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Knudson, Ernest E. [Knudsen,]

Knudson, Ernest E. [Knudsen,]

Ernest Knudson [Knudsen,]

Classes of 1914 and 1916. Ernest Knudson [or Knudsen]. Graduated in 1914 from Brigham Young High School, Academic Department. Source: 1914 BYU Banyan, BYH section, pp. 84-89. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1916. Ernest E. Knudsen. He received a BYH Normal Diploma in 1916. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 293. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1917. Ernest E. Knudsen. He received an AB Degree in 1917. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 6, page 293.

Knudson, Kurt [Knudsen,]

Kurt Knudson

Class of 1972. Kurt Knudson [or Knudsen?]. BY Junior High School President, 1968.

Koester, Kathern Mae
806 West Field Rd
Toquerville, Utah 84774 US

Kathern and Melvin Smith
  • Home: (435) 635-4447

Class of 1958. Kathern Koester. Notre Maison, Chorus, Graduation Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Kathern Mae Koester married Melvin Grant Smith in Heber, Utah. @2008

Kofford, Fidelia

Kofford, Fidelia

Delia Kofford

BY Academy High School Class of 1882, Fidelia Kofford, Normal diploma. ~ ~ Faculty & Staff, Delia Kofford, Training School, 1881-1884. ~ ~ Fidelia Kofford (once misspelled Roffoed). Graduated June 16, 1882. 21 members of the Class of 1882 are mentioned. Source 1: Deseret Evening News, June 19, 1882. Source 2: Territorial Enquirer, June 21, 1882.

Kolander, Charla Ann
Albuquerque, New Mexico US

Charla and Richard Meleski
  • Cell: 505-280-9483

Class of 1962. Charla Ann Kolander. Dramatics, Hi-Steppers, Thespians. Her parents: Charles Morris Kolander and Gloria Joan Dixon Kolander. Charles and Gloria had five children: Frankie Lee (deceased at 3 months), Charla Ann Kolander (Meleski), Morris Weldon Kolander, Linda Louise Kolander (Ealey), and Carole Jean Kolander (Peters). Charla married Richard Payne Meleski. Richard was the University of New Mexico Sports Photographer for 25 years, and the Director of University of New Mexico Photo/Cine Services. We have just published our first children's book: PopTop the Duck which is listed on @July2015 ~ ~ ~ ~ As a student at the University of New Mexico, author Charla Kolander Meleski enjoys her daily walk around the campus duck pond. But one day she notices a female mallard that appears to be in distress while swallowing food. Upon closer examination, Meleski notices a glinting piece of metal that is binding the duck’s tongue to its lower beak. After several days of observation, she finally determines what it is—a pop-top. Aware that the duck’s injury will prove fatal if left untreated, Meleski and her husband, Richard, organize a rescue mission. Recounting the story from the duck’s perspective, PopTop the Duck takes children on an eco-friendly adventure that demonstrates the consequences of littering and the benefits of caring for the environment. Adding an extra layer of education, the book’s epilogue helps parents and teachers answer questions children might have about the story. Illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs by Richard P. Meleski and David Lerwill, kids will enjoy viewing the world through a duck’s eyes and getting to see the real-life PopTop — not to mention her surprise ending!

Koralewski, Dan

Koralewski, Dan

Dan Koralewski

Class of 1966 - Honorary Member. Dan Koralewski. Dan passed away in 2004. His sister, Darlene Koralewsky Brown also attended BYH, and is an honorary member of the Class of 1965.

Koralewski, Darlene
357 North 400 West
(Temporarily in Alaska)
Hyrum, Utah 84139 US

Darlene and Bill Brown
  • Home: 435-245-4184

Class of 1965. Darlene Koralewski. Darlene's brother, Dan Koralewsky, was an honorary member of the BYH Class of 1966. ~ ~ ~ ~ "When trying to share high school memories with my children, I tried to explain how the carrell system worked. I could never tell them without laughing. I always had to pull a BYH yearbook from the shelf so they could see and better understand. All the silly antics sure made learning fun. I remember Jerry Hintze sitting in the carrell next to me. I was slowly working my way through algebra and geometry, but I could hear him just whipping through the pages. How discouraging for me but great for him. Over the years when I have reflected back on my growing up years, I have attributed my strength and testimony of the gospel to the years I attended BY High. Finishing my last two years in a public high school in California helped me realize how much BY High has done for me. Thanks for remembering me! I also remember how much fun it was to stop our way across the catwalk making as much noise as possible. A sad memory was when they turned our beehive fountain into a potted plant. My home is now an empty nest, with our youngest child serving a mission in Brazil. But our home is always filled with family. We have lived in Hyrum for 25 years. We thoroughly enjoy living in Cache Valley even with the cold winters. Bill is retired from LDS Family Services. He has worked for the Church for almost 40 years. I worked for a company called SEI, which is designs scrapbook papers. My husband and I are leaving May 5, 2009 for a mission to Alaska, but we can still receive emails." @2009 ~ ~ ~ ~ Re: 2010 All Classes Reunion: It sounds like a delightfully fun and memorable event and if we were at our home in Cache Valley, we would attend. However, I and my husband will still be in Alaska serving our mission. Thanks for the invite and information. Sister Darlene Brown. @July2010

Kormos, Albert
39678 Willis Rd
Belleville, Michigan 48111 US

Albert Kormos
  • Work: 734-753-9167

Class of 1958. Albert Kormos. Track, Wresting (1st in Region, 2nd in State), Senior Hop Committee, Graduation Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ Albert J. Kormos, 39678 Willis Rd, Belleville, Michigan 48111 - 734-753-9167 @2008

Kotter, Gladys

Kotter, Gladys
Brigham City, Utah

Gladys and Edgar Wagner

Faculty & Staff, Taught 15 Years at the BYU Training School [1927 to 1942?]. Gladys Lenora Kotter Wagner died October 2, 1992. She was born in Brigham City, December 29, 1902, a daughter of William G. Kotter and Mary Ellen Jensen. She married Edgar LeRoy Wagner September 10, 1947 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Mr. Wagner had been previously married to Theresa Turley who died December 13, 1946; he died September 8, 1986. Mrs. Wagner received her early education in Brigham City schools, a Bachelor of Science degree from BYU and a Masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. She also attended the University of Utah, Utah State, University of Berkeley and Denver University. She was a member of the local, state and national teachers associations and PTA during her term as a teacher. She was also affiliated with Delta Kappa Gamma and American Association of University Women. Mrs. Wagner taught four years in Box Elder School District, 1922-1926; 15 years at the BYU Training School, where she was a supervisory teacher in Elementary Education, and was an Assistant Professor. While at BYU, she had two years sabbatical leave with half-pay during which time she studied at Columbia University and traveled throughout South America. She also taught six years in the Juarez Stake School System at Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico, and from 1960-1968, in the Box Elder School District at which time she retired. Her long teaching career was interspersed by two years service for her country, 1943-45, when she served in the Women's Army Corps and her marriage which took her to Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico, where she lived form 1947-1955. Mrs. Wagner was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During her life time she served in many capacities in the Primary, Sunday School and YLMIA. She served as president of the Juarez Stake Relief Society, was a Sunday School Stake Board Member in the North Box Elder Stake, and a coordinator for the Junior Sunday School in the Brigham City Stake. She was an ordinance worker in the Ogden Temple. She was a member of the DUP Deseret Camp, and of Yeshara, returned Lady Missionary Group. On the 1st of September, 1955, she joined her husband as he assumed the position of President of the Central American Mission which comprised the whole of Central America. She served as President of the Relief Society and the Primary of this vast mission. They opened a branch in Caracas, Venezuela and visited a group in Maricaibo, Venezuela. They were released April 7, 1959. She is survived by four stepchildren, Edgar LeRoy Wagner, Jr.; and howard Arnold Wagner, of Salt Lake City; Norma Carolyn Lunt, currently serving a mission in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission, and Clara Beth Tripp of Murray; 21 grandchildren; and 26 great-grandchildren; two brothers, William J. Kotter of Brigham City; and Vernon II Kotter of Blackfoot, Idaho; three sisters, Guinivere Bacon, and Wilma Maddox, of Brigham City; and Virginia McKinlay of St. George. Funeral services were held Tuesday, October 6, 1992 in Brigham City. [Published in the Deseret News, Sunday, October 4, 1992.]

Kruse, Mary Lou

Kruse, Mary Lou
532 South 600 West
Payson, Utah 84651-2727 US

Mary Lou and Larry Kimball
  • Work: 801-465-2750

Class of 1958. Mary Lou Kruse. Cheerleader. Pep Club, Notre Maison, Wildcat Yearbook Assistant Editor, Band, Chorus, Small Vocal Ensemble, Girls State, Soph Vice President, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Junior Prom Program Chair, Dance Band, Preference Ball Committee, Graduation Committee. Mary Lou Kruse married Larry Kimball, also BYH Class of 1958.

Kuhni, Paul

Kuhni, Paul

Paul Kuhni

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1932. Paul Kuhni. He received a BS Degree in Art in 1932. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 9, page 24.

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