Alphabetical Alumni

Hayward, Lonnie
3213 Quail Hill Drive
Midlothian, Virginia 23113

Lonnie Hayward

Class of 1958 - Honorary. [Students who attended BYH or BYJrH but for one reason or another graduated from other schools.]

Hayward, Margaret
1809 North 2050 West
Provo, Utah 84604-1126 US

Margaret [and Bruce] Taylor
  • Work: 801-375-8560

Class of 1952. Margaret Hayward. Senior Class Vice President. Chorus, Notre Maison, Fauvines Vice President, Yld Cat Newspaper. Married Bruce Taylor, BYH Class of 1951, dentist in Reno, Nevada. [He is now deceased]. Margaret has served as secretary of the BYH Class of 1952 reunion committee several times.

Hayward, Richard B.
Provo, Utah 84601-1648 US

Richard & Connie Hayward
  • Work: 801-374-9018

Class of 1966. Richard B. Hayward. Football Manager, Ski Club, Wildcat Yearbook Layout Editor, Seminary 4 years. BYU BA Public Relations 1970, Owned and operated clothing stores (Knights & Checkpoint), 1st Wife, Terry Huish, BYHS 1966, lived in Provo, Orem, Two sons, One daughter, div. 1977. 2nd Wife, Connie K, live in Springville, UT, owned & operated Checkpoint, University Mall, Orem, Two sons. Former address: 719 N University Ave, Provo, Utah 84601 @2010 3rd Wife, Christan Bullock-Hayward, address 90 S. 300 E., Elsinore, Utah 84742 @2016 Richard and Christan attended the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the BYH Class of 1966 on September 2, 2016.

Haywood, Mattie [Martha] [Heywood,]

Haywood, Mattie [Martha] [Heywood,]
Provo, Utah US

Mattie and Roy Hatch

Class of 1923. Mattie Haywood [Heywood]. Source: 1923 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section. ~ ~ ~ ~ If this is Martha Heywood, she was born June 16, 1902 in Panguitch, Utah. Her parents were Joseph Edgar Haywood and Margaret Effie Henrie. She married Roy Cooper Hatch on October 7, 1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died on February 18, 1989 in Provo, Utah. Interment, Panguitch, Utah.

Healey, Allomeen

Healey, Allomeen

Allomeen Naylor

Class of 1919. Allomeen Healey [Naylor]. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1919. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 194.

Heaton, Dean R.
P.O. Box 435
Fredonia, Arizona 86022 US

Dean and Nedra Heaton
  • Work: 602-643-7453

Class of 1949. Dean R. Heaton. He graduated from BYH on May 26, 1949. Source: 1949 BYH Graduation Exercises Program. ~ ~ ~ ~ NEWS ARTICLE: "Moccasin, by Mrs. Leonard Heaton. Dean Heaton will be home from school this week-end. He is one of the B.Y. high school graduates this spring. Gene Heaton has been home a week. Gene Heaton suffered bruises and shock when his truck hit the deep ruts just before going on to the Sand Wash bridge and jumped the tracks enough to hit the end of the railing on the far end. There was some damage to the front of the truck." [Kane County Standard, Kanab, Utah - May 27, 1949.]

Heaton, Gerald F.

Heaton, Gerald F.

Gerald Heaton

Class of 1920. Gerald F. Heaton. He received a two diplomas in 1920: a BYH Business Diploma, and a High School Diploma. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 9, page 352.

Heaton, Kezia

Kezia Heaton

Class of 1929. Kezia Heaton (female). Source: 1929 BYU Banyan, High School section.

Heaton, Philip G.
101 Maggie Drive
Thomasville, Georgia 31792 US

Phil Heaton

BYH Class Year Unknown? [Not listed with senior class in 1946 Wildcat yearbook, or with any other senior class in any BYH yearbook.] --@2001 [Was he also known as "Gene" Heaton? -- See Dean Heaton, BYH Class of 1949.]

Heaton, Terrence

Heaton, Terrence

Terrence Heaton

Class of 1917. Terrence Heaton. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1917. Source 1: 1917 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, pages 82-88. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1917. Terrence Heaton. He received a High School Diploma in 1917. Source 2: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 8, page 217.

Hechtle, John D.
PO Box 35
Orem, Utah 84059 US

John Hechtle
  • Work: (801) 373-0719

Class of 1956. John D. Hechtle. Oratory State Champ, 1954 Y'ld Cat Newspaper Photographer, 1955 Wildcat Yearbook Photographer, Childrens Theater, Quill & Scroll, Radio Club, Camera Club President, I Speak for Democracy. Married twice: Lill and _____. ~ ~ ~ ~ Since graduation, I started “Stone Art Company” (building and landscape stone sales), and still own the company today. I have been married and divorced twice. My memories of BY High are not academic, but rather of the friendships and the willing help my fellow students shared with me in learning a new language and the customs of my new home, the United States of America, which, on arrival in 1953, I fell in love with. Even now, not a day passes that I am not thankful for this great country. God Bless America. @2006

Hedquist, Alexander Jr.

Hedquist, Alexander Jr.
Provo, Utah US

Alex & Lavina-Vivian Hedquist

BY Academy High School Class of 1888. Alexander Hedquist, Jr. He received a Diploma: Bookkeeping. Source: Deseret Evening News, May 28, 1888. Alexander Hedquist, Jr. was born on August 9, 1873 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Hedquist family moved to Provo in 1885 in order to improve their opportunities for education, and so Alex Sr. could establish his shoe shop. Young Alex met Principal George H. Brimhall in the Provo Schools, where spelling was highly developed. In a popular spelling bee, Alex won a certificate as one of the two best spellers in the district. President Brimhall introduced young Alex to Professor Karl G. Maeser, and Alex attended Brigham Young Academy for three years. He obtained a certificate in the Commercial Department in 1888. Drug Store Manager, Druggist, Banker, Civic and Government leader. First married Lavina Strong of Provo on January 8, 1897. She died in 1908. Second married Vivian Finlayson of Provo on January 2, 1916. She died on September 17, 1962.

Hedquist, Dorothy Viva

Hedquist, Dorothy Viva
Provo, Utah US

Dorothy and Owen Rowe

Class of 1936. Dorothy Hedquist. Source: 1936 BYH Wildcat yearbook. HER OBITUARY: Dorothy Vivia Hedquist Rowe, beloved mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, age 76, passed away November 2, 1995 at her home in St. George, Utah. Born May 10, 1919 in Provo, Utah to Alexander and Vivia F. Hedquist. She married Owen B. Rowe, now deceased. She attended Brigham Young Academy, graduated from Brigham Young University in 1939, and graduated with Honors from Purdue University in 1969 with a Masters Degree in Library Science. A member of the LDS Church, Dorothy, our mother, was a deeply spiritual woman with a quiet belief in God. She blessed the lives of many children during her 25 years of teaching and as a school librarian for the Alpine School District. She lived in Provo, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Arizona and St. George, Utah. Wherever she lived she made a home full of love for her family and everyone she met. She left a heritage of personal courage and devotion to her family and friends. She served everyone with a heart full of compassion and love. She loved her family and shared her passion for life with them. She was a remarkable gardener and her children and grandchildren now tend the gardens she helped them plant. She loved singing, books, dancing, literature, poetry and laughter. Dorothy is survived by her children, Vivia "Vicki" (Robert) Baldwin, O. Brenton Rowe and wife, Gretchen, Dorothy Christine Langley, Mary Laurel (Roger) Nemelka; grandchildren, Taggart, Danica, Egan, Spencer, Jenny and Shane; sisters, Edith Timberlake, Helen Innes, Junece (Donald) Mackay; dear friends, Helen Cragun and Jane N. Vance. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, November 7, 1995 in Provo, Utah. Interment, Provo City Cemetery. Send donations to the United Scleroderma Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 350, Watsonville, California 95077-0350. [Deseret News, Monday, November 6, 1995]

Hedquist, Junece
PO Box 158
St. George, Utah 84771-0158 US

Junece and Don MacKay

Class of 1943. Junece Hedquist. Fauvines 1-2-3, Notre Maison 2-3, Notre Maison Representative 2, Cheerleader 2, Banter newspaper 2-3, Girl's Athletic Association 1-3, Spanish Club 2, Spanish Club Vice President 2. ~ ~ ~ ~ Junece married Don MacKay, they they have two sons, and several grandchildren. Previous address: 260 Scott Avenue, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137. Home Economics Club.

Hedquist, Louise [Anna L.]

Hedquist, Louise [Anna L.]
Forest Dale [within SLC], Utah US

Louise and William Stevenson

BY Academy High School Normal Class of 1896, and Collegiate Class of 1897. Louise Hedquist. She is listed in the 1896 Graduation Program as Secretary and Treasurer of the Class of 1896, yet her name and photo do not appear with the collegiate Normal graduates on the 1896 graduation program. Source: Graduation Program 1896. ~ ~ ~ ~ BY Academy Collegiate Class of 1897. Louise Hedquist. Received the degree of Bachelor of Pedagogy (B. Pd.) in May of 1897. Source 1: The (Provo) Daily Enquirer, May 27, 1897. ~ ~ ~ ~ Source 2: Students Record of Class Standings B. Y. Academy, Book 1, page 3. ~ ~ ~ ~ Anna Louise Stevenson was born on June 2, 1877 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She died on August 24, 1900 in Forest Dale, Utah. She married Thomas William Yates Stevenson [William] on January 10, 1900. They had no children. Her interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Death of Mrs. Stevenson. Succumbed to Quick Consumption -- Married Last January. Mrs. Louise Hedquist Stevenson died at her home in Forest Dale shortly after midnight yesterday morning from an attack of quick consumption in the twenty-fourth year of her age. The death of this beautiful and accomplished young woman is peculiarly sad. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hedquist and was born in Salt Lake June 2, 1877. When a little girl she removed with her parents to Provo and was there educated in the Brigham Young Academy, graduating from that institution with high honors in the [high school] class of 1896 [and college class of 1897]. For two years she taught in the primary department of the academy and was considered one of the best teachers in the institution. Last January she was led to the altar, a happy bride, by William Y. Stevenson of this city and after the ceremony the young couple established their home at Forest Dale. A few months ago the young bride was attacked by consumption and despite the efforts of husband and friends she withered away like a flower until death came to her relief. Besides her husband the deceased leaves her father, mother, three brothers and a sister. No arrangments have been made for the funeral services, but it is now thought that they will be held on Friday, and it is thought that the interment will be made in Provo [she was actually buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery]. [Salt Lake Herald newspaper, August 22, 1900.] ~ ~ ~ ~ Note: The town of Forest Dale, Utah, existed within Salt Lake City between 1894 and 1912.

Hedquist, Robert A.
298 Grand Avenue
Oakland, California 94610 US

Robert Hedquist
  • Work: 415-834-7734

Class of 1949. Robert A. Hedquist. Basketball, Chorus. He graduated from BYH on May 26, 1949. Source: 1949 BYH Graduation Exercises Program.

Heelis, Lavern

Heelis, Lavern
Santaquin, Utah US

Lavern and Grant Johnson

Class of 1921. Lavern Heelis. She received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1921. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 376. ~ ~ ~ ~ Lavern Heelis was born on October 31, 1899 in Santaquin, Utah. Her parents were Thomas G. Heelis [or Hoelis] and Augusta Mahola Ann Tietjen Heelis. Lavern married Grant Alfred Lee Johnson on January 21, 1931 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lavern Heelis Johnson died on June 15, 1987 in Santaquin, Utah. Her interment, Santaquin, Utah.

Heindselman, Erma Dee

Heindselman, Erma Dee
Provo, Utah US

Erma and Paul Robley

Year of Graduation Unknown. Erma Dee Heindselman. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: 106 years ago on April 6th, 1907, Erma Dee Heindselman was born at home to Dr. George H. and Clara Dee Heindselman. George had graduated from the St. Louis School of Optometry and Watchmaking. While traveling the West he decided to open Heindselman’s Optometry, Watchmaking, and Jewelry in Provo, in 1904. He married Clara Dee Henry and they soon started their family. Erma Dee was the oldest of three daughters and grew up in a normal, 1920’s childhood. Feeding (and being chased by) chickens and pigs, and working in the family store from the time she was knee high to a grasshopper. She vividly remembered the Great Flu Epidemic and World War I. All members of the family drank a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil to ward off the Spanish Flu, and who knows, since no member of the family died of the flu, maybe it worked! As a non-LDS woman, Erma had to get special permission to attend Brigham Young Academy, an interesting experience for her that she always remembered. [Note: Since Brigham Young Academy ceased to exist in 1903, Erma Dee apparently attended Brigham Young High School, or Brigham Young University.] To get some special skills in tailoring, she attended Oregon State University where she met her future husband, Paul Robley, at a skating rink. It was here she went swimming and ended up with pneumonia and for the only time in her life, was in a hospital (in those days, pneumonia was usually a death sentence). After a long recovery, she ended up teaching High School in Manti for a year. In 1930, she married Paul, an electrical engineer for General Electric. They moved to New York, just in time for the Great Depression. After a stint with GE in Philadelphia, where Erma remembered getting lost on the trolley and ended up in a bad section of town, GE laid off most of their young engineers. Eventually Erma Dee and Paul ended up back in Provo where Paul learned from Doc and became a watchmaker and jeweler. Erma Dee and her mother borrowed $50.00, bought yarn from the old Bernat yarn company, and opened the yarn shop in a back corner of the gift shop. In later years, Doc would call her his “Little Hitler” since she kept taking over more and more territory as the yarn shop expanded. She told stories of the years during World War II when Paul was island hopping in the South Pacific, that yarn was allocated, often Heindselman’s was the only store in the valley to have any yarn for sale. This was the only time in all their years together that Paul and Erma were not together, they were truly one of the happiest and most compatible couples we have had the pleasure of knowing. After the war, life returned to normal. Since Erma Dee and Paul did not have children of their own, they “adopted” all of Joan’s (the youngest daughter) children as their de-facto grand-children, and a happier arrangement for all the children is hard to imagine. Her biggest disappointment was when Paul died 15 years ago. After the county took over her home to build the new County Health Building in Provo, she decided to retire and more to Salt Lake to be near the extended family. Until the week she died she was knitting or crocheting a sweater or afghan every week, eventually donating hundreds of afghans to Shriners Children Hospital and continued to make models for the shop until the week of her passing. She remained in good health overall, studying for hours, staying current on news, and was always excited to talk about the latest bonehead stupidity of (all) politicians. It was only in the last few weeks that were difficult for her. At 104 years of age she was asked what she would want as her legacy. She replied: To be honest, to love everyone, and never criticize, condemn, or judge anyone. Her glorious life ended just short of 106 years, on March 28, 2013. Since Erma Dee was a strong supporter of Shriners Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake, the family asks that any remembrances be sent to them. [Heindselman's Yarn, Needlework, and Gifts ~ Facebook, May 5, 2013] [Abbreviated version: Provo Daily Herald, May 5, 2013]

Heiner, Gary

Heiner, Gary
Murray, Utah US

Gary Heiner

Class of 1954 ~ Honorary. Gary Heiner. ~ ~ ~ ~ SGM Gary R. Heiner, Ret., attended BY Junior High School in the years 1948-1949, 1949-1950, and 1950-1951. He then transferred to Provo High School, where he graduated in the Class of 1954. He graduated from BYU, and has golden memories of his youth and friends in Provo. He lived in Provo, Provo Canyon and Orem from 1947 to July of 1987. He reports that the PHS Class of 1954 held its 50th Year Reunion in 2004, and it was well attended. He still has friends from BYJHS days. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Gary Reynold Heiner, 77, beloved father, son, brother, uncle, and friend to many, passed away of natural causes in his home in Murray, Utah on June 27, 2013. Gary was born on May 13, 1936 to Max Reynold Heiner and Alice Jean Anderson Heiner in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. He spent his early childhood years on a ranch in McKinnon, Wyoming where he learned his love for animals. He attended BY High School and Provo High where he graduated in 1954. Gary served in the Army National Guard for 35 years. He spent some time working in the retail and finance field, but found his real passion when managing the Provo Elks Lodge and then finally the Officers Club at Camp Williams. He was married 3 times to 3 lovely ladies: Judy Parks Peterson, Susan Startin, and Patricia Long. He is survived by 1 daughter, Rachael (Clint) Young; a sister, Karalee (Richard) Smith; a brother, Kevin (Genae) Heiner; and 11 nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents and a brother, Jean Paul Heiner. The family suggests donations to the Elks Scholarship Fund c/o Provo Elks Lodge or the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Memorial services will be held at 11 a.m., Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at the Provo Elks Lodge #849, 1000 South University Avenue, Provo, Utah. Friends may call at the lodge 1 hour prior to services. Condolences may be emailed to [Provo Daily Herald, June 30, 2013]

Heiner, Paul [Jean Paul]

Heiner, Paul [Jean Paul]
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Paul Heiner

Class of 1958 ~ Honorary. Paul Heiner. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Jean Paul Heiner, 63, passed away peacefully February 4th 2004 during his sleep in Salt Lake City, Utah. Paul was born July 4, 1940 in Rock Springs, Wyoming to M. Reynold and Jean Anderson Heiner. He moved from the McKinnon ranch to Provo, Utah with his family in 1947. Here he attended Brigham Young Elementary and Junior High, Provo High and Brigham Young University where he graduated with honors. He obtained two additional degrees but his Chemical Engineering degree from University of Utah seemed to provide him the most joy. He was the Honor Graduate from the Utah Army National Guard Officers Candidate School. He began Flight School and even though his dream of becoming a pilot never materialized he still loved the aeronautical field. Sports cars and cars in general were more of his passions and he would tinker for hours under the hood and on the ground working on various cars. He lived in Washington State and California but always came back to his Utah roots. He ran a successful import business for many years. His contagious laugh could certainly stand out in a crowd. He dearly loved animals and his dog Daisy was his pride and joy. She went everywhere with him. Paul's mother and his wife and soul mate Rosie preceded him in death. Survivors include his father, Pleasant Grove; brothers Gary R. Heiner, Murray; Kevin M. Heiner (Genae) Pleasant Grove; and sister Karalee H. Smith (Richard) St. George. Graveside services were held Monday February 9, 2004, in Provo. VFW District #4 accorded full military rites. [Deseret News, Saturday, February 7, 2004]

Heisch, Terelle
[Last known address]
2065 15th Avenue Apt. 6
Sacramento, California 98522 US

Terelle Terry

Class of 1952. Terelle Heisch. Thespians, Beaux Arts Club Vice President, Assistant Librarian. She married _______ Terry. ~ ~ ~ ~ RX EXPRESS -- Terelle Terry -- Sacramento, California. [Published on: November 28, 2004] ~ ~ Terelle Terry has a different moniker for the "RX Express" - she calls it the "Overground Railroad." The appellation, borrowed from the Underground Railroad that helped slaves escape to Canada before the Civil War, fits Terelle's persona: It incorporates both her knowledge of history and her activist inclinations. Terelle, 70, has fought for change all her life. She sees health care reform as one of the major issues facing Californians. She is only too happy to be riding the rails to Canada on a mission that eventually will smash through the wall of greed and corruption that barricades Californians from receiving the health care they need and deserve. Terelle has a personal reason as well for making the journey. She has osteoporosis, and has broken both arms as a result. "Not at the same time, thank goodness," she says. "I want to prevent more breaks. Many people break their hips, which may result in permanent disability, even death." Terelle also is on a fixed income ("It isn't fixed," she says; "it's a shrinking income" because it stays the same while everything else goes up) and has been unable to afford a crucial prescription drug. She hopes to get that medication in Canada, at $53 for a one-month supply. It would cost $100 here. Terelle, an articulate, well-read and humorous woman, comes from a family that has been in California since the gold rush. She took a detour herself to Utah, but came back to the Golden State. She has a B.A. in anthropology from Sacramento State University, and has taught, written for newspapers and magazines, and worked for the Departments of Rehabilitation, Consumer Affairs and Corrections. "I've had a lot of different jobs," she says in an understatement. She retired five years ago. She has three daughters, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. If the resume leaves you gasping for air, it becomes all the more surprising when you consider that Terelle contracted polio when she was 12, in 1946. It, and her other ailments, clearly didn't keep her from living a full life, but "it slowed me down a lot," Terelle says. She tires easily, and has a partially paralyzed right leg. Like many people, Terelle would just as soon not take any medications at all, and tries to stay healthy through exercise and diet. But her illnesses finally got to the point where she decided that "I really had to take something." Her doctor prescribed miacalcin. Terelle was ready to partake - until she saw the price tag: $100. "I couldn't afford it," she says. ... Terelle, who has been "guilty of civil disobedience" in the past, participated in demonstrations and is a member of the Grey Panthers, says people must act. "We need to do this," she says. She quotes Savonarola, who said "unless an idea is imbued with action, it doesn't really exist." Californians must come to understand that it is cheaper to extend health care to all than it is to keep the present system, Terelle says. There are numerous steps the government can take, including bulk purchasing of prescription drugs, and not putting up with advertising by pharmaceuticals. "The single biggest benefit would be to stop (them) from advertising," she says. "They're spending billions." "This is inextricably linked with politics," she adds. She says Californians should support legislation... "There has been an assault on the elderly, the poor, the disabled and the middle class," Terelle says, but she adds that it can be turned around. ... California, Terelle notes, is the cutting edge of American culture. The disability movement started here, and resulted in the Americans with Disabilities Act. If California reforms its health care, it may lead the nation to fair health care, not just for the rich, but fair care for all, Terelle believes.

Heiselt, Delbert

Heiselt, Delbert

Delbert Heiselt

Classes of 1919 and 1920. Delbert Heiselt. He graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1919. Source: 1919 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, pages 61-74. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1920. Delbert Heiselt. He received a BYH Business Diploma in 1920. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 216.~ ~ Class of 1920. Delbert Hieselt. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1920. Source: 1920 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, page 65-85. ~ ~ ~ ~ Delbert Heiselt has received a call for a mission to the Mexican Mission of the U.S., to leave June 16 [1920]. Delbert has attended school at the B.Y.U. for the past two years; is a graduate of the B.Y. High School this year; has taken a missionary course in Prof. Brimhall's class; is a member of the B.Y.U. band, taking instruction on the saxophone from Prof. Robert Sauer. Source: American Fork Citizen, May 22, 1920

Hellberg, Ray W.

Hellberg, Ray W.
Layton, Utah

Ray and Jill Hellberg

Faculty & Staff Late 1950s & Early 1960s, including 1957-58, Art Instructor. Married Jill Wilhelmsen. He retired from the Utah State University Art Department, Logan, Utah. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: January 10, 1929 - June 12, 2006 Born in Garfield, Utah Resided in Layton, UT share Guestbook Photos Services Flowers Obituary Ray Wayne Hellberg of Layton, Utah passed away June 12, 2006 due to complications from vascular surgery. He was born January 10, 1929 in Garfield, Utah, a son of Karl David Emanuel Hellberg and Dorothy McCarty Hellberg. He was raised in Brigham City, Utah and lived there until his senior year in high school. He graduated from Belmont High School in Los Angeles, California in 1946 and lived and worked there until he was drafted into the US Army during the Korean War era. He participated in front line action with “C” Company of the 7th Cav. Reg., 1st Cav. Div. where he received the Purple Heart. After his discharge he attended Chaffey Junior College in Ontario, California until he transferred to Brigham Young University where he received his B.A. degree in Art in 1955. He taught Art in the B.Y.U. Laboratory Training School for five years until he accepted a position with Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He received a M.A. degree in Art from B.Y.U. in 1962 and received a D.Ed Degree in Art Education from The Pennsylvania State University in 1970. He taught art and art education for 37 years having taught at Brigham Young University, Texas Tech University, The Pennsylvania State University, and Utah State University where he taught the last 23 years prior to his retirement in 1994. For eight of his years at U.S.U. he served as Head of the Art Department. He was active in community and education associations. Some of the positions he held were President of the Board for the Lubbock Day-care Nurseries, President of Utah Art Education Association, member of the States Assembly and president of the States Assembly for National Art Education Association. He married Juanita Berwald in April of 1956. They had four children. Following a divorce he marred Jill Wilhelmsen Lambert July 18, 1981 receiving a bonus of four more children. With common interests in family, church, sports, travel, painting and education they spent 24 joyous years together before she preceded him in death. He served many various callings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His favorite callings were serving as co-teacher with his wife Jill in Gospel Doctrine classes, and serving with her as a senior couple on a mission to Argentina. Their common interest in exploring ancient Inca, Mayan, Aztec and Olmec ruins took them to many countries. They held common sports interests in tennis, skiing, sail-boarding, swimming and snorkeling. Ray loved life and enjoyed it to its fullest. His most important treasures were his family. He is survived by his sister Charone Smith of Provo, Utah, eight children, Karl Hellberg, Logan, Utah, Eric Hellberg, Vernal, Utah, Vicki Thorpe, American Fork, Utah, Heidi Buttars, Ankeny, Iowa, Lori Griffin, South Jordan, Utah, Robert Lambert, Sanford, North Carolina, Challi Alred and Charone McCann and eighteen grandchildren. Funeral Services will be held on Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 11:00 a.m. at Hidden Hollow Ward, 1954 East Antelope Drive in Layton. Friends and Family may call on Friday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Myers Mortuary of Layton, 250 North Fairfield Road and at the church one hour prior to services. Source. ~ ~ ~ ~ OBITUARY OF WIFE: Jill Wilhelmsen Hellberg, wife, mother, sister, grandmother and friend, passed away peacefully at home from natural causes January 11, 2006. Born April 15, 1939, she was the eldest of four children born to Roscoe and Vera Wilhelmsen of Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a graduate of Olympus High School, 1957. She earned a Bachelors in Art from Utah State University, 1980, and a Master of Fine Art 1988, also from Utah State University. A talented painter and teacher, she won awards for her art work and was an adjunct teacher of art at both Weber State University and Utah State University. Jill was involved in her community and served as president of the Special Education P.T.A. She served in many leadership positions in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As Primary President and Stake Young Women President she loved and served the youth. As a co-teacher with her husband, Ray, she taught Gospel Doctrine classes with great love and insight. She served a Senior Mission with her husband to Buenos Aires, Argentina, South. She is survived by her husband, Ray W. Hellberg of Layton, Utah; her children, Vicki Thorpe of American Fork, Utah; Heidi Buttars of Ankeny, Iowa; Lori Griffin of South Jordan, Utah; Capt. Robert Lambert of Sanford, North Carolina; Karl Hellberg of Logan, Utah; and Eric Hellberg of Vernal, Utah. Her surviving siblings are, Gail Hatch of Lindon, Utah; Thomas Wilhelmsen of Cincinnati, Ohio; and Jim Wilhelmsen of Mesa, Arizona. She has 18 plus grandchildren. The loves in her life were her family, gardening, house remodeling and decorating, her art work, her teaching and the gospel. Funeral services were held Monday, January 16, 2006 in Layton, Utah. Interment, Wasatch Lawns Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah. [Deseret News, January 15, 2006.]

Henderson, Gary Dean

Henderson, Gary Dean
2364 Logan Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108-2737 US

Gary and Karen Henderson
  • Home: (801) 582-6340

Class of 1959. Gary Dean Henderson. Baseball, Basketball, Danforth Foundation Award, Senior Certificate, Preferred Man Attendant, Sweetheart King Attendant. BYU BA French & Italian 1965. Gary married Karen Knudsen, BYH Class of 1960. They have ten children. Formerly of Blue Springs, Missouri, and El Cajon, California. ~ ~ ~ ~ His parents: E. Dean Henderson and Marjorie Burrup Henderson -- they had four sons: Gary Henderson [BYH Class of 1959] (married Karen Knudsen [BYH Class of 1960] ); Jan Henderson [BYH Class of 1962] (married Kerry Miner); Kim Henderson (married Coralee Maas); and Tad Henderson (married Tamara Kimokeo). Gary is now retired. @2010

Henderson, Jan David
1206 N Cottage Drive
PO Box 1387
Midway, Utah 84049 US

Jan and Kerry Henderson
  • Work: (435) 654-1200

Class of 1962. Jan D. Henderson. Basketball, Baseball, Seminary Graduate, Soph Class Social Chair, Junior Class Vice President, Sweethearts King. BYU BS Political Science 1968. Married Kerry Miner. His parents: E. Dean Henderson and Marjorie Burrup Henderson -- they had four sons: Gary Henderson [BYH Class of 1959] (married Karen Knudsen [BYH Class of 1960] ); Jan David Henderson [BYH Class of 1962] (married Kerry Miner); Kim Henderson (married Coralee Maas); and Tad Henderson (married Tamara Kimokeo). @2007

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