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411, Class of 1969 to 1980

411, Class of 1969 to 1980

Ghost Classes of BYH 411

Class of 1980? If Brigham Young High School was closed in 1968, why are classes 1969 through 1980 included in this website? The closing in 1968 affected many students from Kindergarten through 11th Grade who had planned to attend and graduate from BY High. They were all forced to leave and complete their secondary education elsewhere. At the request of many who were students in those years, the classes of 1969 through 1980 have been added to this website directory as honorary alumni of BY High School. Sometimes called the "Ghost Classes" of BY High, all of them -- K through 11 -- were included in the historic final BYH Wildcat Yearbook published in 1968, along with the final graduating class of 1967-1968. Before that, students who attended BYH but who did not graduate with their classes were also marked as honorary alumni.

Ballif, Philip Macdonald
4875 North Juliano Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89149-4123 US

Phil and Cindy Ballif
  • Work: (702)363-8298
  • Cell: (702)810-3377

Class of 1975 ~ Honorary. Philip Macdonald Ballif. Attended BY Lab School K-3, and was a member of the future class of 1975. Phil and his family moved out of the neighborhood of BY Lab school when he was in the middle of 3rd grade; he attended another school from 4th grade on. His sister, Gigi Ballif Arrington is a member of the BYH Class of 1974. His father is George Eggertson Ballif [BYH Class of 1945 ~ Honorary?), who was an attorney in Provo, and her grandfather was George Smith Ballif, a judge in Provo. Phil married Cindy.

Barton, Gary

Gary Barton

Class of 1975. Gary Barton. [Need middle initial, current location.] [TM]

Belt, Terry D.
427 North 200 East
Orem, Utah 84057-4022 US

Terry and Hollie Belt
  • Home: (801) 235-1874

Class of 1975. Terry Belt (male). BYU BS PE Sports Teaching 1984. Teacher Certificate PE Sports Teaching 1984. BYU MS Professional Leadership 1988. He is the son of former BYH Principal W. Dwayne Belt and Glenys Rollins Belt. He married Hollie M. and they made their home in Orem, Utah. Also living with them is Glenys R. Belt. @2010

Bennion, Mark

Mark Bennion

Class of 1975. Mark Bennion. [Need middle initial, current location.] [TM]

Brown, John

John Brown

Class of 1975. John Brown.

Bushman, Clarissa

Clarissa Busman

Class of 1975. Clarissa Bushman.

Clark, Christopher

Christopher Clark

Class of 1975. Christopher Clark [Clarke?] [Need more information.] [TM]

Clark, Kristine (1975)
1886 North 500 East
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Kristine Chapman
  • Work: (801) 373-6592

Class of 1975. Kristine Clark. BYU Hawaii 1977. BYU University Studies 1981. Kristine married ______ Chapman.

Cook, Kristin
2093 Elderberry Way
Sandy, Utah 84092-6203 US

Kristin Cook
  • Work: (801) 576-9509

Class of 1975. Kristin Cook. BYU BS Finance 1980. Kristin married Steven L. Lambert.

Covey, Cynthia
2740 Nila Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124 US

Cynthia and Kameron Haller
  • Work: (801) 277-3323

Class of 1975. Cynthia Covey. BYU BA History 1981. Cynthia married Kameron Haller.

Darais, Thomas C.
326 K Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 US

Tom Darais
  • Work: (801) 355-3807

Class of 1975. Tom Darais. BYU AA Spanish 1981. BYU Business IPA 1983. BYU Accounting MACC 1983.

Drew, LaMar H.
277 South 600 East
Alpine, Utah 84004 US

LaMar and LaRene Drew
  • Work: (801) 756-2587

Faculty & Staff. Mr. LaMar Drew. BYU Training School up to May 1968. BYU BS Education 1959. BYU MS Education 1969. He taught the Fifth Grade, and was loved and appreciated by his students. Lamar H. Drew married LaRene. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Elwood Drew and Annie Aleta Huggard Drew of Lehi. Their children included: Robert (Bob) Elwood Drew, Lehi; LaMar (LaRene) Drew, Alpine; Stanley (Ava Dean) Drew, Pocatello, Idaho; Lee (Connie) Drew, Lindon; and Dorothy Drew (Roy) Loveridge, Alpine.

Harrison, Victor Chris

Chris Harrison

Class of 1975. Victor "Chris" Harrison. [Male] [Need more information.]

Hartvigsen, Richard Myers (1975)
Nu Skin Enterprises
75 West Center Street
Provo, Utah 84601 US

Richard and Danielle Hartvigsen
  • Work: (801) 221-9684

Class of 1975. Richard Hartvigsen. BYU BA International Relations 1982. BYU JD Law 1985. Richard M. Hartvigsen married Danielle. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate address: 8984 Timphaven, Provo, Utah 84604 - (801) 221-9684. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Melvin Richard Hartvigsen and Jessie May Myers, married December 30, 1950, of Provo, Utah. Their children included Laurie Hartvigsen [BYH Class of 1972] (Neil) Lindberg; Richard Myers Hartvigsen [BYH Class of 1975] (Danielle); Shelly Hartvigsen [BYH Class of 1978] Unga; Jeffrey Arthur Hartvigsen; and Darren Kelly (Amy) Hartvigsen. ~ ~ ~ ~ Richard Hartvigsen, employed by Nu Skin Enterprises.

Henry, Virgil D.

Virgil Henry

Class of 1975. Virgil D. Henry. [Need more information.] [TM]

Monson, Lauralee
1411 Waters Lane
Sandy, Utah 84093-2220 US

Lauralee and Kerry Sorensen
  • Work: (801) 576-0744

Class of 1975. Lauralee Monson. BYU Music 1992. Lauralee married Kerry Sorensen.

Paxman, Susan Kay
810 Country Club Drive
LaGrange, Illinois 60525-6600 US

Susie and David Hatch
  • Work: (708) 482-3518

Class of 1975. Susan Kay Paxman. BYU BA University Studies 1979. She married David Hatch. Her parents are Monroe J. Paxman and Shirley Ann Brockbank, married on December 18, 1942. Shirley Ann Brockbank was born December 10, 1919 in Provo, Utah. Monroe and Shirley Paxman had the following children: 1) John Monroe Paxman [BYH Class of 1962] was born 25 Dec 1943. 2) Carolyn Paxman [BYH Class of 1963] was born 28 Oct 1945. 3) David Brockbank Paxman was born 31 Dec 1946. 4) Nancy Paxman [BYH Class of 1966~H] was born 25 Jan 1948. 5) Annette Paxman [BYH Class of 1970] was born 16 Jun 1952. 6) Mary Beth Paxman [BYH Class of 1972] was born 1954. 7) Susan Kay Paxman [BYH Class of 1975] was born 1956. @2007

Reynolds, Rosemary
1996 West 1550 North
Provo, Utah 84604-2239 US

Rosemary [& Michael] Markham
  • Work: (801) 377-8644

Class of 1975. Rosemary Reynolds. BYU BA Home Economics Education CMP 1978. Teaching Certificate Home Economics Education CMP 1978. BYU MS Home Economics Education 1983. Rosemary married Michael Markham in 1982. They have two children: Steven Markham and Sharon Markham. Michael Markham passed away due to cancer in 2005.

Riddle, Paul A.
5038 South Jordan Canal Road
Salt Lake City, Utah 84118 US

Paul Riddle
  • Work: (801) 964-5858

Class of 1975. Paul Riddle. BYU Business Fundamentals 1982. Paul A. Riddle.

Robinson, Gary R.
3845 North 100 East
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Gary Robinson
  • Work: (801) 226-7762

Class of 1975. Gary Robinson. BYU 1989. Gary R. Robinson.

Sheffield, Tyler Whiteley
525 Sumac Lane
Provo, Utah 84604-1857 US

Tyler Sheffield
  • Work: (801) 607-3502
  • Home: (801) 374-2013

Class of 1975. Tyler W. Sheffield. BYU BS Accounting 1980. Northwestern State University - Alva, Oklahoma MBA 1982. Parents: Loftis J. Sheffield from Kaysville, Utah and Blanche Whitely Sheffield, from Oakley, Idaho, married in 1943. He worked for the FBI. They had eight children: Jane Sheffield (dec.); Eileen Sheffield Dorrity [BYH Class of 1963] of Salt Lake City; Roger W. Sheffield [BYH Class of 1966] of Highland; Mark Sheffield of San Jose, California [BYH Class of 1970]; Richard Sheffield of Provo [BYH Class of 1971]; Tyler Sheffield of Chicago [BYH Class of 1975]; Clark Sheffield of Lindon; and Nan Sheffield Black of Dayton, Ohio. Tyler recently moved to Provo from Chicago. @Oct 2006.

Simonsen, James M.
2007 East 10225 South
Sandy, Utah 84092 US

James Simonsen
  • Work: (801) 576-1354

Class of 1975. James Simonsen. BYU BS Mechanical Engineering 1982. James M. Simonsen.

Sowards, Jane
7507 West Summer Sky Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85743 US

Jane Sowards

Class of 1975. Jane Sowards. BYU BS Administrative Management 1989. BYU MBA 1987.

Strong, Jeanne
875 West 260 South
Orem, Utah 84058-4201 US

Jeanne and Mark Schaerrer
  • Work: (801) 221-1865

Class of 1975. Jeanne Strong. BYU BS Early Childhood Education 1978. Teacher Certificates for Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education 1978. Jeanne married Mark E. Schaerrer.

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