Martha Swigart

Class of 1977. Martha Wallace. BYU MBA 1984. Martha married _______ Swigart.

Wimmer, Brian L.
Provo, Utah US

Brian Wimmer
  • Home: (801) 224-5923

Class of 1977. Brian L. Wimmer. Born October 1, 1959, Orem, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Filmography: AS AN ACTOR: Going to the Mat (2004) (TV) - Tom Newfield Reeseville (2003) - Jason Buchanon Beneath Loch Ness (2001) - Case Howell ... aka Evil Beneath Loch Ness (2001) (UK: video title) Jericho (2000) - Dead miner Children of the Struggle (1999) - John Glass Bittersweet (1999) (V) - Jed Final Justice (1998) - Mark Sherman One Hot Summer Night (1998) (TV) - Richard ... aka Trophy Wife's Secret, The (1998) (TV) (USA) Jitters (1997) (TV) - Evan "Flipper" (1995) TV Series - Dr. Keith Ricks (1995) ... aka "New Adventures of Flipper, The" (1995) (USA) Dead Badge (1995) - Dan Sampson Maddening (1995) - David Osborne Tank Girl (1995) - Richard Lipstick Camera (1994) - Flynn Dailey Floundering (1994) - Hunk Blue Flame (1993) - Flemming Kiss of a Killer (1993) (TV) - Gary Honor Thy Mother (1992) (TV) - Det. Murphy Late for Dinner (1991) - Willie Husband The World's Oldest Living Bridesmaid (1990) (TV) - Alex Dante Dangerous Pursuit (1990) (TV) - Keith Under the Boardwalk (1989) - Cage "China Beach" (1988) TV Series - Corporal Boonie Lanier China Beach (1988) (TV) - Corporal Boonie Lanier What Price Victory (1988) (TV) - Denzil Ray Less Than Zero (1987) - Trent Billionaire Boys Club (1987) (TV) (uncredited) - Cop A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge (1985) - Do-Gooder Footloose (1984) (uncredited) ~ ~ ~ ~ AS A DIRECTOR: "Flipper" (1995) TV Series ... aka "New Adventures of Flipper, The" (1995) (USA) ~ ~ ~ ~ AS HIMSELF: Battle of the Network Stars XIX (1988) (TV) - Himself (ABC Team)~ ~ ~ ~ NOTABLE TV GUEST APPEARANCES: "Fugitive, The" (2000) playing "Tucker Frederickson" in episode: "Tucker's Gift" (episode # 1.18) 4/6/2001 "Strange World" (1999) in episode: "Food" (episode # 1.12) "ER" (1994) playing "Mickey" in episode: "Last Call" (episode # 3.4) 10/17/1996 "Tales from the Crypt" (1989) in episode: "Half-Way Horrible" (episode # 5.12) 12/1/1993. ~ ~ ~ ~ NEWS ARTICLE: By Chris Hicks, Movie Critic. ~ ~ Brian Wimmer fell into acting. He had no desire to be a movie star . . . no aspirations to act, in fact. While still in high school he landed a job at Robert Redford's Sundance Resort and was happy to work as a ranch hand and live the life of a ski bum for the next 10 years. But in 1983, Paramount Pictures came to Utah County to film a little musical called "Footloose", which would become an unexpected box-office hit the next year. Wimmer saw the film as an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks and finagled his way into working with the crew. One day on the "Footloose" set, he was captured on film while a camera operator was adjusting a lens. That led to his being asked to take a small acting role, which grew as production continued. And though most of his footage wound up on the cutting-room floor, Wimmer had been bitten by the show-biz bug. An amateur artist, Wimmer saw acting as another way to exercise his creative juices and decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue an acting career. The Utah native, a veteran of the critically acclaimed TV series "China Beach" had top billing in a major studio film that opened in 900 theaters around the country Friday, September 20, 1991: "Late for Dinner." Not bad for a 31-year-old guy who's only been in show business for seven years. Oh, yes, and he now owns a home near Sundance - and still skis a lot. "I've been very, very lucky," Wimmer says modestly. "I mean, in school (at Orem High School) I was a jock, one of those guys who'd never dream of taking drama. I thought actors were wimps. And now look at me." Wimmer was in Salt Lake City doing interviews to promote "Late for Dinner," a light character drama with science-fiction overtones. The story begins in 1962, with two innocent young men on the run from a shooting. They stumble into a cryogenics experiment, are frozen for 29 years, then accidentally thaw out and head for home. The gimmick is that they don't know what's happened and are unprepared for the fact that they have not aged a bit, while all their relatives are 29 years older. Gene Siskel gave the film a rave review on TV's "Siskel & Ebert". And the film's director, W.D. Richter, has said in interviews that Wimmer brings to mind one of the movies' great stars. "I was looking for a young Jimmy Stewart. I wanted someone who had vulnerability, and Brian has that." Wimmer says he knew he'd be doing "Late for Dinner" as soon as he read the script, though his manager told him someone else was already being tested for the role. In fact, he was so sure, he did something he's never done before - he insisted that his manager arrange a meeting with the casting director anyway. "I walked in and sat down and it just all came together. They actually brought the director up from a screen test - and after we talked some, he knew I was right for it, too. "I just know this (character), I know these kind of people, everyday simple people living simple lives - but strong, moral people." Wimmer says the film will be a hard sell because it has no stars and the science fiction elements are subtle. "It's a marketing nightmare. It's a character-driven story with no real hook, and it might be hard to get people into the theater. "But once they're in the theater, people will love it because it's a film that really makes you feel good." Wimmer says he had no "career plan" as such after his "Footloose" experience in 1983, but he went directly to Southern California and then New York to study acting. While studying he landed some small roles in small movies - "Under the Boardwalk," and "Less Than Zero." In 1988 Wimmer landed his first lead role in the TV movie "What Price Victory?" as an illiterate college football star. In retrospect, he's disappointed in the film but acknowledges that it led to his most important work prior to "Late for Dinner," the role of lifeguard-bartender "Boonie" in the highly praised Vietnam TV series "China Beach." Wimmer played Boonie for 3 1/2 years. During the show's run the character had his leg amputated and went from someone with small-town values to an embittered veteran, allowing for some strong emoting. "It was an incredible experience, and I learned so much. That show was my real acting school." Last year he was in the TV movie "The World's Oldest Living Bridesmaid," starring Donna Mills, and then made "Late for Dinner." Coming full circle to the days when he worked at the Sundance resort, Wimmer says he tried out for a part in Redford's latest film, which Redford is currently directing in Montana. Wimmer didn't get the part but says, gesturing with his finger and thumb, "I came this close." Though he could go back and do another television series immediately, Wimmer is hopeful that "Late for Dinner" will lead to a movie career. If it does, maybe he'll land a role in Redford's next film. [Deseret News, Thursday, September 19, 1991]

Wootton, Mark
1061 Vt Route 15
Underhill, Vermont 05489 US

Mark Wootton
  • Work: (802) 899-4530

Class of 1977. Mark Wootton. BYU Idaho Electrical Engineering 1990. Mark B. Wootton.