Alphabetical Alumni

Wright, Monte K.
277 East 100 North
American Fork, Utah 84003-1740 US

Monte Wright
  • Work: (801) 756-9820

Class of 1975. Monte K. Wright.

Wright, Rickie B.
918 East 9th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106 US

Rickie Wright

Class of 1971. Rickie Wright. BYU-Idaho 1971. BYU BS Computer Science 1979.

Wright, Sheila L.

Wright, Sheila L.
1947 N Chappel Dr
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660-1318 US

Sheila and Richard Valgardson
  • Cell: 801-375-7486
  • Home: 801-375-8399

Class of 1965. Sheila Wright. Student Body Secretary. French Club, Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, Chorus, Wildcat Yearbook Staff. BYU BS Home Economics Education 1970. Married Richard Paul Valgardson, BYH Class of 1965, on July 5, 1972. Rich Valgardson passed away on November 18, 2015 in Spanish Fork, Utah. Family: We have five grown children: ~~Jason: Jason is 31, married to Erica and living in a new home in Pleasant Grove. They have 3 beautiful daughters (6,4, & 5 mo.) ...two blonds and one with black hair. Jason graduated in Construction Management and builds our homes for us. ~~Kam: Kam is 29, married to Sarianna, and living in a new home in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have a 9-month old son who looks just like him. He played football at BYU and graduated in Construction Management, is currently working for Pulte Construction in Land Acquisition. ~~Coby: Coby is 28, married to Chantille, and living in a new home in Mapleton. They have no children but are "working on it". Both just graduated from UVSC in Business Management. Chantille's parents are semi-retired but own Lakeside RV Park by Utah Lake, and Coby and Chantille manage it with hopes of buying it. ~~Amanda: Amanda is 26, married to Seth Poulson, and living in a new home in Provo, while they build another one in Spanish Fork. No children so far. Seth just graduated in Accounting, but is an outdoors fanatic. In his spare time, he makes cabinetry and works for Boswell Corp. Amanda graduated from UVSC in Executive Assisting with Desktop Publishing emphasis -- she also played volleyball. Then she got her real estate license and worked in sales. We finally convinced her to come work for us and she runs our sales and is project manager. ~~Megan, 22, just finished four years of playing college basketball...two years at CEU, and two years at Montana State. She is 6'2" and was all conference and all academic. She has one more year of college to finish her degree in Health Promotion...and hasn't quite found the right guy yet. She's working for us, as well as for Coby and Chantille for the summer. She's very tired of Montana and wants to finish at University of Utah. Rich's dad passed away 2 years ago after a two-year stay in a rest home. His mom is 86 and not doing well. My parents are still alive and dad never slows down. Mom's health is frail. Our Work: We lived in west Provo for 18 years and have lived here in east Provo for 15 years. Now that our kids are all pretty well gone, we run our construction business out of our home. We have a company called Irontown Housing Company and we build modular homes (not trailers or manufactured homes). We have a factory in Springville, but are going to need a larger one so we have plans for building in Spanish Fork. Our big market this year is California and we have some million-dollar homes we are getting ready to build. It is cheaper to build them here in sections and transport them to California than build there. Rich's expertise in moving has been invaluable. Sheila is the office manager. Someday we will retire... Play: We haven't played much. We did go on some vacations to Acapulco, Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, and Aruba. They were great, but the last few years it's been hard to get away. Most trips have been to Las Vegas to see our grandson, or to Montana to watch ballgames. Memories: The memories come as we run across people or places that remind us of times past. We loved getting to see the new library finished...and tried to tell our children all about the things we saw happen there, even though the grandchildren just liked the elevator. When we went to Price to see Megan play ball, we remembered being "escorted" out of town after football games down there. When Kam played at BYU, we remembered so many BY High games. Rich still has a scar on his lip from a game there. Sometimes we run into Coach Leishman who told us girls that we were bad for athletes. When I see Megan hoarse after a game, I remember cheering so loud that I didn't have a voice the next day. There were the decorations for the dances, making flowers, rubber swimming pools that leaked, hearing songs like Blue Moon, the pole in the main hall, the graffiti by Provo High, the Y burned in their football field, the assemblies in that awful auditorium, the catwalk where we kicked a hole! to hang an election banner, Anna B. Hart in the carrols, flipping ink cartridges, the burgers across the street, Sadie Hawkins dance in the gym, the guys running the stairs in the elementary school and on and on. It was such a big part of our lives. @2005

Wright, Tola

Wright, Tola
Nephi, Utah US

Tola and Charles Jenkins

Class of 1912. Tola Wright (female), of Nephi, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1912. Source: 1912 BYU Mizpah, BYH section, photos and names on pp. 1 - 62, 105. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1912. Tola Wright. She received two diplomas in 1912: a BYH Music Diploma, and an Art & Manual Training Diploma. Source 2: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 5, page 245. ~ ~ ~ ~ Tola Wright was born October 16, 1889 in Nephi, Utah. Her parents were Joseph Franklin Wright and Mercy Caroline Rollins. She married Charles Rupert Jenkins on September 17, 1913 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died on April 22, 1963 in Nephi. Interment, Vine Bluff Cemetery, Nephi.

Wright, W. K.

Wright, W. K.
Provo, Utah US

W. K. Wright

Faculty & Staff. W. K. Wright, Military Science & Tactics, 1891-1893. [What is his name?]

Wright, Walter O.

Wright, Walter O.
Peoa, Utah US

Walter Wright

BYH Class of 1924. Walter O. Wright of Peoa, Utah. Walter was listed as a 4th Year (senior) student at Brigham Young High School in the Class of 1924. Background sources: BYU/BYH Annual Catalogues for the School Years 1923-24, 1924-25, and 1925-26.

Wright, Warren S.
2990 East Riverside Dr. %2391
St. George, Utah 84790 US

Warren and Shweta Wright
  • Work: (435) 673-8759

Class of 1956. Warren S. Wright. Baseball, Debate Region, Childrens Theater, Thespians, I Speak for Democracy, Soph Ball Committee. BYU BS Public Policy 1964. BYU MPA Institute of Public Management 1965. ~ ~ ~ ~ It seems like several life times ago when we were all in high school together. One thing is for sure, and that is the years go by more quickly the older we get. I look back with a lot of nostalgia for BY High, Provo and the 1950's in general. I am sure that feeling is shared by a lot of us. I enjoy visiting the old campus area and BYU whenever I can. The summer after graduating from BY High, I went on active duty with the Army for six months and then continued in the Reserves. Like a lot of us, I went to BYU for a year or so, and then on a mission for the LDS Church. I went to New Zealand for two-and-one-half years, after which seven of us took a four-month trip around the world on the way home. In 1961 and 1962, I was a full-time student at BYU. In the spring of 1963 I went through the Peace Corps training program, but then decided to leave, get married, and return to school. In 1965 my wife (Diane) and I graduated from BYU, myself with a Masterís Degree in Public Administration and she with a Teaching Certificate in Physical Education. In August of 1965 we moved to Muskegon Heights, Michigan, where I was employed with the Cityís Urban Renewal Department, and Diane taught at a junior high school. In September of 1966, our son Denny was born. In the spring of 1967, we moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan, where I worked as Assistant to the City Manager. In January of 1970, I obtained a job as City Administrator of Mason, Michigan. Diane and I were divorced in October of 1970 and she and Denny moved back to Utah. In July of 1971 I moved to Salt Lake City and began work with the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City and also enlisted with the Utah Air National Guard. For most of the next twenty-five years, I lived on my little acre of ground on a dead-end street with my dog and horse in a semi-state of a recluse and hermitage. In the fall of 1998, I retired from employment with the City and moved to St. George, Utah, where I live in a small retirement community. Over the years I have traveled a good deal around the world and been involved in a number of community activities, such as Scoutmaster, Toastmasters Club, Foster Parent and Big Brother Program, Prison and Youth Detention Volunteer, and tutoring reading in elementary school and work with the elderly (which I guess I now am). In 2003, I did the unthinkable and remarried again, a woman I had met in India whose name is Shweta. She is a very special lady, and probably the only woman in the world that could survive living with me. In conclusion, I again mention my son Denny. He is now working for Disney World in Florida as a costume designer. He is very talented in those areas. He and his wife Kimberly have four children, two boys and two girls. My personal focus is to now take it one year at a time and to do the little I can to promote sanity and social justice wherever I can in this crazy world we live in. May we have another decade of peace and reasonably good health is my wish to all! @2006

Wunderley, Ernest [Wunderly, Wunderli,]

Wunderley, Ernest [Wunderly, Wunderli,]
Cleveland, Ohio US

Ernest and Lucille Wunderly

Class of 1916. Ernest Wunderley. He received a High School Diploma in Commerce [Business] in 1916. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 9, page 109. ~ ~ ~ ~ Ernest Eduard Wunderly [or Wunderli] was born on December 21, 1895 in Luzern, Switzerland. His parents were Rudolf Wunderli and Lina [Luna] Baertschi Wunderli. Ernest married Lucille Walker on November 25, 1926. Ernest Wunderly died on April 14, 1971 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wunderly, F. Olga [Wunderley, Wonderli,]

Wunderly, F. Olga [Wunderley, Wonderli,]
Layton, Utah US

Olga and Earl Snell

Class of 1915. Olga Wonderly [Wonderley or Wunderly or Wunderli or Wunderley] graduated from BYH in College Hall on Thursday, June 3, 1915, in the Department of Business Education. At commencement she gave a reading: "The Old World and the New". Source 1: Program, 1915 High School Class, Thursday, June 3, 1915, College Hall. Class Colors: Red & Blue. Class Motto: "Duty is the Keynote of Success". ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1915. Olga Wunderly. She received a BYH Commercial Diploma in 1915. Source 2: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 345. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1919. Olga Wunderly. She received an AB Degree in Education in 1919. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 345. ~ ~ ~ ~ She joined the BYU faculty in the Business department, and went on to teach Modern Languages at BYU, 1917-1925. ~ ~ ~ ~ Frieda Olga Wunderly was born on September 10, 1892 in Luzern, Switzerland. Her parents were Rudolf Wunderli and Lina Baertschi Wunderli. Olga married Earl Baddley Snell on June 5, 1924 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was a collegiate graduate of BYU in 1919, receiving an AB Degree in Social Sciences. Olga Wunderli [Wunderly] Snell died on June 27, 1979 in Clearfield, Utah. Her interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah.

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