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Smith, Paul Hone (1941)

Smith, Paul Hone (1941)
Missing in action France, US

Paul Smith

Class of 1941. Paul H. Smith. Basketball, Captain. Tennis. Wildcat Yearbook Staff. Debate & Drama Manager. School Play. Forensics. Student Newspaper Staff. Boys' Organization. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: John Sims Smith and Myrtle Hone Smith. They had two daughters and two sons: Marjorie Smith [BYH Class of 1932] Hyatt, Boise, Idaho; Ruth Smith [BYH Class of 1939] (Wilbur Anthony) Sowards, Provo, Utah; John Aldwyn Smith; and Paul Hone Smith [BYH Class of 1941]. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Paul Hone Smith, Lt. U.S. Air Force, was born December 1923 in Provo, Utah. His parents were John S. and Myrtle H. Smith. Paul Hone Smith was declared missing in action (MIA) over France on May 26, 1944. This 21-year-old Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force was a bombardier on a B-17 Bomber. During operations over the Mediterranean the bomber fell out of the sky in flames, plummeting into the ocean. Part of his crew was seen bailing out of the bomber as it fell and they were eventually rescued, but Lieutenant Smith was nowhere to be found. It had been his 26th and was to have been his final combat flight. Lieutenant Smith had entered the Air Force on April 12, 1943 at Ft. Douglass in Ellington Field, Texas. He was then transferred to Big Springs, Texas for a twelve-week training course on August 14th. Preparatory to going across seas, Lt. Smith was stationed in Salt Lake City and left for Europe in January of 1944. After he was reported missing, services and honors were rendered on behalf of Lt. Smith. He was awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement in aerial flight while participating in sustained operational activities against the enemy from April 15 thru May 12, 1944." Before his military service, Lt. Smith studied at Brigham Young High School in Provo, Utah, where he was captain of the basketball team, manager of the debate team and member of the tennis team. He had one brother, John Aldwyn Smith, and two sisters, Marjorie Smith Hyatt [BYH Class of 1932] and Ruth Smith Sowards [BYH Class of 1939]. [Written By Ben Rice.] ~ ~ ~ ~ Salt Lake Telegram, July 15, 1944.

Smith, Paul Thomas (1958)
306 London Road
Centerville, Utah 84014-1926 US

Paul and Gail Smith
  • Cell: 801-582-6506
  • Home: 801-292-8003

Class of 1958. Paul Thomas Smith. Key Club President, Band, Pep Band, Seminary Graduate, Dance Band, Graduation Committee. BYU BS Teacher Education & Teaching Certificate 1965. BYU MED Secondary Curriculum & Instruction 1969. Married Gail. LDS Seminary and Institute teacher. ~ ~ ~ ~ "After graduating from BYH I attended my freshman year at BYU. Our family moved to Canoga Park, California, where I received a mission call to the Southern States Mission. When I reached the mission home in Atlanta I was assigned to the new Florida Mission. I served in Miami, Brandon, Lakeland, and the mission home at Winter Park. One of my companions in Miami was Douglas Doxey, a fellow classmate at BY High. Shortly after my release my family returned to Utah, where I resumed my studies at BYU. I soon became reacquainted with Gail Boyd of Orlando. Shortly afterward we were engaged and were married in the Salt Lake Temple by Elder Howard W. Hunter, who earlier had set me apart as a missionary. Following graduation I became a seminary teacher in Granger, Utah. Four years later I was transferred to southern California where I became an institute director and teacher. In 1971 we returned to Florida where we spent five years. I supervised early morning and home study seminary students, taught Super Saturdays, and worked part-time as a cast member at Walt Disney World (1972-1976). I operated Main Street vehicles and later, operated monorail trains. During our years in Florida, Gail and I traveled to the Middle East with a Church Education System [CES] group--a life-changing experience. Our guide was George Horton, a former teacher at BY High. As a result of some quality reports I gave in Israel, I was invited to return to Utah to work in CES headquarters in the Church Office Building. I was there for nearly nine years before transferring to LDS Business College, where I worked for nine years, and finishing my career at the University Institute adjacent to the University of Utah. Following early retirement I was invited to join the faculty at the Joseph Smith Academy in Nauvoo to teach for the BYU Semester at Nauvoo. We were there for three school years. Gail worked in the office and I taught Church History courses as well as arranged for Church History tours to the east as well as Iowa and Missouri. We were also ordinance workers in the Nauvoo Temple. Nauvoo was a wonderful experience! We worked with retired BYU, CES, and Duke University faculty members. Gail and I have nine children and sixteen grandchildren. We have married children in California, Texas, Missouri, Utah and Virginia. I have served as a bishop in Granger, Utah, and in Centerville, Utah. I have been on two Gospel Doctrine writing committees, most recently on the Wilford Woodruff committee. I have been a Gospel Doctrine teacher twice -- my favorite calling. Gail and I spent a week with the wagon train that crossed from Nauvoo to Utah, as well as seventeen days aboard a Norwegian tall ship, Staatsrad Lehmkuhl with Sea Trek, commemorating the European Saints who came to America by ship. I wrote the book, Prophetic Destiny: The Saints in the Rocky Mountains, and co-authored Symbols in Stone with Matthew Brown. I have made recordings for Covenant Communications for twenty-five years, most recently a CD on the life of Emma Hale Smith. I have also written articles for the Ensign, New Era, and Meridian magazines, as well as the Encyclopedia of Mormonism and Utah History Encyclopedia. Although I am not a descendant of the Prophet Joseph, I assist the Smith family with research and have lectured on Emma Smith for a reunion they held in Independence, Missouri, and Nauvoo, Illinois. Currently I am a service missionary in the Church History Library, researching on Nauvoo. I also serve as a docent at the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City. Gail and I also serve as ordinance workers in the Bountiful Temple. I am the chairman of the Whitaker Museum board, and am assisting in the restoration of the home in which the museum is housed. Although I was only enrolled at BYH for my junior and senior years, I cherished those years and the friends and faculty there. What a wonderful experience!" ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: @2010

Smith, Paul [J. Paul] (1954)
204 S Ridgeview Dr
Orem, Utah 84058-7200 US

Paul Smith
  • Work: (801) 434-7540

Class of 1954. J. Paul Smith. Student Body Social Chair. Basketball, Assistant Librarian, Band, Chorus, French Club, House of Representatives, Library Club President, Photography Club, Extemporaneous Speaking, Radio Reading, Short Plays, Childrens Theater, Thespians President. ~ ~ ~ ~ Paul served as Sen. Orrin Hatch's press secretary for 17 years. Moved from Alexandria, Virginia, to Utah. He now lives in Orem and teaches at Utah Valley State College (USVC). ~ ~ ~ ~ The year was 1950, and another sleepy town in Utah was about to wake. The roar of a motorcycle broke the silence in downtown Provo. It wasn't a biker out of Hell's Angels, but B.Y. High's senior class president who was at the helm of the motorcycle. Dallin Oaks (now Elder Dallin Oaks) was driving -- and I was hanging on for dear life! Dallin was going to do what he did almost every afternoon after he finished his classes at Y High. He was a radio announcer at the new KCSU radio station located on the golf course, near the old fairgrounds in south Provo. I wanted to be an announcer, just like Dallin, so on a few occasions he let me go to the station and watch him at work. Getting to the station was the hard part. Dallin didn't have too much time from his last class to the time he made his first on-the-air pronouncements. So we went with the wind. He would have never made it on time with today's traffic, but a half century ago there wasn't much traffic. There was, however, no viaduct over the railroad tracks at Sixth west, as there is now. I'll never forget roaring away from the school, tightly hanging on to Dallin's waist, as I rode shotgun, looking out for Smoky! I have a lot of fond memories of B.Y. High. By J. Paul Smith, B.Y. High Class of '54 [Provo Daily Herald, September 7, 2001.]

Smith, Rebecca
7230 Sollie Smith Road North
Tillamook, Oregon 97141 US

Becky & Richard Snyder
  • Work: (503) 815-8388

Class of 1970. Rebecca "Becky" Smith. BYU BS Child Development and Family Relations 1975. Married Richard L. Snyder. Her parents: Dr. Oliver R. Smith and Barbara McKay [BYH Class of 1939] Smith. Barbara and Oliver had five daughters and three sons: Barbara Kay Smith [BYH Class of 1961] Rytting (J. Howard Rytting) of Lawrence, Kansas; Olivia Lea Smith [BYH Class of 1963] Baird (Charles A. Baird) of Lehi; Kenneth McKay Smith [BYH Class of 1965] (JoAnne King) of Mesa, Arizona; Ronald McKay Smith [BYH Class of 1967] (Colleen Johnson) of Orem; Rebecca Smith Snyder [BYH Class of 1970] (Richard L. "Rich" Snyder) of Tillamook, Oregon; Deborah Smith Annis of Provo; Dorothy Smith Gillespie (John K. Gillespie) of Orem; and Richard McKay Smith (Cindy Naylor) of North Salt Lake. @2005.

Smith, Renae
839 E. South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Renae Taylor

Class of 1950. Chorus. Married _____ Taylor.

Smith, Robert (1947)
4204 Las Palmas Dr
Austin, TX 78759-5061 US

Robert Smith
  • Home: 512-345-8869

Class of 1947. Robert Smith. ~ ~ Austin, Texas address is for Robert C. Smith.

Smith, Robert Bailey (1952)
108 Woodside Drive
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Robert Smith
  • Work: 801-374-3011

Class of 1952. Robert B. Smith. Chorus, Band, French Club. @2007

Smith, Ronald McKay (1967)
1970 North 320 West
Orem, Utah 84057-8556 US

Ron and Colleen Smith
  • Work: (801) 221-8225

Class of 1967. Ron Smith. Editor-in-Chief, Brigadier student newspaper, 1967. German Club, 4th Year Seminary, Attendant to Preferred Man, Superior University of Utah Sportswriting Contest. BYU BS Geography 1975. BYU Executive MPA Program 1988. Married Colleen Johnson. His parents: Dr. Oliver R. Smith and Barbara McKay [BYH Class of 1939] Smith. Barbara and Oliver had five daughters and three sons: Barbara Kay Smith [BYH Class of 1961] Rytting (J. Howard Rytting) of Lawrence, Kansas; Olivia Lea Smith [BYH Class of 1963] Baird (Charles A. Baird) of Lehi; Kenneth McKay Smith [BYH Class of 1965] (JoAnne King) of Mesa, Arizona; Ronald McKay Smith [BYH Class of 1967] (Colleen Johnson) of Orem; Rebecca Smith Snyder [BYH Class of 1970] (Richard L. Snyder) of Tillamook, Oregon; Deborah Smith Annis of Provo; Dorothy Smith Gillespie (John K. Gillespie) of Orem; and Richard McKay Smith (Cindy Naylor) of North Salt Lake. @2007

Smith, Ronald Tye (1968)
3651 North 100 East Suite 175
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Ron Smith
  • Work: (801) 356-3025

Class of 1968. Ronald Tye Smith. Senior Class Social Chair. Chorus, Senior Dinner Committee. Graduate of the University of Oklahoma; "GPR" trained with the US Air Force; practicing in Utah County since 1986. Dr. Smith is a native of Provo where he graduated from BY High School and Brigham Young University. General Practice, Dentistry. Alternate address: 1983 N. Main St., Orem, Utah 84057-2101

Smith, Ruth

Smith, Ruth
Provo, Utah US

Ruth and Tony Sowards

Class of 1939. Ruth Smith. Student Body Secretary-Treasurer in her Junior year, 1937-1938. Fauvines, President. Notre Maison. Forensics. Girls' Athletic Manager. Basketball. School Play. Wildcat Yearbook Staff. Secretary of her Sophomore Class in 1936-1937. ~ ~ ~ ~ Her parents: John Sims Smith and Myrtle Hone Smith. They had two daughters and two sons: Marjorie Smith [BYH Class of 1932] Hyatt, Boise, Idaho; Ruth Smith [BYH Class of 1939] (Wilbur Anthony) Sowards, Provo, Utah; John Aldwyn Smith; and Paul Hone Smith [BYH Class of 1941]. ~ ~ ~ ~ She married Wilbur Anthony (Tony) Sowards. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Ruth Smith Sowards, 86, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 after a full and happy life. Ruth was born in Provo, Utah, on July 10, 1921, to John Sims and Myrtle Hone Smith. She grew up in Provo and graduated from B.Y. High School in 1939. She attended Utah State University in Logan and worked for J.C. Penney, Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Co., and Geneva Steel. Ruth married Wilbur Anthony (Tony) Sowards on May 3, 1947, in Santa Cruz, California. Their marriage was later solemnized in the Manti Temple on April 30, 1966. They were the parents of four children. Tony passed away in 1994. Ruth was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she served in various callings related to scouting and in many other ward and stake positions. She received the Silver Beaver Award, the Provo Peak Award, and many other honors for her years of dedicated service to the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. She helped countless young men to gain their Citizenship merit badges. Ruth loved to golf and was a longtime member of the Riverside Country Club. She helped organize numerous tournaments and greatly enjoyed her involvement with the Riverside Ladies Golf Association and Riverside's junior golf program. An avid reader and writer, she was especially fond of poetry and penned several dozen poems throughout her life. Ruth was also a devoted sports fan, following the fortunes of the Cougars and the Jazz. She spent time helping and serving others. She was an excellent cook. Ruth had a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to make others feel loved and appreciated. She was an unselfish, helpful, and caring person and was a friend to all. Ruth is survived by her four children: Diane Sowards (David) Merrill, Renton, Washington; Paul (Karen) Sowards, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mark (Lila) Sowards, Orem, Utah; and Jane Sowards (Martel) Jensen, Tucson, Arizona. She has 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She was also survived, but only for a few hours, by her sister, Marjorie Smith [BYH Class of 1932] Hyatt, of Boise, Idaho, who died on April 17, 2008. She was preceded in death by two brothers, John Aldwyn Smith and Paul Hone Smith. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday, April 21, 2008 at the Mojave Chapel, 3050 N. Mojave Lane, Provo. Friends may call on Sunday evening from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Berg Mortuary, 185 E. Center St., Provo, and one hour prior to the services at the chapel. Interment will be in the Provo City Cemetery, 610 South State St. Condolences may be sent to The family suggests that, in lieu of flowers, friends make a donation to their local scouting program. [Provo Daily Herald, April 19, 2008.]

Smith, Sandra

Sandra Smith

Faculty & Staff 1950s, including 1957-58.

Smith, Sarah Maria

Smith, Sarah Maria

Sarah and Byron Colton

Class of 1879? Born January 1, 1856 in Provo, Utah. She attended the BY Academy high school under Dr. Karl G. Maeser. She became the second wife of Byron Oliver Colton. The first wife was Sarah Jane Clark, who died in Mona, Utah, on August 22, 1875, leaving a daughter 4 years of age. Sarah and Byron Oliver Colton had four children: Minnie Colton Wilson; Stella Colton Hardy (mother of 12); George Albert Colton, died at 15; and Byron Owen Colton [BYH Class of 1900].

Smith, Scott

Scott Smith

Class of 1940. Scott Smith.

Smith, Sharon Ruth

Sharon Smith

Class of 1966 - Honorary Member. Sharon Ruth Smith.

Smith, Sherman Christensen

Smith, Sherman Christensen
Holladay, Utah US

Sherm and Bobbi Smith

Class of 1966. Sherm Smith. 1966 BYHS Student Body President. Football Co-Captain, Wrestling, Track, National Honor Society, Seminary 4 years. Mission: Dusseldorf Germany 1967-1970. BYU BA 1972. University of Utah Medical School MD 1976, Surgeon. Active duty U.S. Army - Desert Storm 1990-1991. Surgeon in Salt Lake City. Wife, Bobbi, Five Children. Dr. Sherman Smith is certified by the American Board of Surgery, and his practice includes surgery for morbid obesity, laparoscopic surgery, and general surgery. He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in 1972 and received his M.D. in 1976, finishing with honors in medicine from the University of Utah. After completing his residence in General Surgery in 1981 at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, he served in Germany with the Army Medical Corps until 1984. Since then he has practiced surgery in Salt Lake City, with an interruption for service in Operation Desert Storm. He is a retired Lt. Col. with the U.S. Army Reserves. With extensive experience in general, trauma, oncologic and laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Smith has taken a special interest in gastric bypass and has performed over 4,000 procedures of which most were laparoscopic. He has also assisted his partners with literally thousands of surgeries in the past 15 years. He speaks fluent German and loves outdoor activity. Active memberships include the American College of Surgeons, the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, the American Medical Association, the Southwestern Surgical Society, and the Salt Lake Surgical Society. Note: Sherm was Chair of the successful Class of 1966 40th Reunion held on Academy Square in Provo, Saturday, July 1, 2006. @2007 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Sherman Christensen Smith (February 4, 1948-October 19, 2015) was born on a snowy winter's day while his family lived in Wyview Village in Provo, Utah. He was the third child of Wilford E. Smith and Ruth Christensen Smith. He was an eager friend and motivated learner from his early years, involved in sports and student government. Sherm, his dad and three brothers (and their "extra" little brother, Gifford Nielsen) were always ready for a pick-up game of ball in the Smith family backyard. He loved his time as co-captain of the football team and as Student Body President at BY High School. From 1967-1970, he served an LDS mission to the Central German mission, where he began his lifelong love for the German language, the food, and the people. Sherm graduated from BYU (true blue through and through) with a degree in German Literature. The highlight of his time at BYU was falling in love with his blue-eyed Bobbi Aboe. They were sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple on July 20th, 1972. Sherm immediately began medical school at the University of Utah. After graduation, Sherm, Bobbi, little Cecily and baby Tye moved to Denver, Colorado for internship and General Surgery residency at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center. They had another daughter, Carrie, and in July of 1981, they moved their family to Frankfurt, Germany where Sherm served as an active duty surgeon at the Frankfurt Army Medical Center. With a Vanagon camper, they took advantage of the time they finally had together to travel, and found that Europe became a beloved second home. What an adventure for their little family, and new baby Heidi. They returned to Salt Lake City and Sherm set up practice at Memorial Medical Center. They welcomed their fifth and final child, Marshall, in 1987. In December of 1990, his Army Reserve unit was activated during the Gulf War, and he was stationed in Frankfurt again. In 1992, he joined Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians, where he found his true passion for gastric bypass surgery. He loved helping his patients and building relationships with his coworkers. In August of 2015, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and died suddenly Monday morning, October 19, 2015, from complications due to the cancer. Sherm is survived by his wife, Bobbi Aboe Smith, his children: Cecily Jane (Chandler) Horsley; Tye Sherman (Stacey) Smith; Carrie Ann (Joseph) LeBaron; Heidi Ruth (Ben) Allen; Marshall Gregory Smith; 14 adoring grandchildren; and siblings: Charlotte Knudsen; Wilford E. (Pam) Smith; Ronald T. (Audriana) Smith; Jeffery R. (Karen) Smith. He is preceeded in death by his parents, Wilford and Ruth Smith, his younger brother, George, and brother-in-law, Kent Knudsen. He was a good, kind, obedient, hardworking husband, father, and friend. He will be greatly missed by many. Viewing will be held Friday, October 23, from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday 9:30-10:30 a.m. Funeral at 11 a.m. All services will be held at Holladay 4th Ward building (4917 Viewmont St). Interment, East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo. Services provided by Larkin Mortuary. [Deseret News, October 22 and October 23, 2015] @2016 Bobbi Smith was an honored guest at the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the BYH Class of 1966 on September 2, 2016.

Smith, Sheryll
112 Aspen Circle
Seminole, Florida 33777 US

Sheryll and Lee Brown
  • Work: (727) 391-3694

Class of 1955. Sheryll Smith. Band, All State Band, Debate, Debate State Champs, Chorus, Pep Club, Notre Maison, Thespians, Childrens Theater, Yld Cat Newspaper Reporter, Assembly Chair, Soph Ball Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Hop Committee, Graduation Committee. BYU BS English 1959. Married Lee Brown, and they have four children - Rick, Matt, Alan and Kristen. They also have six foster children. @2005

Smith, Stephen

Smith, Stephen

Stephen Smith

Class of 1937. Stephen Smith. ~ ~ ~ ~ Stephen Richard Smith was born March 1, 1920 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He died on February 20, 1969. His parents were Elias Marion Smith and Mary E. Farrer.

Smith, Suzanne
5901 Newbrook Circle, Spc 130
Riverbank, California 95367-2892 US

Suzanne & Vaughn Nordes
  • Home: 209-869-3853

Class of 1965. Suzanne Smith. Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, Drama, Chorus, Seminary 4 years. Married Dr. Vaughn E. Nordes, DDS. She is still very active in things musical. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate address nearby: Vaughn E. Nordes, DDS, 1429 College Ave, Suite F, Modesto, California 95350 - (209) 529-1150. @2010

Smith, Thomas W.

Smith, Thomas W.
Provo, Utah US

Thomas Smith

BY Academy High School Commercial Class of 1903, 1906 and 1907, and Faculty. (1903 was the final BYA class year - the next year, it became BYH). Thomas W. Smith of Preston, Idaho, graduated from the Commercial Class on Tuesday, May 26, 1903, in College Hall. Source 1: Program, BYA Commercial Class 1903. ~ ~ ~ ~ BY Academy High School Class of 1903. Thomas W. Smith. He also received a Certificate in Bookkeeping. Source 2: Students Record of Class Standings B. Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 57. ~ ~ ~ ~ Brigham Young High School, Class of 1906. Thomas W. Smith. He received a Commercial Diploma. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 57. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1906. Thomas W. Smith, a Commercial graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1906 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, and Music School graduates. Source: Brigham Young Academy & Normal Training School, Catalogues & Announcements, for 31st Academic Year, 1906-1907, p. 140. ~ ~ ~ ~ Brigham Young High School, Class of 1907. Thomas W. Smith. He received a High School Diploma. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 57. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1907. Thomas W. Smith, an academic High School graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1907 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, Music, Agriculture, and Arts & Trades graduates. Source: Brigham Young University & Normal Training School, Catalogue & Announcements, for 32nd Academic Year, 1907-1908, p. 136. ~ ~ ~ ~ Faculty & Staff. Thomas W. Smith, Bookkeeping, 1902-1907. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1903. T. W. Smith of Preston, Idaho, a Commercial student, BYU [& BYH] Class of 1903 Listing of Fourth Year Students (seniors). Source: Brigham Young Academy & Normal Training School, Catalogues & Announcements, for 29th Academic Year, 1904-1905, p. 174.

Smith, Timothy Kent

Tim Smith

Class of 1961. Timothy Kent Smith. Dramatics, Chorus, Seminary Achievement Certificate.

Smith, Vern Jorgensen [Lavern]

Smith, Vern Jorgensen [Lavern]
Ucon, Idaho US

Vern and LaRene Smith

Class of 1946. Lavern J. Smith (Vern) [male]. He graduated from BYH on May 23, 1946. Source: 1946 BYH Graduation Exercises Program. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Our loving husband and father, Lavern Jorgensen Smith, known as Vern J. all his life, passed away Sunday, February 2, 2014, from cancer at his home near Ucon. Vern was born May 18, 1928, in Union, Utah, the first child of William Lavern Smith and Jenniev Jorgensen Smith. He spent much of his early childhood in Utah. He also spent many memorable summers with his grandparents in Logandale, Nevada, where he learned to ride and love horses. Vern attended Brigham Young Grade School, Farrer Junior High and Brigham Young High School in Provo, Utah, where he excelled in his art classes, played on the football team, and graduated in the Class of 1946. At age 15, he worked as a camp jack for sheep herders, where he learned the skills of packing horses and mules in the mountains. In 1947, while attending Brigham Young University, he met and dated LaRene Colson from Swan Valley, Idaho. They were married the following year. They lived in Provo, Utah, then Rapid City, South Dakota, where their first son, Bill, was born. They moved to Idaho Falls, where their daughter, Christine, was born. They lived in Driggs for a short time before buying acreage near Ucon, where their second son, Kimble, was born. They developed this property into a quarter horse ranch, where Vern was very successful at developing a special class of quarter horses for racing, arena, showing and trail riding. He began using mules in the mountains and produced videotapes on how to pack horses and mules in the backcountry, which have sold worldwide. He also wrote many articles, which were published in a number of equine magazines over the years. Vern is survived by his loving wife of 65 years, LaRene Smith of Idaho Falls, Idaho; sons, William L. "Bill" (Kendra) Smith of Rapid City, South Dakota, and Kimble C. (Jeannette) Smith of Preston, Idaho; daughter, Christine L. (Levor) Oldham of Spanish Fork, Utah; brother, Joel (Luana) Smith of Socorro, New Mexico; sister, Jennie Lin (John) Strong of Provo, Utah; 16 grandchildren; and 42 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents and a grandson, Andrew Oldham. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, at the Ucon LDS Homestead Ward, 2967 E. 105th North, with Bishop Ryan Loftus officiating. The family will visit with friends from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday at Wood Funeral Home, 273 N. Ridge Ave., and from noon to 12:45 p.m. Saturday prior to services at the church. Burial will be in Ucon Cemetery. Condolences may be sent to the family online at Published in Post Register, Idaho Falls, on February 5, 2014 Source.

Smith, Virgil Bushman

Smith, Virgil Bushman
Orem, Utah US

Virgil and Geraldine Smith

Class of 1943. Virgil Smith. South High School 2, Minstrel 1, College enrollment 3. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Virgil Bushman Smith, 73, left mortal life Saturday, March 28, 1998 at his home in Orem. He was born January 4, 1925 to Hyrum and June Bushman Smith in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. His early schooling was in Salt Lake City and Palmyra, New York, where his parents were caretakers of the Cumorah Farm. He graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1943. During World War II he served as a weather specialist in the U.S. Army Air Corps in the U.S. and Europe. After filling a Church mission in Minnesota, he served as a teacher and leader in Church organizations and as a temple worker. He had a lifelong love of learning, and earned two degrees at BYU: a B.S. in Sociology and an M.S. in Education, Church History and Philosophy. At the University of Utah he earned a Graduate Certificate in Social Work, and at Utah State University earned a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. The knowledge he prized most was a testimony from the Holy Spirit to his spirit that the LDS Church is true. He married Carol Fisher in 1953 and they had two sons. After their divorce, he married Geraldine Bearnson of Spanish Fork, Utah, and they have a daughter. He has 11 grandchildren. He has been a social worker, a writer and editor for the LDS Church and others, and a professor and researcher. His writings include a weekly college newspaper column, research reports in professional journals, articles and charts in Church magazines, the book "Mormon Basic Beliefs", poems, courses for personal development, and educational audio cassettes. Survivors include his wife; sons, Matthew (Debora) and Jeffery (Jan) in California; daughter, Trina (Leslie) Kinakin, in Orem; 11 grandchildren, six step-grandchildren; brother, Marvin (Gayle); and sister, June (Ellsworth) Clark in Salt Lake. Brothers and sisters who died earlier are: Don (Naomi) and Oliver (Barbara), Lois (George) Whitaker and Dorothy (Ellsworth) Clark. Funeral services were held Tuesday, March 31, 1998 in Orem. [Deseret News, Sunday, March 29, 1998.]

Smith, Virginia

Smith, Virginia

Virginia Smith

Class of 1921. Virginia Smith. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1921. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 392.

Smith, Wilford (1912)

Smith, Wilford (1912)
Price, Utah US

Wilford Smith

Class of 1912? Wilford Smith. "Wilford Smith left Sunday morning for Provo where he has entered the BYU high school senior year." [Eastern Utah Advocate, Price, Carbon County, Utah, Thursday, November 26, 1911.]

Smith, Wilford Emery (1962)
1960 East 4675 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117-5140 US

Emery and Pamela Smith
  • Work: (801) 272-7168

Class of 1962. Emery Smith. Full name: Wilford Emery Smith, Jr. Football, Track, Y Club, Seminary Graduate, Commercial Service Award. BYU Hawaii 1964. BYU BS Accounting 1969. Emery married Pamela Packer. Her parents: Thane J. Packer and Palmyra Bean, married September 17, 1937 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have four children, Thane Garron Packer (Claudia) of Layton; Pamela Packer Smith (Emery) of Salt Lake City; Rand Hugh Packer [BYH Class of 1964] (Shirlee) of Provo and Patricia Packer Keith [BYH Class of 1966] (Lon) of Provo [@1999]. Emery is an accountant/partner at Smith & Anderson CPA, 1558 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105 - (801) 487-4671. @2007

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