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Mahoney, Ray [Clarence Ray]

Mahoney, Ray [Clarence Ray]
Heber City, Utah US

Ray and Ann Mahoney

Class of 1911. Ray Mahoney, of Heber City, Utah. Commercial School. A product of the famous Center Creek Agricultural district. Has taught many a calf to drink skim milk, and sorted lots of potatoes, but now enters a business life. One who devotes attention to what he is doing. Source: BYHS Yearbook 1911. ~ ~ ~ ~ Source 2: Ray Mahoney. He received two diplomas in 1911: High School Diploma, and BYH Commercial Diploma. Annual Record, B.Y. University (BYU Records Office), Book 4, p. 197. ~ ~ ~ ~ Clarence Ray Mahoney was born on September 17, 1889 in Elkhorn, Wasatch County, Utah. His parents were Elmer Clarence Mahoney and Nancy Jane Jones. He married Ann Bond on April 29, 1931. He died on July 27, 1967 in Salt Lake City, Utah [residing in Heber City, Utah]. Interment, Heber City Cemetery, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Ray Mahoney appears in a photograph of the BYH Commercial Class taken in 1909 -- 20 students all wearing identical outfits with a big "C" on their jerseys.

Maiben, Dean H.
120 Monument Avenue
Barrington, Illinois 60010-4430 US

Dean Maiben
  • Home: (847) 381-8823

Class of 1955. Dean H. Maiben. Football, Baseball, Track, Lettermen President, Athletic Manager, Chorus, Photography Club, Ski Club, Pantomime State, Short Plays, Childrens Theater, Graduation Committee. BYU BA Humanities 1963.
2000 to Present: Partner, American Developers Corporation (ADC): Real Estate Development company.
1989 to Present: Construction Management: Cook County, IL, Department of Planning & Development: Converted government buildings to senior centers, community centers, health centers. $ 15,000,000. Managed Single Family Rehabilitation projects, $ 6,000,000.
1984 to 1989: President: Woody Inc. Operated construction company, supply center, general store, restaurant. Annual sales $ 1,500,0000. President: Association Realty: Directed sales of individual campsites and property packages. Annual sales $ 850,000.
1981 to 1984: President: Utility Management Services: Financial consulting to the utility industry. Sale of specialized data processing system. Annual sales $ 350,000.
1981 to 1982: City Manager: Village of Addison, Illinois: Directed wastewater treatment expansion, $12,000,000. Redeveloped 200 acre mixed use area, purchased property, contracted demolition, sold project to a marketing company.
1970 to 1981: City Manager: Village of Barrington, IL: Directed wastewater treatment expansion, $2,000,000. Developed transportation center, $ 2,000,000. Developed 140 unit senior living complex, $ 1,200,000.
1970 to 1971: Assistant City Manager: City of Lake Forest, Illinois.
1967 to 1970: City Manager: City of Maryville, Missouri: Purchased sites and developed three industrial parks, $ 400,000. Rebuilt wastewater treatment facility, $ 980,000. Developed 175 public housing units: Purchased property, constructed buildings, rented apartments $1,000,000.
1964 to 1967: Assistant City Manager Pensacola, FL and Titusville, Florida.
Education: MPA: State University of New York, Albany, New York, 1964. BS: Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1963. @2010

Maiben, Elizabeth Harriet (Lizzie)

Maiben, Elizabeth Harriet (Lizzie)
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Lizzie and Parley Magleby

B. Y. Academy Collegiate Graduate, Class of 1900. Lizzie Maiben. Bachelor of Pedagogy (B.Pd.), awarded at Commencement Exercises held on Monday Evening, May 28, 1900. She delivered the Class Sentiment on that occasion. Source 1: 1900 Commencement Program, BYU Special Collections, UA 1008, Box 1, Folder 2. ~ ~ ~ ~ Source 2: BY Academy Collegiate Class of 1900. Elizabeth Harriet Maiben received a Diploma: Bachelor of Pedagogy (B.Pd.). Deseret Evening News, June 2, 1900. ~ ~ ~ ~ Elizabeth Harriet Maiben was born June 27, 1879 in Provo, Utah. Her parents: Henry Maiben and Flora Louise Maddison. She married Parley Magleby on September 3, 1902, in Manti, Utah. She died August 11, 1960 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Interment, Richfield Utah Cemetery.

Maiben, Fenton

Maiben, Fenton

Fenton Maiben

Class of 1916. Fenton M. Maiben. He received two diplomas in 1916: a High School Diploma, and a BYH Art & Manual Training Diploma. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 9, page 29.

Maiben, Katie N.

Maiben, Katie N.

Katie Candlund

Katie N. Maiben. She is included on a list of 59 names of the earliest students of Brigham Young Academy, taken from a file in the BYU Archives, made by an unknown contemporary student. She married ______ Candlund.

Maiben, Olive

Maiben, Olive
Provo, Utah US

Olive Maiben

Brigham Young High School, Class of 1908. Olive Maiben of Provo. She received a Normal Diploma. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 251. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1908. Olive Maiben, a Normal graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1908 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, Music, Agriculture, and Arts & Trades graduates. Source: Brigham Young University & Normal Training School, Catalogue & Announcements, for 33rd Academic Year, 1908-1909, pp. 128-130.

Makin, James Bradshaw

Makin, James Bradshaw
San Jose, California US

Jim and Sue Makin

Class of 1948. Jimmy Makin. Senior Class Social Chair, BYH Class of 1948. James Makin, Southern California Military Academy 1, 2. BYH 3. Football 3. Letterman 3. ~ ~ ~ ~ James Makin married Sue. (See Jim and Sue's photo on Class of 1949 reunion page for 2003.) @2010 ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY. We are awaiting the obituary for James Makin. We have been notified by his family that Jim died on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. @Mar2014

Malberg, Joseph P. [Malmberg?]

Malberg, Joseph P. [Malmberg?]
Clarkston, Utah US

Joseph Malberg [Malmberg?]

Joseph Mahlberg [Malmberg?]. Graduate of BYH circa 1937? Graduates of Utah State University in May 1941: Virginia Hanson of Cornish, "a graduate of B. Y. High School" (incorrect, she was a graduate of B. Y. College in Logan), and Joseph P. Malberg [Malmberg?] of Clarkston, "a graduate of B. Y. High School" (probably also incorrect, he was likely a graduate of B. Y. College in Logan, too). Source: North Cache News, 1941-05-09, Commencement Date Set May 31 (1941)

Malm, ______

________ Malm

Faculty & Staff, B.Y. Elementary School. Mrs. ____ Malm. Sixth Grade Teacher, late 1920s or early 1930s. ~ ~ ~ ~ "My name is Carlyle Lambert. My family arrived in Provo 1926 when my father uprooted us from Rexburg, St. Anthony, Idaho area and came down to BYU to finish his college and get a master's degree. That was mostly all completed when he brought us down here in 1926/27. Our whole family went to BYU Training School, which no longer exists. It's been torn down. I have a lot of memories of that school. A lot of people went there. After I finished the sixth grade at the BYU Elementary School, I went to Farrer Junior High School. I did have some excellent teachers coming up through BYU. . . .I had three teachers that decided I was going to learn or I was going to have to have some very serious conversations with my father, who at that time was the principal of BYU High School. ...Mrs. ______ Malm was my sixth grade teacher. It was a very memorable experience. She was a dedicated and splendid teacher." --Carlyle Lambert, interviewed in 1999.

Maloney, Eddie
121 Arbor Drive
Moab, Utah 84532-3226

Eddie Maloney
  • Work: (435) 259-1769

Class of 1950. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, French Club Vice President, Lettermen, Wildcat Yearbook, Junior Class Social Chair.

Mangelson, Evan
455 Ridge Lane
Payson, Utah 84651-3027 US

Evan Mangelson
  • Work: (801) 465-3473

Class of 1952. Evan Mangelson. Thespians, Chorus, Band, Photography Club, Roller Skating Club, Library Club.

Mangelson, Hal [Robert Hal]
30 Apple Tree Circle
Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02324 US

Hal and Marilyn Mangelson
  • Work: 508-697-7286

Class of 1956. Hal Mangelson [Robert Hal Mangelson]. Rocks and Minerals Club, Gun Club, Spanish Club. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU BA Teacher Education 1963. Clark University - Worcester, Massachusetts MA Teacher Education 1966. Optometric Technician and Equipment Repair vocational training. Married Marilyn Wallace, 1963, in the Manti LDS Temple, and we have five children and thirteen grandchildren. Following marriage and graduation from BYU, I taught Spanish at Grace, Idaho for one year before moving to Massachusetts. After obtaining masters degree, I taught Spanish at Endicott Junior College in Beverly, Massachusetts for one year. Interim employment included Salary Administrator for the First National Bank of Boston, and working for a family run automobile salvage business. Following completion of Optometric training, worked for six years as an Optometric Technician before starting my own business of repairing Optometric equipment. This vocation has been on going for the past twenty years, and currently continues to serve a number of clients in southeastern Massachusetts. Served a Spanish-American LDS mission between BYU freshman and sophomore years, 1957 – 1960. As active LDS member, I have fulfilled callings in the Bishopric, Scouts, High Priests, and we have been ordinance workers at the Boston Temple for many years. I belong to several mineral clubs where we use metal detectors to search for a variety of lost and buried treasure. My primary hobby is cutting and polishing gem stones. @2006

Mangelson, Herman

Mangelson, Herman

Herman Mangelson

Class of 1916. Herman Mangelson. He received a BYH Normal Diploma in 1916. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 314.

Mangum, Dixie 'K'

Mangum, Dixie 'K'
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Dixie M. & William Snow

Class of 1930. Dixie 'K' Mangum. She graduated from Brigham Young High School on Thursday, May 29, 1930. She gave the invocation for the ceremony. Source: The Evening Herald, Provo, Utah, May 28, 1930. ~ ~ ~ ~ Dixie 'K' (for Knight) Mangum (but only the initial is used). She spent her junior year in high school in California, but returned to Provo to complete her senior year in the 1929-1930 academic year. She was born on March 25, 1913, and will be 98 years young on March 25, 2011. She is residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended BYU through 1934. Her parents: Willis Lester Mangum and Jennie Pearl Knight Mangum, and they had three sons and three daughters. One of her sisters, Jessie 'K' (also for Knight, but again, initial only) Mangum, graduated in the BYH Class of 1933. Two of her brothers graduated from BY High: William Lester Mangum, Class of 1936 (?), and John Knight Mangum, Sr., Class of 1947. @2011 ~ ~ ~ ~ When Dixie K. Mangum Snow was a little girl, she would sometimes walk down to Provo’s Center Street to buy candy or ice cream. One of her most vivid childhood memories is of the elderly Jesse Knight — her grandfather — handing her some coins from his pocket so she could buy a few extra sweets. “He wasn’t a very good businessman,” chuckles Snow. “He made money, but he gave it away. He was generous.” At 98 years old, Snow is the last surviving grandchild of the Knights. Her memories of Jesse are few since he passed away when she was still in elementary school, but Snow had a close relationship with Amanda throughout her teenage and young adult years. “She was my great friend,” recounts Snow. Along with her cousins, Snow was fond of stopping by Amanda’s home on the way back from school for some good conversation and something tasty from the kitchen. “Grandmother was special. We all felt it.” Snow shares story after story of Amanda’s hardworking and sacrificing nature. Once, in response to a request from Jesse for money to cover the mortgage debt of a woman in need, Amanda agreed to mortgage her own home so that the other woman’s home wouldn’t be lost. A short time later, when Jesse needed more credit from the bank for a business transaction, the bank willingly extended it, saying that any man whose wife was willing to mortgage her own home to save another woman’s home could be trusted. Both during Jesse’s life and after, Amanda was always willing to share with others the financial blessings the Lord had given them. “She and Grandfather were one,” says Snow. “She was such a strong woman, and one who helped the BYU.” Snow’s own story also unfolded as one of generosity toward the university she loves. She attended BYU with the Class of ’34 but went back east to take a job as a secretary for William J. Snow Jr. (BYU ’28) before she graduated. They later wedded and then spent their entire married life away from Utah. “But our roots stayed very tied to the BYU,” says Snow. Her father-in-law, William J. Snow Sr. (1910), was a well-loved professor in BYU’s history department, and all of her siblings attended BYU. She returned to live in Utah after her husband’s death and takes pride in her membership in the society that bears her grandparents’ names. “I think it’s important that it’s the Jesse and Amanda Knight Society,” says Snow. “Including both names broadens it. . . . She was his partner, and she made sacrifices too.” After being named an honorary member of the Knight Society, Snow decided “to become a member of the Knight Society for real” by naming the university in her will. Her reasons for giving back are simple: “My family’s roots are BYU, and they run deep. We’re followers!” @2011 ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Dixie 'K' Mangum Snow died in her home on November 24, 2015. Her heart finally gave out at the age of 102. She was the last living child of Provoans W. Lester Mangum and Jennie Knight Mangum, and the last remaining grandchild of Jesse Knight and Amanda McEwan Knight. Growing up in Provo with her three brothers and three sisters, she attended Brigham Young High School, graduating in the Class of 1930. She then attended Brigham Young University before moving to Washington, D.C. during the 1930s. There she fell in love with another ex-Provoan, Bill Snow (William J. Snow Jr.). They were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on September 6, 1934. Because Bill was 11 years her senior, some of her friends thought that the marriage wouldn’t last. They were wrong; it was a wonderful marriage that lasted for 53 years until our father’s death in 1987. Mother and Dad raised their family in Washington, D.C.; Kansas City, Kansas; and Maplewood, New Jersey, before retiring to Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California in 1967. Mother was a devoted wife, mother, and homemaker, with secretarial, administrative, and nursing skills that she put to good use in the home. She was a graceful combination of beauty and intelligence, with common sense and a sense of humor to match. A great “straight man” for our Dad’s humor, she was fun to embarrass. Mother played the cello and piano in her youth and continued to play the piano for most of her life. She saw to it that her children, talented or not, took music lessons. She valued her friendships in PEO and served in many volunteer civic and LDS church roles in New Jersey and California, exhibiting a special capacity to care for and serve the needs of others. After Dad’s death, Mother moved to Salt Lake City and enjoyed her activities and friends in the Terrace Falls Condominium, Classics Club, Alice Louise Reynolds Club, and Book Women. She served on the board of the BYU Emeritus Association and supported BYU over the years. With her good reflexes, sharp mind, and compassionate spirit, she drove her car until she was 98, played bridge until age 101, and reached out to younger, ailing friends. She often wondered why she was still alive when all her siblings had died many years earlier. Regardless, she remained a good companion to her children and younger friends, who reciprocated the friendship. We all admired her courage and endurance under stress. With advancing age, she remained cheerful and plucky and was a model to her extended family of how to age gracefully. Mother is survived by her three children and their spouses: Dixie Ann Snow Huefner (Robert P.), Salt Lake City; William J. Snow III (Sue Forbes Snow), Nokomis, Florida; Gerald (Jerry) T. Snow (Julie Polly Snow), Salt Lake City. Grandchildren: Steven Huefner, Eric Huefner, Farley Snow Boyle, Carey Snow, Jesse Snow, Daniel Snow, & Sean Snow. Eleven great-granddaughters and one great-grandson. Also survived by a special sister-in-law, Alice Wilkinson Mangum Anderson, along with many dear nieces, nephews, and friends. She was preceded in death by her brothers Max K. Mangum, William L. Mangum, John K. Mangum, & her sisters Gloria Mangum Burrows, Beth Mangum Johnson, Jessie K Mangum Bennion. The family thanks Symbii Hospice and Mother’s fulltime caregivers, as well as special friends in her Terrace Falls condominium, for their devoted help in her final months. A private burial is being held at the Provo City Cemetery. A public memorial service will be held Saturday, December 19th, at 11 a.m. in the LDS 18th North Ward chapel (corner of A Street and 3rd Avenue, Salt Lake City). Friends may visit with the family from 10-11 that morning. [Provo Daily Herald, November 29, 2015]

Mangum, Jessie 'K'

Mangum, Jessie 'K'
, California US

Jessie and Adam Bennion

Class of 1933. Jessie 'K' (for Knight, but used initial only) Mangum. She played a part in the annual BYH play, "The Youngest" presented in College Hall on December 12, 1930. ~ ~ ~ ~ Jessie 'K' Mangum was born January 20, 1916, in Provo, Utah. Her parents were Willis Lester Mangum and Jennie Pearl Knight Mangum, and they had three sons and three daughters. Jessie married Adam Young Bennion on December 4, 1937. He was born November 18, 1914 in Salt Lake City, to parents Adam S. Bennion and Minerva Young Bennion. He died on February 27, 1988, in Pasadena, California. Her sister, Dixie 'K' Mangum Snow, graduated from BYH in the Class of 1930. Jessie and Dixie had two brothers who graduated from BYH: William Lester Mangum, who graduated from BYH in the Class of 1936 (?), and John Knight Mangum, Sr., who graduated from BYH in the Class of 1947. Jessie 'K' Mangum died on July 20, 1967, in California. Interment, California.

Mangum, John Knight, Sr.

Mangum, John Knight, Sr.
Duarte, California US

John Mangum

Class of 1947. John Knight Mangum. Born February 11, 1930, Provo, Utah. Died June 6, 1971, near Duarte, Los Angeles Co., California. Interment, Sandy, Utah. His parents were Willis Lester Mangum and Jessie Pearl Knight Mangum, and they had three sons and three daughters. One sister, Dixie 'K' Mangum Snow, graduated from BYH in 1930, and another, Jessie 'K' Mangum, graduated from BYH in 1933. A brother, William Lester Mangum, graduated from BYH in 1936 (?).

Mangum, Norma

Mangum, Norma

Norma Mangum

Class of 1921 ~ Honorary. Norma Mangum. Member of the Class of 1921 as a freshman in 1918.

Mangum, Richard

Dickie Mangum

Class of 1961 ~ Honorary. Richard Mangum. [Not Nebraska.]

Mangum, W. Woodruff [Wilford Woodruff]

Mangum, W. Woodruff [Wilford Woodruff]
Pomona, California US

Woodruff Mangum

Class of 1916. Woodruff Mangum. He graduated from Brigham Young High School, Commercial Department, in 1916. Source 1: 1916 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, about 23 pages, not numbered. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1916. Woodruff Mangum. He received a BYH Diploma from the Department of Business Education in 1916. Source 2: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 7, page 491. ~ ~ ~ ~ Wilford Woodruff Mangum was born February 10, 1897, in Eureka, Utah. His parents: Heber Mangum and Louise Learett Mangum. He died in April of 1970 in Pomona, California.

Mangum, Wallace Melvin, Jr.

Mangum, Wallace Melvin, Jr.
Los Angeles, California US

Wally and Tina Mangum

Class of 1956. Wally Mangum. Thespians, Wildcat Yearbook Illustrator, Art Work on School Emblem. Wally was born June 24, 1938 at Provo, Utah. His full name is Wallace Melvin Mangum, Jr. His father, Wallace Melvin Mangum, Sr., was born November 8, 1907 in Nephi, Utah, and died January 21, 1976. His mother was Grace Kerby Mangum. Wally, Jr.'s paternal grandparents were Wallace W. Mangum and Isabell Crawley Mangum, of Nephi, Utah. Wally married Kay Hurst, also BYH Class of 1956. They had four children, three boys and one girl. Three children were born in Denver, Colorado while Wally was in the Air Force. They took Wally’s younger brother to raise when they were both just twenty-one years old. Their last child was born in California. They divorced in 1968. Wally worked in an electronics operation for three years and then joined the Los Angeles Police Department. Wally took college classes intermittently until he received his bachelor’s degree at about age forty-five. He married Tina Lopez in 1975, and they had three children, two girls and one boy. Wally retired from the Police Department after twenty years as a detective. He then worked for a private company as a security guard until his death. Wally died on August 4, 1991 in Los Angeles, California.

Mangum, William Lester

Mangum, William Lester
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Bill and Carma Mangum

Class of 1938 ~ Honorary. Bill Mangum. Not found in a BYH yearbook with any senior class. William Lester Mangum. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: A unique man lost a five-year battle with cancer on Wednesday, July 9, 1997. William Lester Mangum died at home surrounded by his family in Salt Lake City, just six days following the death of his sister-in-law, Carol Adams Mensel. Bill was born February 12, 1920, in Provo, Utah County, Utah to Willis Lester and Jennie Pearl Knight Mangum. He married Carma Adams [BYH Class of 1939 ~ H], on September 4, 1948, in Provo, Utah. He was a grandson of Jesse Knight who arrived in Utah at age five with the pioneers in 1850. He attended schools in Provo: Maeser Elementary, Farrer Junior High, Provo High, and Brigham Young High School (?) . He then graduated with a BS degree in Economics from Brigham Young University in 1946. He continued post-graduate classes in accounting. Preceding World War II, in March, 1941, he served as an enlisted man in Medical Detachment, 145th Field Artillery, then transferred to Headquarters Battery as classification specialist. He later transferred to the Air Force. During World War II he graduated as a bombardier with ranking as top student in practice bombing. He was stationed in England in the 388th Bomb Group of 8th Air Force and flew 27 combat missions. He was credited with serving in the air offensive Europe, Rhineland, Normandy, and Northern France. He received many decorations. He served his country for almost five years and was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain. He was a lifelong sports enthusiast and avid hunter and fisherman, enjoying the companionship of his many friends. He was a member of the basketball and tennis teams at Provo High School for two years, and then at Brigham Young High School for one year. He played freshman basketball at Brigham Young University and was a member of the BYU varsity tennis team for four years. He was employed by May Foundry and Machine Company in Salt Lake City as Vice-President and Controller until he retired. He served as president of the Sports Village Homeowners Association in St. George, 1986-87, and was on the board for three years. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Survivors: wife; one daughter, four sons and their spouses: Jennie Sue Mangum Murdock, Orem; William Brent and Stacie Wardle Mangum, Vacaville, California; Gary Knight and Kathryn Peterson Mangum, Salt Lake City; Scott Adams and Karen Lee Purles Mangum, Murray; and Dr. Todd Adams Mangum, Salt Lake City; brother, Max Knight Mangum; sister Dixie `K` Mangum [BYH Class of 1930] Snow, both Salt Lake City; 19 grandchildren (one great-grandchild on the way), Joseph Denis, Esther Michele (Jeremy David) Dick, Rebekah Elise, Christopher Newel, April Dawn, and Jessica Amber Murdock; William Brent, Jr., Jack Knight, Alex Jesse, Daniel Lee, and Taylor Adams Mangum; Jennifer Kay, Jesse Knight, Amanda Carrie, Gregory Knight and Matthew Knight Mangum; Justin Scott, Holly Michelle and Michael Ryan Mangum; brothers in law: George Thomas Adams (Wilma), R. Frank Mensel; sister-in-law, Alice Anderson (Floyd). Preceded in death by his mother and father, a brother, John Knight Mangum [BYH Class of 1947]; sisters, Gloria `K` Mangum Miller Burrows, Amanda `K`, Beth `K` Mangum Johnson and Jessie `K` Mangum Bennion. The family suggests contributions to the Mangum-Lewis Scholarship Fund, c/o Private Scholarship Coordinator, BYU Financial Aid Office, A-41 ASB, Provo, Utah 84602. ~ ~ ~ ~ NOTE: Saturday, July 19, 1997 -- Funeral services were delayed, due to extenuating circumstances, until Saturday, July 19, 1997 in the Holladay North Stake Center, Salt Lake City. Interment, Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park. [Published in the Deseret News, Thursday, July 17, 1997.]

Mann, Gloria G.
29725 Hurtz Rd
Parma, Idaho 83660-4277 US

Gloria Mann
  • Home: 208-722-5916

Faculty & Staff, 1960s, including 1964-66 - Business Education Teacher. Gloria G. Mann. @2010

Manning, Alfred

Manning, Alfred

Alfred Manning

[Possible BY Academy Collegiate Normal Class of 1897. Alfred Manning. Name contained in an informal "Cast of Characters" graduation / advertising program of 1897.]

Manson, J. Hunter

Manson, J. Hunter

Hunter Manson

Class of 1921. J. Hunter Manson. Source 1: Photograph of the BYH Graduating Class of 1921. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1921. Hunter Manson. He received a High School Diploma in 1921. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 164. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1925. Hunter Manson. He received a BS Degree in Accounting & Business in 1925. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 164.

Manwaring, Bessie Estella

Manwaring, Bessie Estella
Springville, Utah US

Stella and Wallace Brockbank

Class of 1917. Estella Manwaring. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1917. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 258. ~ ~ ~ ~ Life Story: Bessie Estella (Stella) Manwaring Brockbank was born on August 30, 1895, in Springville, Utah. Her life has been one of sacrifice and service. At the tender age of eight she picked strawberries to help support her family when her father, Albert Manwaring, was called on an LDS mission to Manchester, England. Ten years later her beloved mother, Bertha Charlotte Sperry Manwaring, passed away in childbirth. Teenage Stella assumed the responsibility of cooking, cleaning, and caring for her father and five younger siblings. Stella graduated from Brigham Young High School with her normal [teaching] certificate. She taught third grade in Huntington, Utah, and at Timpanogos Elementary in Provo. During this time she was courted by Wallace Wilford Brockbank, and they were married by Heber J. Grant in the Salt Lake Temple. As Mrs. Brockbank, Stella's life of service took on new dimensions. When Wallace was principal of Springville High School and later superintendent of Nebo School District, Stella was at his side for every school function. This accomplished man died in 1978 of Alzheimer's disease. For over a decade Stella tenderly cared for him at home. Without Wallace, Stella devoted her service to ward members, neighbors, and family. When a friend was ill, she prepared a hot meal, complete with homemade bread or rolls. She lived alone in her Springville home until nearly 101 years of age. In the summer she nurtured her rose and vegetable gardens, generously sharing the harvest. An active Latter-day Saint all her life, she was a sterling example of righteous living. To spend a night with Grandma Stella was to glimpse into eternity as she knelt beside her bed and prayed out loud. A glorious reunion occurred on February 26, 2000, as 104-year-old Stella Brockbank was reunited with her eternal companion, parents, and siblings on the other side. All who knew her loved her and will miss this sweet, selfless woman who has so profoundly influenced their lives. She is survived by Elaine (William) Prusse of Denver, Colorado; Dr. Reed (Elaine) Brockbank of Kentfield, California; Norma (Robert) Thorn of Bountiful, Utah; 11 grandchildren, and 28 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held Saturday, March 4, 2000, in Springville, Utah. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery. [Deseret News, Thursday, March 2, 2000] ~ ~ ~ ~ Bessie Estella Manwaring was born on August 30, 1895 in Springville, Utah. Her parents were Albert Manwaring and Charlotte Bertha Sperry Manwaring. She married Wallace Wilford Brockbank on June 25, 1919 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died on February 26, 2000, at the age of 104.

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