Alphabetical Alumni
McMurrin, James Leroy

McMurrin, James Leroy
Salt Lake City, Utah US

James McMurrin

Class of 1910. James L. McMurrin. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1910, in the Commercial Department. Source: 1910 BYU Banyan, BYH section, list on p. 83. ~ ~ ~ ~ James Leroy McMurrin was born on January 12, 1891 in Salt Lake City, Utah. His parents were James L. McMurrin and _____ ________. He died on December 13, 1915, at the age of about 24, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Interment, Salt Lake City, Utah.

McNamara, Jay H.
363 West 4100 North
Provo, Utah 84604-6213 US

Jay McNamara
  • Work: (801) 226-0265

Class of 1970. Jay McNamara. BYU BS Accounting 1977.

McNamara, Marilyn
877 North 750 East
Orem, Utah 84097-4271 US

Marilyn and Bruce Gurney
  • Home: 801-224-1071

Class of 1965. Marilyn McNamara. French Club President, Pep Club, Hi-Steppers, F.H.A., Ski Club, Chorus, Seminary 4 years, Miss Autumn Attendant. BYU BS Elementary Education 1971. Married Bruce B. Gurney. Household: Bruce B. Gurney, Marilyn M. McNamara, Kenneth B. Gurney, & Tiffany F. Gurney. @2009

McNamara, Susan
3004 Iroquois Drive
Provo, Utah 84604 US

Susan and Dave Comish
  • Home: 801-368-2213

Class of 1966. Susan McNamara. Cheerleader, JV Cheerleader, Ski Club, Pep Club, French Club, Merit Award Utah State Art Show, A Rating Chorus Mixed Ensemble, Mixed Quartet, Homecoming Queen, Junior Prom Queen, Seminary Graduate. Studied art in New York & Chicago, active portrait artist. She married Dave Comish. They have five children and six grandchildren. Each of their children was born in a different state. They have had a great life with the Air Force and the airlines. Dave retired from Continental Airlines, where they most recently lived in Guam for five years and had some great experiences. He now flies business jets out of SLC and Provo. Four of their children are in the flying industry: Two sons are pilots, a daughter is a flight attendant, and a son in Germany is working at the Frankfurt Airport as a computer program developer. Susan paints people, and their youngest daughter is also an artist. Susan has worked as a Producer at KBYUTV, as an artist, a dance teacher, and she composes for piano and violin. @2006 Susan and Dave attended the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the BYH Class of 1966 on September 2, 2016.

McOmber, Mark
1800 Fairmont
Clovis, California 93611 US

Mark McOmber
  • Work: (559) 294-9400

Class of 1973. Mark McOmber. BYU BS Child Development & Family Relations Pre-Professional 1982. BYU MSW Social Work 1984. BYU MS Marriage & Family Therapy 1984. Mark B. McOmber.

McOmber, Paul D.
US Embassy Yerevan, Armenia
7020 Yerevan Place
Dulles, Virginia 20189-7020 US

Paul and Kimille McOmber
  • Work: 011-374-10-391-138

Class of 1978. Paul D. McOmber. BYU 1985. University of Utah BS 1986. UC-Davis Physician Assistant Graduate 1992. He has worked for the US Department of State since 1998 as a Foreign Service Health Practitioner. His posts include the US embassies in Moscow, Russia; Kuwait; Beijing, China; and currently Yerevan, Armenia. Paul is married to Kimille Westover from Davis, California. They have six wonderful children, ages 2 to 19. Alternate email: --@2006

McOmber, Val D.
1512 Owl Light Place
Santa Rosa, California 95409-4389 US

Val and Kenna McOmber
  • Cell: 707 548-7080
  • Home: 707 539-7215

Class of 1967. Val McOmber. Honor Society, Letterman, Symphony Debonairs Club, Science Club, Band, Brigadier Newspaper Staff (Head Photographer), Football, Wresting, Tennis, 4th Year Seminary, Superior Rating Utah Association of Sportswriters and Photographers. BYU BS EE 1974 and MS-EE (Electronics and Computer Engineering) 1975. Married Kenna. Engineer, R&D, and Marketing, for 23 years at Hewlett Packard / Agilent Technologies. Currently Product Manager at LEMO USA (a Swiss company): 635 Park Court, Rohnert Park, California 94928 - (707) 206-3822 - Alternate email: @2007

McOmie, Alexander

McOmie, Alexander

Alexander & Maud McOmie

Brigham Young High School, Class of 1908. Alexander McOmie. He received a High School Diploma and an Agricultural Diploma. Source 1: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 88. ~ ~ ~ ~ Source 2: Alexander McOmie. 1908 BYH Commencement Program. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alexander McOmie was born on April 19, 1883 in Lehi, Utah. His parents were Peter McOmie and Margaret Montieth McOmie. He first married Myrtle Carter Booth on May 4, 1908 (or January 15, 1908). They were later divorced. He next married Maud Emily Cubberly on April 19, 1933. Alexander McOmie died on January 4, 1964. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alexander's brother, Robert McOmie, graduated from BYH in 1907.

McOmie, Robert

McOmie, Robert
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Robert & Katherine McOmie

Brigham Young High School, Class of 1907. Robert McOmie. He received a BYH Normal Diploma. Source: Students Record of Class Standings B.Y. Academy, Book 2, Page 87. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYH Class of 1907. Robert McOmie, a Normal graduate. BYU [& BYH] Class of 1907 Listing of BYH Normal, High School, Commercial, Music, Agriculture, and Arts & Trades graduates. Source: Brigham Young University & Normal Training School, Catalogue & Announcements, for 32nd Academic Year, 1907-1908, p. 136. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1933. Robert McOmie. He received a BS Degree in 1933. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 5, page 336. ~ ~ ~ ~ Robert McComie was born on April 4, 1881 in Lehi, Utah. His parents were Peter McOmie and Margaret Montieth. Robert married Katherine Fredonia Harvey on May 11, 1910 in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They had at least two children. First: Robert Lewis McOmie, born February 13, 1912 in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and died September 08, 1919, also in Pleasant Grove. Second: Paul Harvey McOmie, born October 18, 1915 in Provo, Utah, and died April 13, 2002 in Sun City, Arizona. Robert McOmie died on May 8, 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is buried in Pleasant Grove, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ Robert's brother, Alexander McOmie, graduated from BYH in 1908.

McPhie, Elaine

Elaine McPhie

Class of 1949 ~ Honorary. Elaine McPhie attended BYJrHS for several years, then transferred to Provo High School. She has been added as an honorary member by her BYH friends.

McPhie, Janine
1894 Longbranch Drive
Draper, Utah 84020 US

Janine and James Thorne
  • Work: 801-572-3451

Class of 1952. Janine McPhie. Fauvines, Notre Maison, Y'ld Cat Newspaper. Married James J. Thorne. [Note: email sent to is being returned due to incorrect address.] @2007

McQuarrie, Edward

McQuarrie, Edward

Edward McQuarrie

Class of 1917. Edward McQuarrie. He received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1917. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 76.

McVey, Becky
5550 West 4260 South
West Valley City, Utah 84120 US

Becky McKenzie
  • Work: (801) 969-1783

Centennial Class of 1976. Becky McVey. BYU Learning Disabled Program, College of Education, 1980. She married ______ McKenzie.

McWilliams, Mary Anna

McWilliams, Mary Anna
Payson, Utah US

Mary and Heber Curtis

Classes of 1917 and 1918. Mary McWilliams [Curtis]. She received a High School Diploma in 1917. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 76. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1918. Mary McWilliams [Curtis]. She received a BYH Normal Diploma in 1918. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 76. ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Anna McWilliams was born on November 11, 1898 in Telluride, Colorado. Her parents were James Gavan McWilliams and Barbara Johanna Stellmacher McWilliams. Mary Anna married Heber Allison Curtis on October 18, 1922 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Heber A. Curtis was born on January 25, 1890 in Payson, Utah. His parents were Nahum Tillison Curtis and Miriam Lurancy Hill Curtis. Heber A. Curtis died on March 4, 1965 in Payson, Utah. Mary Anna McWilliams Curtis died on February 1, 1983 in Payson, Utah.

Mecham, Arnold
455 Country Club
Stansbury Park, Utah 84074-9653 US

Arnold Mecham

Class of 1945. Arnold Mecham.

Mecham, Calvin

Mecham, Calvin

Calvin Mecham

Class of 1914. Calvin Mecham. He received two diplomas in 1914: a BYH Agriculture Diploma, and a High School Diploma. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 318.

Mecham, Eleanor

Eleanor Mecham

Class of 1950. Chorus, Fauvines, Notre Maison, Opera.

Mecham, Everett

Mecham, Everett

Everett Mecham

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1922. Everett Mecham. He received an AB Degree in History in 1922. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 326.

Mecham, Gerald

Gerald Mecham

Class of 1942. Gerald Mecham. Football. Track. Boys' Organization.

Mecham, J. L.
PO Box 1069
Provo, Utah 84603 US

J. L. & Charlotte Mecham
  • Home: (801) 224-6624

Class of 1943. J. L. Mecham (full name unknown). Boys' Organization 2, Track 1, Football 2, Spanish Club 3, Lettermans' Club 3. ~ ~ ~ ~ Following graduation from BYH, J.L. spent 33 months in the Seabees (the Seabees are the Construction Battalions [CBs] of the United States Navy), then returned to attend BYU and work at farming. In 1950 he started work with his father in the abstract business, and in 1959 J.L. took over the Provo Abstract Company. He married Charlotte Robinson in 1949, and they have 5 children and many grandchildren. Several of their children have worked in the family business, including Kevin J. Mecham, who currently serves as President. His email: The children of J.L. and Charlotte Mecham: Kristine Mecham; Michele Mecham (Rick) Dugdale; Kevin J. Mecham; Matthew A. (Kristin) Mecham; and a daughter who died in infancy. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate address: 35 S. 980 W., Orem, Utah 84058 - 801-375-7570.

Mecham, Nancy

Nancy Mecham

Faculty & Staff, 1963-64 - Secretary.

Mecham, Sarah
4483 Forrest Green Ave.
Ogden, Utah 84403-3125

Sarah Craven

Class of 1950? Honorary? [Name, photo does not appear with senior class in 1950 Wildcat yearbook.] --@2001

Mecham, William O.

Mecham, William O.

William Mecham

Class of 1914. William Meacham [actually Mecham]. Graduated in 1914 from Brigham Young High School, Normal Department. Source 1: 1914 BYU Banyan, BYH section, pp. 84-89. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1914. William O. Mecham. He received a High School Diploma in 1914. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 317.

Meibos, Lynn C.
357 Ridgelake Scenic Drive
Montgomery, Texas 77316 US

Lynn Meibos
  • Work: 936-588-4382
  • Cell: 832-545-0055

Class of 1970. Lynn C. Meibos (male). BYU BS Geology 1979. BYU MS Geology 1982. Alternate email: @2007

Meibos, Ralph E.
3278 Marjon Circle
Sandy, Utah 84092 US

Ralph Meibos

Class of 1971. Ralph E. Meibos. BYU Zoology 1975. San Rafael Chemical Services, specialists in chemical analysis by mass spectrometry, was founded by Ralph Meibos. He has been involved in the field of analytical chemistry for almost three decades. When HPLC/MS was commercially introduced, he immediately recognized the increase in analytical capability such instrumentation would provide and took the steps necessary to make this state-of-the-art service available. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, San Rafael Chemical Services (SRCS) was established in 1993 under the direction of Ralph Meibos. As a 25-year veteran of chromatographic and spectrometric analysis and interpretation. Meibos specializes in HPLC analysis of biological material. For instrumentation, SRCS utilizes Hewlett Packard's 1090 series II/L HPLC and ties into the HP 5989 A - Mass Spectrometer engine when analyzing certain compounds and for method development. They also have the HP 5890 series II Gas Chromatograph for GC/MS determinations, along with other devices. SRCS also provides microbiological services and has licenses from the State of Utah and the United States Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration for controlled substances (1-5) Analytical Laboratory. Professional associations include the American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) and the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC).

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