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Peterson, Melba

Peterson, Melba

Melba Peterson

Class of 1922. Melba Peterson. Source: 1922 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section.

Peterson, Noel Wildman

Peterson, Noel Wildman
Kamas, Utah US

Noel and Irma Peterson

BYH Class of 1925. Noel W. Peterson (male), of Provo, Utah. Noel was listed as a 2nd Year (sophomore) BYH student in 1923. He was listed as a 4th Year (senior) student at Brigham Young High School in 1924. Noel was also listed as a 4th Year (senior) BYH student in 1925. It is most likely he was a 3rd Year in 1924, and graduated in the BYH Class of 1925. Background sources: BYU/BYH Annual Catalogues for the School Years 1923-24, 1924-25, and 1925-26. ~ ~ ~ ~ Noel Wildman Peterson married Irma L. Pack, and they had at least 5 children. ~ ~ ~ ~ Biography as he runs for a second term as State Representative in Utah, October 23, 1958, Park City Record. ~ ~ ~ ~ Noel Wildman Peterson was born on April 4, 1906 in Woodland, Summit County, Utah, to Fredrick Adolph Peterson and Louisa "Lucy" Mass Peterson. Noel Peterson married Irma Ileene Pack on June 22, 1927 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Noel died on October 6, 1986 in Salt Lake City. His interment, Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah.

Peterson, Peter C. Jr. (1907, Faculty)

Peterson, Peter C. Jr. (1907, Faculty)
Provo, Utah US

Peter Peterson

Brigham Young High School, Class of 1907. P. C. Peterson, Jr. He received a Normal Diploma. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 280. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1907. Peter C. Peterson, Jr., a Normal graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1907 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, Music, Agriculture, and Arts & Trades graduates. Source: Brigham Young University & Normal Training School, Catalogue & Announcements, for 32nd Academic Year, 1907-1908, p. 136. ~ ~ ~ ~ Faculty & Staff. Peter C. Peterson, Jr., English & Training School, 1904-1906, 1911-1912.

Peterson, Peter Powell (1905)

Peterson, Peter Powell (1905)

Peter Peterson

Brigham Young University Graduate, Class of 1905. Peter Powell Peterson. He received the Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in May of 1905. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 1, Page 90.

Peterson, Randall [C. Randall] [1965]
28714 SE Moreland School Road
Blue Springs, Missouri 64014-6005 US

Randy and Sheralyn Peterson
  • Home: 816-229-7367

Class of 1965. Randy Peterson [Cornelius Randall Peterson]. Wrestling, Tennis, Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Debate President, Forensics, Senior Senator, Homeroom Rep, Boys State, State Industrial Arts 2nd Place, Model U.N. I have had a variety of business experiences, including living in Hawaii for nearly six years. For the past 25 years I have lived in Blue Springs, Missouri. A friend and I started a company named Continental Tax Corporation in 1988. For ten years we confirmed and reconciled fixed asset registers with actual assets for companies like United Technologies, Chrysler & Rubbermaid all over the United States and in Canada. Currently marketing with a natural juice from the mangosteen fruit. It was found in Thailand where it is the national fruit, called the "Queen of Fruits" both for its delicious flavor, and for the traditional health benefits associated with its use. Many beneficial effects result from a new category of compounds named Xanthones, more than 40 of which are found in the rind or pericarp which is included in the juice. One of these xanthones apparently kills cancer cells. Many people have seen results with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure and other challenges. @2005 ~ ~ ~ ~ I am teaching math at Central High School, an inner-city school in Kansas City, Missouri. Knowing how I was in high school has made me much more patient. Maybe in some way I can erase those black marks in heaven I got for sleeping every day in Mrs. Caine's class (right after lunch), and putting my head down in Mr. Bennion's physics class. Next time I go to high school, I will try to be better. :-) @2007 ~ ~ ~ ~ Household: Cornelius R. Peterson, S. Peterson, Sheralyn Peterson. @2009

Peterson, Randy [1974]

Randy Peterson

Class of 1974. Randy Peterson. His sister is DeAnn Peterson, BYH Class of 1967. Members of this class were in the BY elementary school's sixth grade in 1968. Had the school remained open, many would have graduated together in 1974.

Peterson, RoseMarie

RoseMarie Peterson

Class of 1958. RoseMarie Peterson. Soph Class Social Chair, French Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Red Cross Rep, Junior Prom Committee Master of Ceremonies, Senior Hop Floor Show Committee, Red Cross Dance, Senior Class Fundraising.

Peterson, Roxie

Peterson, Roxie

Roxie Peterson

Class of 1925. Roxie Peterson. Source: 1925 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section.

Peterson, Sandra
HC 13 Box 520
Fairview, Utah 84629

Sandra and Gary Hubbs

Class of 1964. Chorus, Seminary Graduate, Seminary 4 years, Pep Club, Homeroom Rep. Married Gary Hubbs.

Peterson, Sherri Lynn

Peterson, Sherri Lynn
1265 N. 300 W. Apt 21
Lehi, Utah 84043 US

Sherri & Larry Curtis
  • Work: 801-273-3425

Class of 1969. Sherri Peterson. Editor of the BY Junior High newspaper. Lost any hope of having a singing voice because of Pep Club and great football and basketball teams! Well worth it. Married Lawrence W. Curtis, BYH Class of 1968, (Larry or Rat to his friends) in 1970. We are the parents of three wonderful children, and the very happy grandparents of the amazing Isabella. Still no degree of my own (other than high school) though I did help and support Larry through several. I am currently operating the bookstore at the BYU Salt Lake Center campus. @2006 [Note: email sent to comes back as returned mail: Quota exceeded. @2007, @2008.]

Peterson, Stanley (1920)

Peterson, Stanley (1920)

Stanley Peterson

Class of 1920. Stanley Peterson. He received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1920. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 330.

Peterson, Stanley A. (1955)
322 South 400 East
Orem, Utah 84097 US

Stanley Peterson
  • Work: (801) 225-1117

Class of 1955. Stanley A. Peterson. Chorus, Spanish Club. BYU BS Elementary Instruction 1960.

Peterson, Steven James

Peterson, Steven James
12755 8500 East
PO Box 471
Spring City, Utah 84662 US

Steve and Kathy Peterson
  • Work: (435) 462-4319
  • Cell: (801) 362-2956

Class of 1967. Steven Peterson. Student Body Business Manager, 1967. Letterman, Chorus, Football (Co-Captain, Region Honorable Mention), Basketball (Co-Captain, Honorable Mention Region), Track, 4th Year Seminary, Boy's State, Class Vice President as a Sophomore. BYU BA English & Teaching Certificate 1973. ~ ~ ~ ~ Married Kathy Bateman (B.Y. High 1964-66 ~ Class of 1969) in 1971. Received M.A. in English from the University of Hawaii in 1975. Steve has served on the Snow College faculty from 1976 to present (2007 ~ 31 years), currently serving as Dean of Humanities at Snow College. Served on the State University of New York (SUNY) faculty in Malaysia, 1987-88; faculty of The Parker School, Waimea, Hawaii in 1994; Director of Bennion Teton Boys' Ranch in Victor, Idaho during summers from 1989 to 2006; Board of Directors of the Utah Humanities Council from 1998 to 2004; Board of Directors of Entrada Institute and Friends of Capitol Reef from 1998 to 2006. Steve's interests include: spending time with their four children and their spouses, back-packing, hiking, river running, skiing, farming, biofuels development, and literature of the outdoors. The Petersons currently live on a farm near Spring City, Utah with two mules, four horses, two dogs, two cats, two ducks, and too many chickens. ~ ~ ~ ~ Steve's parents: Charles Eric "Chuck" Peterson of Ogden, Utah, and Harriet May Robison, married in 1935 in Chicago, Illinois. Owned and operated Chuck Peterson Motors, Provo, Utah, served as an exemplary civic leader. Their children: Charles Eric "Charlie" Peterson (Jan) [BYH Class of 1954] of Montrose, Colorado; Ida Joan Peterson [BYH Class of 1957] (Byron) Fisher of Springdale, Utah; Kent Davis Peterson [BYH Class of 1963] (Diane) of St. George, Utah; and Steven James Peterson [BYH Class of 1967] (Kathy) of Ephraim, Utah. @2007

Peterson, Susan
1373 North 1450 East
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Susan and Mark Breinholt
  • Work: 801-373-0369

Class of 1965. Susan Peterson. "Wow, it is amazing to think that 40 years have passed since we were sitting in classes at BY High, attending sports events, assemblies, dances, etc. – actually 42 years for me since I left with my family for Norway in 1963. I must admit I have appreciated being claimed by this class since I didn’t attend BY High my junior and senior years. Thanks classmates! My husband, Mark, our children and I have lived in ten different states and in Korea and Germany (and Mark – Vietnam, Cuba & Saudi) while Mark served as an infantry officer and then LDS Chaplain for the US Army. He retired from the Army on 1 July 1998, the day he began presiding over the New York Rochester Mission. Our three-year mission was filled with challenges and remarkable blessings. We felt so spoiled to have the Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah, the Joseph Smith and Peter Whitmer Farms, the E. B. Grandin Building, etc. in our mission. We served with fantastic young elders and sisters, senior couples and senior sisters that we will love forever. After all our global wonderings, we have come home. We are living in Provo again. Mark is working for Vista Care Hospice and I am attending BYU full-time. Since six of our eight have graduated from BYU and the other two are seniors there, I figure it’s my turn. I’m finding school exciting, stimulating and demanding. I love the studying, but am not too fond of stress. We have been blessed with eight wonderful children who have married well and blessed us with 14 adorable grandchildren – so far. Any time you want to be filled in on details of our children or grandchildren, I am most happy to accommodate, as they are my favorite topic. Even though we loved every place we lived, Provo is the spot I love best because it is home, because of the beauty that surrounds us, and because of the happy memories made here. Memories of BY High: ~~I remember how exciting it was when the BY High basketball team won state over Judge Memorial High School! ~~I remember visiting Mr. Allman’s classroom to hold the snakes. Remember how Mr. Allman let tarantulas walk up and down his arm?! ~~I remember great assemblies and John Paxman wearing an extremely tall hat that covered his head and chest and having a face drawn on his stomach -- while doing the whistler! (Sorry if that’s not a clear explanation, but it was very funny.) ~~I remember our English teacher, Mr. Bendixson, telling us that another teacher had 'a few outstanding students – out standing in the hall.' " ~ ~ ~ ~ Email updated. @2010

Petry, Anna

Anna Petry

Class of 1966 - Honorary Member

Petty, Cynthia
709 W. Carousel Circle
Cedar City, Utah 84720-4351

Cynthia & Tom Barkume
  • Work: 435-865-7112

Class of 1969. Cynthia Petty. She is an artist. Married Tom Barkume. She has two brothers who also attended BYH: James W. Petty, Class of 1966, & Douglas W. Petty, BYH Class of 1971.

Petty, Deborah
6351 Cobblecrest Road
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121-2219 US

Deborah and Brad Nielsen
  • Work: (801) 273-1155

Centennial Class of 1976. Deborah Petty. BYU BA Design 1984. Married Bradford Nielsen. @2006

Petty, Douglas W.
8468 S. Cornell Drive
Sandy, Utah 84094 US

Douglas & Heidi Petty
  • Work: (801) 562-1945

Class of 1971. Doug Petty. Class President. Married Heidi. BYU BS Finance 1978. MA 1983. He has a brother and a sister who also attended BYH: James W. Petty, BYH Class of 1966, and Cynthia Petty Barkume, BYH Class of 1969.

Petty, Frank H.

Petty, Frank H.
Cedar City, Utah US

Frank and Bertha Petty

Class of 1910. Frank H. Petty. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1910, in the Normal Department. Source 1: 1910 BYU Banyan, BYH section, list on p. 83. ~ ~ ~ ~ Source2: Annual Record, B. Y. University (BYU Records Office), Book 6, page 25 [name incorrectly spelled Pettey]. ~ ~ ~ ~ Frank Henry Petty was born December 1, 1882 in Rockville, Washington County, Utah. His parents were Frank Haggerty Petty and Sarah Jane Brown Petty. He married Bertha Jane Cottam on September 11, 1911 in St. George, Utah. He died on March 13, 1965 in Cedar City, Utah. Interment, Cedar City, Utah.

Petty, James Winter

Petty, James Winter
1116 E. Windy Peak Way
Sandy, Utah 84094-5448 US

Jim and Mary Petty

Class of 1966. James Winter "Jim" Petty. Caligrapher extraordinary. Football, Wrestling, Track, Lettermens Club, Band, Chess Club, Ski Club, 1st Rating Band Division, 1st Place Art Graphics, Award of Merit Art Painting, Outstanding Art Award, Seminary 4 years. ~ ~ ~ ~ Two bachelor's degrees from BYU: History 1972, and Genealogy 1973. Certifications: SCG 2000, ICAPGen 1970-1975, 2001, four geographic areas. Co-founder of Heritage Genealogy College 2000. Mission to Florida 1967-1969. Thirty-five years as a professional genealogist. Ten years with the Family History Department of the LDS Church. Recipient of the Mosher Memorial Award for Excellence in Virginia Genealogical Research. Established his own genealogy company, Heirlines, published extensively on genealogical subjects. Jim married Mary Ellen. Jim and Mary have the following children: Jim Petty, Jr., Melissa Petty Floor, John Niels Petty, Thomas Petty and Willie Petty (serving a mission in Canada). Jim also has one sister and one brother who attended BYH: Cynthia Petty Barkume, BYH Class of 1969, and Douglas W. Petty, BYH Class of 1971. Alternate emails: and @2006 Jim and Mary attended the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the BYH Class of 1966 on September 2, 2016. "I'm happy to be alive and here!" ~ ~ ~ ~ A NOTE FROM JIM'S WIFE, APRIL 2020:

Dear BY High, Jim Petty, Class of 66, passed away on his 48th wedding anniversary, March 31, 2020. He had fought the good fight since receiving his miraculous kidney transplant on August 16, 2019 that unfortunately left him severely compromised. After nearly 7 months in a variety of healthcare facilities, he was able to briefly come home for two weeks. What a gift! He then returned to the University of Utah Hospital for the final two weeks of his life where his immuno-suppressed body succumbed to Influenza A, pneumonia, septicemia and multiple infections in that CoronaVirus battle ground. How the staff loved his quick wit and gentle kind nature. He was true blue to the end as he explained to the Red Zone why he wore a Brigham Young University sweatshirt: “l am honoring the man who started the University of Utah.” Then when asked how he felt just prior to going on the ventilator, the last thing he said was classic Jim: “I feel great!” And he does now, for sure! Sincerely yours, Mary E Petty
~ ~ ~ ~ HIS FATHER'S OBITUARY: April 22, 2015 Dr. Robert W. Petty, 1924~2015. Dr. Robert W. Petty passed away April 18, 2015 at the Central Utah Veterans Home in Payson, Utah. He was born April 12, 1924 in Chicago, Illinois to Dr. Russell B. and Josephine Volker Petty. His young, gentle mother, Josephine died when he was only 12 years old. Later he was devoted to his second mother, Lucile O. Benson Petty. Robert was the oldest of eight children and strived to watch over them and to be a good example. On July 10, 1946 he was sealed in marriage to his sweetheart, Medalou Winter who passed away Sept. 21, 2011. He felt that caring for her was his greatest responsibility. Although his abilities had diminished, his only concern was to be here until her last day. He never stopped worrying for her and asking about her. Robert loved his Savior, Jesus Christ and served Him faithfully for many years through his work as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his work as a medical doctor. As a young man he served in the Navy and received the World War II Victory Medal and the Korean Service Medal. In his professional life, he was an ophthalmologist with a practice in Provo. He loved the delicacy of his work and the precision it demanded, but he loved his patients more. He graciously received everything from garden vegetables to art work as thanks and payment. In the last years that he practiced medicine, he and Medalou lived in Saudi Arabia where he worked in the King Faisal Research and Specialist Hospital. There he respectfully treated everyone from the King to the poorest desert dwellers. Throughout his life, he was happy to serve in any church calling. Later, he and his eternal companion served temple missions fulfilling his life-long desire. Dr. Bob, as he was called in the last years, was always a gentleman and was concerned for others. Even in the last months, as his mind was clouded, he always offered his help and thanked all around him for every small kindness. He was a loving, considerate man who touched our lives for good. He was reunited with his wife, Medalou; infant daughter, Kathleen; parents; sister, Ruth Wright and an infant brother, Guy. He will be remembered by his children: James (Mary) Petty, Cynthia (Tom) Barkume, Douglas (Heidi) Petty, Janice (Steve) Bagley and Deborah (Brad) Nielsen; siblings: Elma Ray, Carolyn Strong, Jo Anne (Ray) Smith, Louise (Bob) Crowley, Richard (Joan) Petty and Lorraine (Jim) Pallo; 18 grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren and many others. His family is grateful for the tender care he was given by Bristol Hospice and the Veterans Home and gives a special thanks to the veterans and staff for the respectful farewell. Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Berg Drawing Room Chapel, 185 East Center Street, Provo. Friends may call at the mortuary, Friday from 6-8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:45-10:45 a.m. prior to services. Interment will be at East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery. Condolences may be sent online at

Petty, Janice
6806 Pine Rock Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121-3405 US

Janice and Steve Bagley
  • Work: (801) 942-1127
  • Home: (801) 942-1078

Class of 1973. Janice Petty. BYU AS Secretarial Tech 1977. Janice married Steve Bagley.

Phelps, Gove Edwin

Phelps, Gove Edwin
Mesa, Arizona US

Gove and Effie Phelps

B. Y. Academy High School Graduate, Class of 1901 and 1903. Mr. Gove Edwin Phelps. Received a "Diploma in Shorthand and Typewriting". Source: Students Record of Class Standings B. Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 49. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1903. Gove Phelps of Mesa, Arizona, a Commercial student, BYA [& BYH] Class of 1903 Listing of Fourth Year Students (seniors). Source: Brigham Young Academy & Normal Training School, Catalogues & Announcements, for 28th Academic Year, 1903-1904, pp. 171-172. ~ ~ ~ ~ Gove Edwin Phelps. Born in Arizona, February 26, 1846 to Hyrum Smith Phelps and Mary Elizabeth Bingham. Gove Edwin married Effie Ellsworth and they had 5 children. He passed away on July 21, 1941 in Mesa, Arizona. ~ ~ ~ ~ Life Sketch written by his daughter, Maxine Phelps Lines: Gove Edwin Phelps was the fourth child and first son of Mary Elizabeth Bingham and Hyrum Smith Phelps. His grandfather was Morris Phelps, his grandmother, Sarah Thompson. Hyrum was born the night the mobs chased the Latter-day Saints out of Nauvoo, Illinois, February 26, 1846. Gove's mother was the daughter of Calvin Bingam and Elizabeth Lucretia Thorn, born December 25, 1853 in East Weber, Utah. Their first three children, Mary Laurett who died in infancy, Lucy Ett who married George Fryer, and Barbara Ann who married Seymour Allen, were born in Montpelier, Idaho. The Phelps family was among the first who were called to move to help colonize the Salt River Valley. While they were enroute, they stayed overnight at Lee's Ferry in Arizona, where Gove was born 2 December 1878. When the family arrived in Mesa, Gove's father established a home on the corner of First Avenue and North Sirrine streets. Gove's other brothers and sisters who were all born in Mesa are Harriet Emmaline who married James Miller, Orson Ashel who married Rebecca Allen, Lester Leo who died at age two, Yuma Letitia who died an infant, Grace Darling who also died in infancy, Amy Dorothy who married Charles Morris, Esther who married William Whatcott, Clara who married Charles Robson, and Martha Gertrude who married Charles Wilson, and Wilford Woodruff Phelps. As a child, Gove was always a very happy and obedient child, who loved his parents, brothers and sisters, dearly. He loved to dance, especially the jig. He kept time with bones which he rattled in his hands. In the family yard was a large swing, which he loved, except when provoked by his older friends who teased him by "pantsing" him, and taking him down to chew his ears. When he and his half-brother Guy were small, they used to go out on the desert, where the Crystal Ice Plan used to be, and drown out squirrels which they would take home and make pets. One of his chores as a boy, was to go after the cows. He used to come back riding old "Puss". It was on one of these trips after the herd, that he lost the old blue coat, which was sorely missed by the family, for it was the warmest they had and worn by all the family. During the summer months he and his brothers used to work on the header, to earn money to go to school. He first attended school at the building which stood where the Lincoln school now stands. After he graduated from the Mesa Schools he decided to go to college, which was unusual for Arizona boys at that time. He went to Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Utah, graduating from that school in Commerce. To earn money to go to school, he used to go to the Cove north of Logan, Utah, to work for Levi Allen on the thresher. He was working there when his father returned from his mission in 1900. One summer he came out with only enough money to pay for his room and board. To help make ends meet, he sewed cuffs to his coat sleeves, and wore a shirt front as a dickey, for he had only a few shirts. While in Provo, the story is told that he was dared to run around the block in the snow in his underwear. He and Elijah Allen took the dare. He was always jovial and well liked by his classmates. At graduation his sister Hattie did some sewing for Fannie Allen to buy his class picture. While Gove was in Provo, he renewed his acquaintance with Effie Ellsworth, whom he had known only slightly, in Mesa. They fell in love, became engaged and were married December 21, 1904. Effie's mother gave the couple a lot on North Macdonald Street in Mesa. Gove borrowed money and built a home there, which they moved into the night they were married. After he was married, he worked for the Standard Oil Company, O.S. Stapley Hardware, and North Brothers Hardware. In a building just east of the Valley National Bank he operated a bicycle shop. During an election year, he "buried" all the losing candidates, with proper epitaphs, much to the amusement of the town people. Deciding that it would be better to own his own building, he borrowed money and built at 27 West Main Street, where First Federal Savings and Loan Company now stands, a large building, which had a garage in front, two warehouses in back, and rooms up above the garage, to be rented. He used one of the warehouses for his hardware and bicycle shop. His first son, Kenneth, was born in their home on North Macdonald, August 13, 1907. He was such a very large baby, weighing about twelve pounds, that he had to be delivered with instruments which crushed his head. He lived only about eleven hours. Their next child, Villa Maxine was born two years later, September 1, 1909. Their third child, Wayne Ellsworth was born August 29, 1911. Gove moved his family into an apartment which he fixed up, upstairs, so that Effie could take care of the hotel part of the building. The family stayed in the hotel for about a year, then moved back to their home, where Worth Lovell was born April 21, 1921. When he was a toddler, they moved back to the hotel, but the space to live in was not large enough. The bottom floor, which had been a garage, was converted into more rooms, and an apartment was provided for the family. About the time of World War I, the two warehouses were removed and the back of the hotel was converted into small apartments, and the second floor had more rooms to rent. In 1921, March 2, their last baby was born, and Gove named him Rex E. after the hotel. When the depression came about 1930, the hotel business was so poor, that a part of the building was converted into a grocery store and meat market, which was turned over to Wayne after he was married. At the hotel, he was always fixing something. A leaking toilet, a room to be painted, roof to repair, fix, fix, fix. But he was always good natured. He worked on the First Ward Building, and was in the Bishopric, for nearly all the time I was growing up. I can still hear his beautiful tenor voice. He always sang as he worked, and I believe it was one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard. He was always in the choir, sang in quartet's, and occasionally would sing a solo. He was always frightened when he sang alone, and if he leaned on the piano, he shook it badly. I hope that I can hear him sing again in Heaven! He never wanted anything for himself, but could not do enough for other people. If he went out the door with a bag of groceries, he would tell his wife when asked, that he was going to take a few things to Brother or Sister so-and-so. He loved his mother dearly, and would go to see her nearly every week. He loved his children. One of his greatest joys was to romp, box, and play with them. His vacations were to take them with him to cut a load of firewood. This he did for the church as well. When asked why he did not take credit on his tithing for the wood, he replied that he did not believe in letting his left hand know what his right had was doing. He believed firmly in the law of tithing, and it came first for settlement, even before taxes, which sometimes threatened the loss of the hotel. When his grandchildren came along, he was never known to be without Black Jack chewing gum in his pocket. They loved him too, for he always took time to play with them. His greatest pleasure was hunting with his brother Wilford, or his nephew Edwin Miller. When his boys got older he took them with him. He operated the old Crystal Pool with his boys for many summers, and had great pleasure in watching them learn to swim and dive so beautifully. He built swings, tetter-totters, monkey bars for his grandchildren. No matter what needed to be done, he always had time for them. His generosity knew no bounds for others, but for himself he wanted only the necessities. He had always extremely good health. He remembered only one time being extremely ill, and that was after eating sour grapes and then drinking ice water. I remember that we worried about him during the influenza epidemic, but he did not have it as so many did during the war. Shortly before he died he complained of having some pain in his chest. After much urging, he went to the doctor who diagnosed it as appendicitis. He went to the hospital for surgery, and a series of small heart attacks followed. He had the feeling that he was going to die, and begged to be taken home. After several more severe attacks, he died 23 July, 1941. He was buried in the Mesa Cemetery. He was loved by thousands for his generosity, his thoughtfulness, and his loyalty to his friends. Source.

Philips, Alene

Philips, Alene

Alene Philips

Class of 1917. Alene Philips . Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1917. Source: 1917 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, pages 82-88.

Philips, Harry

Philips, Harry
Of Provo, Utah US

Harry Philips

Class of 1912. Harry Philips, of Provo, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1912. Source: 1912 BYU Mizpah, BYH section, photos and names on pp. 1 - 62, 105.

Philips, Jo

Jo Philips

Faculty & Staff 1965-66 - Secretary.

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