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Wootton, Richard Roland

Wootton, Richard Roland
Provo, Utah US

Richard and Shirley Wootton

Richard R. Wootton. Faculty & Staff in the 1960s, including 1962-64 and 1967-68. Richard Wootton. Counseling & Guidance. [Do not confuse with his relative, Richard T. Wootton, who served as President of the Church College of Hawaii, now BYU Hawaii.] ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Richard Roland Wootton was born in Washington, D.C. on June 30, 1931 to Roland H. and Ouida Idelia (Pelton) Wootton. He was the youngest of three children, having two sisters, Helen Wootton and Gloria Speikerman. His parents were noble people who emphasized being honest and learned. He married his Babe Shirley Ann (Potter) Wootton on May 25, 1956 in the Manti LDS Temple. Together they had seven children: Shari Muncy (Pat); Mark Wootton (Melissa); Wade Wootton (Beverly); Julie Newsome Rasmussen (Shon); Greg Wootton; Jason Wootton (Robyn) and Jennifer Wootton. He also had 26 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. Richard died on Sunday, December 7, 2014. Richard attended the public schools in Washington D.C. where he was a member of a championship football team at Central High School. Team members and others became forever friends even with the passing of years. He attended University of Maryland for almost two years prior to moving to Provo where he graduated from BYU with B.S. and M.S. degrees before moving to Utah State University with his family of four and obtained a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. Richard Wootton was a faculty member at Brigham Young High School in Provo during the 1960's, with a special focus on Counseling & Guidance. Richard was employed at Murray High School for five years prior to taking employment at Brigham Young University where he taught in the graduate education program for 32 years. He ultimately retired from his work at BYU and became a Forensic Psychologist; working with many disadvantaged persons throughout Utah until the time of his death. Richard was active in professional and community activities. He was the President of his social unit at BYU (the Tausigs) and later was elected as the President of the Utah School Counselor Association; the Utah Counseling and Guidance Program; was President-Elect of the American School Counseling Association; served as President of the Utah Mental Health Association; was President of the PTA at the Timpanogas Elementary School; and Chairman of the Utah County Council on Drug Rehabilitation. He also developed the first Utah County Crisis Line and additionally, wrote the grant for The Gathering Place, a drug rehabilitation program that was preceded by The Group. He most recently has served on the board for Scenic View academy. He rarely spoke of his accomplishments as he preferred to participate in providing assistance to graduate students at BYU and in helping members of the community. He became a forensic psychologist following his career at BYU and engaged in almost 10,000 evaluations for those who had engaged in criminal offenses. Richard loved the gospel and, at one time or another, served in Stake High Councils, was an LDS Bishop in the BYU 23rd Ward, and served as a teacher in almost all activities ranging from primary to adults. He and his wife were loyal home teachers and with his wifes nudging, sang in the ward choir, an activity he richly enjoyedShirley was right again! Richard was a good and loyal husband and father. He was proud of his children and especially glad that he accepted his mothers admonition to marry a good Mormon girl. He never regretted his mothers advice as finding Shirley was the best earthly discovery that he made. He remained a faithful friend to all. Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Thursday, December 11, 2014 at the Grandview 17th Ward Chapel, 1122 Grand Avenue, Provo, Utah. Friends may call at the Berg Mortuary of Provo, 185 East Center Street, Wednesday from 6-8:00 p.m. and at the church Thursday from 9:00-10:45 a.m. prior to services. Interment, East Lawn Memorial Hills. Condolences may be sent online at He hopes that the funeral service will be a happy one and that we can all meet again in a happy after life. [Provo Daily Herald, December 9, 2014]

Wootton, Sheri

Sheri Wootton

Class of 1975. Sheri Wootton. [Need more information.]

Wootton, Wade R.
72 Torrey Road
Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864 US

Wade Wootton
  • Work: (401) 333-6958

Class of 1980. Wade R. Wootton. BYU Pre-Physical Therapy 1988.

Worden, Kay

Kay Worden

Class of 1954. Kay Worden. ~ ~ ~ ~ IS THIS? Deanna Kay Worden, daughter of Kenneth Eugene Worden and Shirley Diane Striker, who were married on May 23, 1948. Their children: Eugene Kent Worden; Debora Diane Worden; Bret Daniel Worden; and Deanna Kay Worden. ~ ~ ~ ~ OR IS THIS? Diana Marshall Worden, daughter of _______ Marshall, married ______ Worden, 4533 Superior Drive, Camino, California 95709 - (530) 644-1469 - BYU BES Engineering & Technology, Aerospace Engineering 1958.

Workman, Kenneth A.
772 Bourdeaux Street
Midvale, Utah 84047-1418 US

Ken and Chris Workman
  • Work: (801) 255-1263

Class of 1961. Kenneth A. Workman. Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Library, Seminary President, Seminary Graduate, Y'ld Cat Newspaper Photographer, Wildcat Yearbook Photographer, Seminary King, Industrial Arts Service Award, Seminary Service Award. He married Chris. His parents: Arland LeRoy "Hap" Workman, born April 9, 1916 in Roosevelt, Utah, married Ruby Hill Workman on November 12, 1936, and died September 23, 2004 in Provo, Utah. Arland Workman was a finish carpenter and woodworker, and later became a master locksmith at BYU, and supervised all lock and security doors until his retirement in 1981. They had four sons: Dan Rell Workman [BYH Class of 1958] (Margaret) of Roswell, Georgia; Stanley Ross Workman [BYH Class of 1960] (Barbara) of West Jordan, Utah; Kenneth A. Workman [BYH Class of 1961] (Chris) of Murray, Utah; and Lance Workman (Andrea) of Provo, Utah.

Workman, Rell [Dan Rell]
219 Skyland Drive
Roswell, Georgia 30075-4823 US

Dan R. and Margaret Workman
  • Home: 770-998-6935

Class of 1958. Dan Rell Workman. Debate Region, French Club, Mardi Gras Assembly, Graduation Committee. BYU 1962. Atlanta, Georgia. Married Margaret. His parents: Arland LeRoy "Hap" Workman, born April 9, 1916 in Roosevelt, Utah, married Ruby Hill Workman on November 12, 1936, and died September 23, 2004 in Provo, Utah. Arland Workman was a finish carpenter and woodworker, and later became a master locksmith at BYU, and supervised all lock and security doors until his retirement in 1981. They had four sons: Dan Rell Workman [BYH Class of 1958] (Margaret) of Roswell, Georgia; Stanley Ross Workman [BYH Class of 1960] (Barbara) of West Jordan, Utah; Kenneth A. Workman [BYH Class of 1961] (Chris) of Murray, Utah; and Lance Workman (Andrea) of Provo, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello Classmates of 1958! Sorry I can’t be with you tonight, but here is an update of what has been going on in my life since graduation from BY High. I joined the Navy in 1960, and was stationed at Pearl Harbor. While there I met a 5’2” blue-eyed alpha-female in Honolulu, named Margaret Richey, and we married in 1962, and have two daughters and six “butt-heads” (what I call my grandchildren — five boys and one girl). I’m too young to be a grandfather! Margaret’s family moved from Oregon back to Ogden where they had originally lived while we were in Hawaii, so with her parents in Ogden, and mine in Provo, we split the difference and settled in Salt Lake City, where we lived until 1985. Margaret became involved with an international cultural exchange program, and they offered her a position as director of development on the condition that she move to Atlanta, Georgia where their home office was located. So, for about six months she lived in Georgia and commuted back to Utah, while I stayed home until our youngest daughter graduated high school. We then rented the upstairs of our Salt Lake home, while our daughter lived in the basement and went to the U of U., (traitor!) and I sold my burglar alarm business and made the trek to Georgia to be with my wife. Once settled in Georgia I opened another alarm business and worked at it until my health wouldn’t allow me to continue. I didn’t know how long we would be here in Georgia, but after 32 years, I tell everyone that “I’m just passing through!” After three years as a director for the travel company, Margaret decided to go into business for herself. She had contacts throughout the world, so everything fell into place easily for her. She has always worked out of our home, and with the internet and an 800 number, she keeps things running along. Due to Margaret’s involvement in the travel industry, we both have had the opportunity to travel the world pretty extensively. I have visited almost every country I ever wanted to see, some such as Egypt, Israel, Greece, Germany, Italy, and China as many as four times. Margaret has been to about 100 countries and on all continents, while I have been to about 65 countries and all continents except for Antarctica. While Margaret has been to all 50 states, I have been to 48 of the 50 states, (or 57 states according to Obama). Some of our travels have been quite exotic adventures, like trips tromping through the Yucatan to explore Mayan and Book of Mormon sights; hunting for Birds of Paradise in the high-lands of New Guinea; sailing down the Nile (twice!); exploring the Potala Palace in Tibet; hot-air ballooning over the Serengeti, traveling the “Road to Mandalay” (actually, it’s the river Irrawaddi in Burma), joining a “stare-down” contest with North Korean guards at the DMZ, and staying at the Mount Kenya Safari club. I’ve also encountered the KGB in Russia where Margaret was strip searched (awful experience!). While we lived in Salt Lake City my wife became acquainted with Annette James, the wife of Paul James, the KSL “voice of the BYU Cougars.” We became good friends with them, and besides traveling all over the world together, I got to keep stats for some of the games, in Provo, Hawaii, South Carolina, San Diego, etc. That was a real fun experience.Health wise, I have had testicular cancer, twice! The incidences were unrelated, which is quite unusual, and I got written up in the American Medical Journal. After each occasions, I was treated with high-intensity radiation which apparently saved my life, but after 50 years I’m paying with extensive damage done to my thorax, kidneys, bladder, and intestines. The symptoms began getting quite bad about six years ago, and my neurologist thought I might have ALS, then Parkinson’s, then MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) (yeah I’d never heard of it either.) He is now convinced that all my problems are from radiation toxicity from the cancer treatments! My traveling days are now over, and I have to shuffle around the house with a walker, and when I do leave the house I have to use a motorized scooter. But, at least I’m still alive, and manage to get in my wife’s way. An omega-male must tread carefully when in the presence of an alpha-female! Margaret is still working booking travel, and occasionally taking upscale groups on tours. I don’t know what I would do without her, and I love her intensely! I tell her that of all the wives I’ve had, she is my favorite! The next trip she has planned is to take a group to Rome for the temple dedication next year. Wish I could go! Meanwhile, I spend most of my time in front of the computer doing a lot of family history. Since 1993 I’ve submitted over 55,000 names to the temple, and my database is pushing 900,000 names. So that pretty much sums it up. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to email me. My address is The wssi stands for Workman Security Services, Inc. in case you are wondering. Best wishes to all! Rell @Sept2018

Workman, Stanley Ross
8418 Rams Horn Drive
West Jordan, Utah 84088-4794 US

Stan and Barbara Workman
  • Home: (801) 280-1205

Class of 1960. Stanley Ross Workman. Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Chorus. He married Barbara K. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: Arland LeRoy "Hap" Workman, born April 9, 1916 in Roosevelt, Utah, married Ruby Hill Workman on November 12, 1936, and died September 23, 2004 in Provo, Utah. Arland Workman was a finish carpenter and woodworker, and later became a master locksmith at BYU, and supervised all lock and security doors until his retirement in 1981. They had four sons: Dan Rell Workman [BYH Class of 1958] (Margaret) of Roswell, Georgia; Stanley Ross Workman [BYH Class of 1960] (Barbara) of West Jordan, Utah; Kenneth A. Workman [BYH Class of 1961] (Chris) of Murray, Utah; and Lance Workman (Andrea) of Provo, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Stan spent many years as an executive in the Salt Lake County Library System. He was based at the Whitmore Library, in Midvale. He is now retired from that System. While in High School, Stan and his dad fully restored a Ford Model A automobile, with a rumble seat, which is fondly remembered by Stan's classmates. @2010

Worsley, Helen Bessie

Worsley, Helen Bessie
Provo, Utah US

Helen & Grant Buttle

Class of 1930. Helen Worsley. Graduated from Brigham Young High School on Thursday, May 29, 1930. She sang in a double-mixed quartet during the ceremony. Source: The Evening Herald, Provo, Utah, May 28, 1930. ~ ~ ~ ~ Helen Bessie Worsley was born on December 5, 1911 in Provo, Utah. Her parents were Alfred Bruce Worsley and Sadie Preston Worsley. Helen married Grant Bezzant Buttle on December 13, 1941 in Provo, Utah. Helen Worsley Buttle died on August 6, 1990 in Provo, Utah. Interment, Provo City Cemetery, Utah.

Worsley, Steven Alma
890 North 1260 East
Provo, Utah 84604-3522 US

Steve and Cheryl Worsley
  • Home: 801-370-0437

Class of 1960. Steve Worsley. Wrestling, Track, Concert Band, Chorus, Junior Varsity Football, Ski Club, Yld Cat Newspaper, Junior Class Vice President, Seminary Graduate. Married Cheryl. Formerly of Azuza, California, moved back to Provo abt. 2006. Steve Worsley is a professional caterer, and he provided the wonderful catering for the 45th and 50th anniversary reunions of the BYH Class of 1960. He served as a member of the Reunion Committee for both reunions. @2010 ~ ~ ~ ~ CHERYL STARTUP WORSLEY BIO: I was born December 27, 1943. Not long ago I celebrated my 70th birthday with a party given by my children. I brought to Relief Society a timeline in pictures and strung them across the Relief Society room wall in front. - In my early years I was raised in Provo, Utah by the Startup family. My father, Elbert Startup, was eldest son of the famous Startup Candy Manufacturer, Walter Startup, with a factory built in 1886 by the railroad tracks in Provo at 500 South & 100 East from which Walter and his two brothers shipped candy all over the U.S. from “Provo, Utah, The Candy City” as it was known. After World War I, the Great Depression, & World War II the candy business suffered. -After returning from serving a two-year mission for the church in England, which was a great sacrifice for his father, my Dad married Maurine Brown. He started driving the Startup Candy delivery truck all over Utah County to help his father’s candy business. My parents realized Dad could not provide enough money for our large growing family of six children in 1945. Mother started the first social catering company in Utah Valley and charged 25 cents a person. As a child I helped Mother make little fancy cakes to serve to the wedding guests for each catering party. -By the time the ninth child was born into our family, I was eleven years old. We left Provo and moved to Pasadena, California, where the Startup Catering Company thrived by charging $1.25 per person. It was an exciting family business. We made the news when my oldest brother returned from serving a mission in France and twin baby girls were born the same time in 1959, making eleven Startup children in all. -Steve Worsley, my future husband, graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1960 and went to Los Angeles for work. We met at the Los Angeles Stake dance on December 17, 1959. We dated and catered together on Saturdays and fell in love. -Steve left to serve a mission for the Church to the North Central States in October 1961. I waited and kept busy singing in different ward sacrament meetings and performing floor shows at Church stake dances throughout Southern California. I learned to be a wedding florist, and received certification from Casablanca Floral School in Los Angeles, and then I attended BYU for one year. -Steve returned and we went to a semester together at BYU. I performed with 19 other students on a BYU-USO tour with the combined Folk Dancers and the Program Bureau directed by Janie Thompson. -Steve and I were married in the Logan Utah Temple on July 31, 1964. We lived in Arcadia, California. By the time we had two children, a daughter and a son, a tragedy came. My husband accidentally ran over our two-year-old son, Matthew, and he was taken to heaven. Experiencing that sad event has changed our lives for the better. We became stronger in the gospel and in serving better so that we are worthy to be with Matthew again in the celestial kingdom. - We had five more daughters and gained a foster daughter. Steve started his own catering business, “The Bashful Butler” by the time our fourth daughter, Wendy (Smith), who lives in our ward at this time, was born in 1977. -I was performing at a BYU Education Week Program Bureau Reunion Show August 1989 when I fell 16 feet down off the stage into the orchestra pit of the DeJong Concert Hall. Through the faith and prayers of loved ones and friends, I was awakened from a four-day coma. Life seemed to lead me to a stronger desire to be better and to live closer to the Holy Spirit. It was one year and three months later that Steve and I were guided to travel to the country of Romania to adopt two children. We went with four of my siblings and their spouses and there were eleven little Startup babies adopted and brought back to the United States. Steve and I added two sons to our Worsley clan, making ten children in all. - I have been honored to be mother-of-the-bride seven times, all married in the Temple of our Lord. I have 25 darling and fun grandchildren. Another tragedy hit in 2009. Our 4 1/2-year-old grandson, Cooper, was taken to heaven in the same manner that Matthew died. I have another investment in the Celestial Kingdom. -My greatest desire is to be as faithful as my eight pioneer great-grandparents were, who lived true to the gospel of Jesus Christ all their lives. I am thankful that they made it possible for me to have the gospel in my life today. I am greatly blessed! I want to be the best example for my children and grandchildren so they will choose righteously, and that someday we may all “Sit down in Heaven together”, as quoted from my third great-grandmother, Lucy Mack Smith. May I return to the arms of my Heavenly Father and hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful daughter, welcome Home”. May 2014 Source

Worthen, George W.

Worthen, George W.

George Worthen

Brigham Young High School Class of 1907. BYU Collegiate Graduate of 1912. George W. Worthen, a Normal graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1907 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, Music, Agriculture, and Arts & Trades graduates. Source: Brigham Young University & Normal Training School, Catalogue & Announcements, for 32nd Academic Year, 1907-1908, p. 136. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1912. George W. Worthen. He received a B.A. Degree in Education and Philosophy in 1912. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 3, page 431. ~ ~ ~ ~

Wrathall, A. Alice [Ada Alice]

Wrathall, A. Alice [Ada Alice]
of Grantsville, Utah US

Alice & VirginiusLee Johnson

BYH Classes of 1911 and 1912. Ada Alice Wrathall. A winsome Miss with beautiful eyes,/ And a smile that you can't but mark,/ Who, deserting us all to her home to go,/ Left her "Stores" in American Fork. Source: BYHS Yearbook 1911. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1912. Alice Wrathall, of Grantsville. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1912. Source 1: 1912 BYU Mizpah, BYH section, photos and names on pp. 1 - 105. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1912. Alice Wrathall. She received a BYH Normal Diploma in 1912. Source 2: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 115. ~ ~ ~ ~ Born September 8, 1892, Grantsville, Tooele, Utah. Her parents were James Leishman Wrathall and Penninah Susana Hunter. She married Virginius Lee Johnson on October 13, 1915. They had three children: Alice Maureen Johnson, David Wrathall Johnson, Robert Lee Johnson. She died on January 6, 1945. Her sister, Irene Wrathall, also graduated in the Class of 1911, but they were born several years apart.

Wrathall, Irena

Wrathall, Irena
of Grantsville, Utah US

Irene and George Page

Class of 1911. Normal [Teacher Prep]. Irena Wrathall. ~ ~ ~ Irene's school career tells the observer of a sweet simplicity, an honest purpose, and an unassuming dignity that all admire. With these characteristics schoolroom success is guaranteed Irene. ~ ~ ~ ~ Irena Wrathall was born February 13, 1890, Grantsville, Tooele County, Utah. Her parents were James Leishman Wrathall and Penninah Susana Hunter. She married George Wilford Page on June 26, 1918. They had one daughter, Janice Maryon Page. Irena died on April 5, 1973. Her sister, Alice Wrathall, also graduated in the Class of 1911, but they were born several years apart.

Wride, Annie J.

Wride, Annie J.
Provo, Utah US

Annie Wride

BY Academy High School Class of 1883. Annie J. Wride of Payson, Utah. Graduated Friday, June 15, 1883, with a Normal diploma, second level (assistant teacher), and with a Physiology certificate. Source: Territorial Enquirer, Friday, June 15, 1883. ~ ~ ~ ~ Faculty & Staff, Annie Wride, Training School, 1881-1884.

Wright, Carol Lynn
1384 Cornwall Court
Walnut Creek, California 94597-2338 US

Carol Lynn Pearson
  • Work: (925) 939-0757

Class of 1957. Carol Lynn Wright. Y'ld Cat Newspaper Editor, Thespians President, Debate Region, Oratory State, Dramatic Reading State, Contest Play State, Childrens Theater, Seminary Play, Quill & Scroll, Pep Club, Notre Maison, Chorus, Girls State, I Speak For Democracy, Model U.N., Scholarship Award, Poetry Contest 1st Place, Senior Hop Committee, Graduation Committee. Born 1939, Salt Lake City, Utah. BYU BA Theatre & Cinematic Arts 1961. BYU MA Theatre & Cinematic Arts 1962. B.A., M.A. Theater, BYU. Career: A homemaker-writer from Provo, Utah, she is widely known among Mormon readers as the author of two volumes of poetry, Beginnings (1965), and The Search (1970). She has achieved a wide readership for her compilation, Daughters of Light (1973). Her play, Pegora the Witch, and her Mormon musical, The Order is Love, have been widely produced, as have Think Your Way to a Million, and Martyr-in-Waiting. A thorough-going professional, Pearson has published widely in LDS and non-Mormon periodicals and has written several films for the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio. Carol Lynn Pearson has been a professional writer, speaker, and performer for many years. Many of her poems have been reprinted in such places as Ann Landers’ column and Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as in college literary textbooks. The poems appear now in a compilation, Picture Window (1996). Her autobiography, Goodbye, I Love You (1986), tells the story of her marriage to a homosexual man, their divorce, ongoing friendship, and her caring for him as he died of AIDS. Carol Lynn has written numerous educational motion pictures, including the well-known, Cipher in the Snow (1973), as well as many plays and musicals, two of which were commissioned by Sundance Theater. She both wrote and acted in, Mother Wove the Morning (1989). She has written seven inspirational books under the series title, Fables for Our Times. Her recent book, Consider the Butterfly: Transforming Your Life through Meaningful Coincidence, was a finalist in the Inspirational/Spiritual category of the 2002 Independent Publishers Book Awards. She is the mother of four grown children and lives in Walnut Creek, California, where she recently spearheaded a project called “Voices to Afghanistan” to help teach English to Afghani schoolchildren. [from Discoveries: Two Centuries of Poems by Mormon Women, 111]. Included in 75 Significant Mormon Poets. LIST OF PUBLICATIONS: @2010

Wright, David G.
4841 Quonset Drive
Sacramento, California 95820-6128 US

David and Carol Wright
  • Home: 916-383-3037

Class of 1955. David G. Wright. Chorus, Photography Club, Thespians, Spanish Club, Debate, Childrens Theater, Honor Roll. Married Carol, and they have five children. He was working with the California State Legislature in Sacramento since 1967. Active in Church work and genealogy. @2010

Wright, Donald L.
9027 S. Huckleberry Court
Sandy, Utah 84093-2619 US

Donald and Susie Wright
  • Home: (801) 943-9077

Class of 1955. Donald L. Wright. Football, Chorus, Photography Club, Thespians, Debate, Childrens Theater, Honor Roll. BYU BA Psychology 1962. BYU MA Counseling & Guidance 1966. Married Susie, and they have three children. Alternate emails: & @2010

Wright, Edith

Wright, Edith
Seattle, Washington US

Edith and Joseph McGregor

Class of 1934. Edith Wright. ~ ~ ~ ~ Edith Swinyard Wright was born December 31, 1914 in Paradise, Cache County, Utah. Her parents were Herschel Gibbs Wright and Beatrice Maud Swinyard Wright. She married Joseph Leslie McGregor on June 25, 1934 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died on April 25, 1963 in Seattle, Washington. Interment, Provo, Utah [or Aultorest Cemetery, Ogden, Utah].

Wright, Hattie A.

Wright, Hattie A.

Hattie Anderson

Class of 1916. Hattie Wright [Anderson]. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1916. Source: Students Record of Class Standings, B.Y. Academy, Book 2, page 99. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1919. Hattie A. Wright. She received an AB Degree in Domestic Science in 1919. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 100.

Wright, Ida

Wright, Ida

Ida Wright

Classes of 1915 and 1916. Ida Wright. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1915. Source: Annual Report, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 343. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1916. Ida Wright. She received a BYH Normal Diploma Diploma in 1916. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 343.

Wright, James S.
2890 South Jay Street
Denver, Colorado 80227-3802 US

James and Janet Wright
  • Work: (303) 986-1349

Class of 1959. James S. Wright. Football, Track, Lettermen, Junior Class Vice President, Boys' State, Boys's State Essay Contest Winner, Science Club, Library Service Award, Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, BYU Scholarship. James S. Wright. BYU BS Political Science 1966. MS 1967 [not BYU]. He married Janice Pitts. Retired financial analyst. Alternate email: @2009

Wright, Kristen
2611 Grimmersborough Lane
Charlotte, North Carolina 28270-3775 US

Kristen & Paul Anderson
  • Work: (704) 844-2015

Class of 1972. Kristen Wright. BYU BM Keyboard Performance and Peda. 1994. Kristen married Paul Anderson.

Wright, Lelland R.

Wright, Lelland R.
Provo, Utah US

Lelland + 2 Wright

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1928. Lelland R. Wright. He received a BS Degree in Agronomy in 1928. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 468. ~ ~ ~ ~ Lelland Rider Wright was born on November 21, 1896 in Hinckley, Utah. His parents were George William Wright and Laura Jane Morris Wright. Lelland married twice: first, to Lucy Emeline Sirrine on September 14, 1931 [or 1932] in Salt Lake City, Utah; and second, to Gladys Cleova Wadsworth Bruline on June 26, 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lelland R. Wright died on March 5, 1975 in Provo, Utah. His interment, Provo, Utah.

Wright, Maren
1105 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 21701 US

Maren and James Voss
  • Work: (301) 874-5996

Class of 1963. Maren Wright. BYU BS Psychology 1991. Married James Voss. @2008

Wright, Mary Evelyn

Wright, Mary Evelyn
Johnstown, Pennsylvania US

Evelyn and James Hales

Class of 1952 ~ Honorary. Mary Evelyn Wright. She grew up on Second East and Sixth North in Provo. She attended BYH, but graduated at Provo High School. [Her name and photo are not listed with the senior class in the 1952 BYH Wildcat yearbook.] HER OBITUARY: Mary Evelyn (Wright) Hales, 65, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, died May 20, 2000 at home. Born July 27, 1934 in Hinckley, Utah, to George Maynard and Eva Lorena (Rust) Wright. Evelyn was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1952 as a Valedictorian. [BYH Note: She attended Provo High School in her senior year, and graduated from PHS.]. She served as a missionary in Uruguay for two years. Evelyn taught school, grades six through 12, for seven years in Utah, and then taught English at a university in Jilin, China, from 1992 to 1993. Preceded in death by her father, sisters and one brother, Lola Dawn (Grant) Reeve, June Wright and Robert (Donna) Wright. Survived by her mother, Eva Wright of Pleasant Grove, Utah; her husband, James; and her children: Annette, wife of Bryce Avery, California, Maryland; and Eric, husband of Rebecca El Halta of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Also survived by six grandchildren, and her sister, Barbara (Glen) Nelson, Springville, Utah. Funeral services were held Saturday, May 27, 2000 in the Springville, Utah. Interment, Koosharem Cemetery, Koosharem, Utah. [Deseret News, Thursday, May 25, 2000]

Wright, Millie

Wright, Millie

Millie Wright

Classes of 1919 and 1926. Class of 1919. Millie Wright. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1919. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 200. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1926. Millie Wright. She received a BYH Normal Diploma in 1926. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 202.

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