Alphabetical Alumni
Greenwood, Vern

Greenwood, Vern
Of Central, Utah US

Vern Greenwood

Class of 1912. Vern Greenwood, of Central, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1912. Source 1: 1912 BYU Mizpah, BYH section, photos and names on pp. 1 - 105. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1912. Vern R. Greenwood. He received a BYH Agriculture Diploma in 1912. Source 2: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 4, page 487. ~ ~ ~ ~ Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1915. Vern R. Greenwood. He received an AB Degree in 1915. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 4, page 487.

Greer, C. P.

Greer, C. P.

C. P. Greer

Class of 1916. C. P. Greer (male). Graduated from Brigham Young High School, Commercial Department, in 1916. Source: 1916 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, about 23 pages, not numbered.

Greer, Deon C.
c/o LDS Public Affairs Office
Geneva, Switzerland

Deon and Julie Greer

Class of 1950. Football. Professor of Geography, Weber State University. Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), the first private university in the former Soviet Union modeled on Western educational standards, was established in 1989 in Lithuania. Greer served as a visiting professor at VMU from September through December 1991. He taught classes in comparative government. -- 1989 - WSC PROFESSOR SAYS SIBERIAN TERRITORY IS PLAGUED BY ALCOHOL ABUSE, CRIME, BIAS. Alcohol abuse, crime and ethnic discrimination plague a Siberian territory where a Weber State College professor is taking part in a special study. Geography Professor Deon Greer has written home a description of his experiences thus far in the Tuvan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, a territory in southern Siberia near the Mongolian border, where he's participating in a joint Soviet-Mongolian geographical experiment. He said alcohol abuse is an even more serious problem in Tuva, where Tuvans occupy the bottom of the Soviet economic ladder, than it is in the rest of the Soviet Union. Unlike in Moscow, alcohol is rationed in Tuva, and Greer and his wife noticed a shortage of items containing sugar, because the government is rationing it as well to prevent the making of bootleg liquor. In Tuva's capital, Kyzyl, a city of 60,000, the crime rate is among the highest in the USSR, Greer wrote, ``with as many as seven knifings occurring in one night, creating a populace fearful of going out on the streets after dark.'' The area is also experiencing civil unrest, with a ``spate of protests by Tuvans against the Russian population.'' Greer said the unrest is due principally to unemployment and salary differences between Tuvans and Russians. Such goods as soap, matches and razor blades are in short supply, but shops have plenty of dairy products, bread, meat and fish, and the free market has fresh, local vegetables and products from other republics. Even though glasnost is neither as well accepted nor understood as it is in European Russia, ``The effects are spreading to the Tuvan A.S.S.R,'' wrote Greer and his wife, Julie. They told of a reporter friend who, in the past, had been harassed, arrested and beaten for his liberal reporting. One evening when the reporter was visiting the Greers, he was summoned to the lobby of the building by the Russian KGB. He was then taken outside and ordered to ``remove himself from the area.'' In the spirit of glasnost, however, the reporter replied, ``I'll give you five minutes to depart yourselves, before I expose you to the entire country as well as the world.'' He and the Greers returned to their apartment without further incident. The geographical experiment on which Greer is working involves a proposal to preserve the pristine state of Tuva, then use the area as a norm against which to test environmental deterioration elsewhere around the world. But Greer wrote, ``It appeared to us that the preservation of this untouched region would be nearly impossible, given the economic needs of the people and the readily exploitable resources available.'' [Published in the Deseret News, Thursday, November 16, 1989.] 2004 -- Elder Deon Greer, LDS Public Affairs Missionary, August 2004, Geneva, Switzerland.

Greer, Ernest

Greer, Ernest
Provo, Utah US

Ernest Greer

BYH Class of 1920. Ernest Greer, of Provo, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young High School in 1920. Source 1: 1920 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section, page 65-85. ~ ~ ~ ~ Class of 1920. Ernest Greer. He received a BYH Business Diploma in 1920. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 18. ~ ~ ~ ~ Ernest Greer, Business Diploma, BYH Class of 1924. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, Page 18. Background sources: BYU/BYH Annual Catalogues for the School Years 1923-24, 1924-25, and 1925-26.

Greer, Faun

Greer, Faun
Tillamook, Oregon US

Faun and Shirl Barnett

Class of 1931. Faun Greer. Graduated from Brigham Young High School on Thursday, May 28, 1931. Source: The Evening Herald, Provo, Utah, Tuesday, May 26, 1931. ~ ~ ~ ~ She was a member of the BYH Peppettes during the 1930-1931 school year, according to the 1931 BYU Banyan. BYU 1935. Married Shirl Barnett. Shirl Braxton Barnett was born May 8, 1912 in Payson, Utah. His parents were Raynold Barnett and Birdetta Daniels. He married Faun Greer [BYH Class of 1931]. He died August 2, 2002 in Tillamook, Oregon. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Faun Greer Barnett was born May 25, 1913, to Julian F. Greer and Nellie Roundy Greer in Provo, Utah. She died January 10, 2007 at the age of 93 in Tillamook, Oregon, where she had been living with her daughter, Sherry Barnett Schultz and her husband, Howard, for the past seven years after Faun's husband, Shirl B. Barnett became ill. Faun Greer attended school at BY Grade School, BY High School and then Brigham Young University, where she met and married her husband on June 15, 1934. They were married 68 years before Shirl died in 2002. She is survived by two children, Sherry Barnett Schultz of Tillamook, Oregon, and Steven G. Barnett and his wife, Laura, of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is also survived by two grandchildren, Barbara Strasburg of Pleasant Grove, Utah and Steven T. Brunton of St. George, Utah and two step- granddaughters, Sharon Waldrop and Vanessa Hagedorn of La Grande, Oregon. She also had six great- grandchildren and four step- great- grandchildren and two great- great- granddaughters. She was very proud that she had five living generations. She loved to knit and crochet, and while Shirl worked a short time for Utah Power and Light in Price, Utah, Faun formed The Knit-Wit Club. She also loved to make ceramic figurines, and excelled in her china painting. Faun and Shirl lived in Utah County most of their lives. They lived in Springville all of the time they had their children in school, and owned and operated the B&G Dime Store. After they sold the business, Shirl went to work as Credit Manager for Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Co. They moved back to the Provo and Orem areas where they lived until March of 2000. They loved to travel and made several trips after retirement, with Faun's sister, Faye Greer Losee and her husband, Ferron Losee. Faun loved her extended family and tried to keep up with the activities of all her nieces and nephews and cousins. There was a Celebration of Life for Faun at the Tillamook Library Meeting Room on January 17, 2007, and a Graveside Service for both Faun and Shirl at a later date. The family suggested contributions to the Tillamook Hospice located at 1000 3rd Street, Tillamook, Oregon 97141. [Provo Daily Herald, January 13, 2007.]

Greer, Faye

Greer, Faye
St. George, Utah US

Faye and Feron Losee

Class of 1933. Faye Greer. She served as Vice President of her Junior Class. ~ ~ ~ ~ Faye Greer was born May 13, 1916 in Provo, Utah. Her parents are Julian F. Greer and Nellie Roundy Greer. Faye married Ferron Losee. Faye Greer Losee died on January 8, 1989. Her sister, Faun Greer Barnett, was also a BYH graduate, in the Class of 1932? ~ ~ ~ ~ NEWS OBITUARY, HER HUSBAND: FORMER PRESIDENT OF DIXIE, FERRON C. LOSEE, DIES AT 80. Ferron Clark Losee, a professional educator for more than 30 years and Dixie College president for 12 years, died Thursday, March 28, 1991, in St. George. He was 80. An outspoken opponent of tenure for teachers, but a strong proponent of academic freedom, Dr. Losee presided over Dixie College during turbulent times in the 1960s and 1970s. A native of Panguitch, Utah, Dr. Losee attended Brigham Young University and earned his postgraduate degrees at the University of California and University of Southern California. In 1949, he accepted a position at California State College, Los Angeles, where he was dean of the School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts. In 1964, Dr. Losee was named president of Dixie College, where he served until his retirement in 1976. At that time, he and his wife, Faye Greer Losee [BYH Class of 1933], moved to Hawaii, where he served as counselor to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Honolulu Mission president. In 1979, the couple was called to establish an LDS mission in Micronesia-Guam, where Dr. Losee served as president until 1983. The Losees returned to St. George in 1984. Dr. Losee is survived by his third wife, Mildred Ashworth Losee. Dr. Losee's first wife, Faye Greer, died in 1989, and his second wife, Mary S. Thomas, preceded him in death in 1990. Dr. Losee is also survived by his three daughters, Lani Losee of St. George, Linda Losee Little of Orem and Lois Losee Cox of Bountiful, and by 11 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. His funeral was held Monday in the Bloomington Stake Center in St. George. The family suggested contributions to the Ferron C. Losee Scholarship Endowment at Dixie College. [Deseret News, Saturday, March 30, 1991.] ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Dr. Ferron Clark Losee, 80, former President of Dixie College in St. George, Utah, died Thursday, March 28, 1991. He was born June 30, 1910 at Panguitch, Utah to Warren E. and Mary Hatch Losee. He married Faye Greer on April 7, 1936 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple; she preceded him in death on January 8, 1989. He second married Mary S. Thomas on August 11, 1989 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She died December 3, 1990. He third married Mildred H. Ashworth on March 2, 1991 in the St. George LDS Temple. He had lived in Roosevelt, Utah prior to World War II, then served as a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Air Force (Pacific Fleet). He lived in Southern California from 1950 to 1964, where Dr. Losee was Dean of the School of Fine and Applied Arts at California State University - Los Angeles. In 1964, he was named as President of Dixie College and moved to St. George, Utah. After his retirement, he and his wife, Faye moved to Hawaii. They were called to establish a mission for the LDS Church in Micronesia-Guam in 1979, where he served as President until 1983. They lived in Provo one year, returning to St. George in 1984. Surviving family members include his wife, Mildred; his three daughters, Lani Losee, St. George; Mrs. Lloyd (Linda Losee) Little, Orem; and Mrs. Delwyn (Lois Losee) Cox, Bountiful; also 11 grandchildren; seven great- grandchildren; and a brother, Warren D. Losee, Provo. Funeral services were held Monday, April 1, 1991 in the Bloomington Stake Center. Interment, St. George City Cemetery. The family suggests contributions to the Ferron C. Losee Scholarship Endowment at Dixie College, 225 South 700 East, St. George, Utah 84770 - Attn: Office of the President. [Deseret News, Friday, March 29, 1991.]

Greer, Herbert R.

Greer, Herbert R.
Provo, Utah US

Herb and Kathy Greer

Class of 1957. Herbert R. Greer. Football, Basketball, Track All State, Lettermen, Band, Chorus, Exchange Assembly, Graduation Committee. BYU BS Teacher Education 1964. BYU MS Educational Administration 1969. He married Kathy. ~ ~ ~ ~ HIS OBITUARY: Herb Greer was born on November 2, 1938 to Carr F. and Margaret S. Meikle Greer. He was born in Winslow, Arizona. He was the 4th of 5 children. He died on May 11, 2018 surrounded by his family. He has been interred in the Orem City Cemetery. Herb moved to Provo at the age of 3 and grew up in the shadow of Brigham Young University. He graduated from Brigham Young University High School in 1957 and joined the United States Army Reserve and was stationed at Ft. Ord and Ft. Belvoir. He served an LDS Mission to the North Central States during 1959-1961. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1964 and 1969 and began his teaching career in Ketchikan, Alaska. His life was spent in teaching and educational administration. He married Kathleen McEuen in the Los Angeles Temple and they were married for 54 years. They are the parents of 8 children. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 11 am, at the Springwater LDS Chapel at 1810 Springwater Drive, Orem, Utah. Further obituary information can be found at [Provo Daily Herald, May 18, 2018]

Greer, Ione
351 East Center
Provo, Utah 84606-3253 US

Ione Maland

Class of 1940. Ione Greer. German Club, Secretary-Treasurer. Notre Maison, Secretary-Treasurer. Opera. Girls' Athletic Association. She married _______ Maland.

Greer, Joan Shirley

Greer, Joan Shirley
63 South 875 West
Orem, Utah 84058 US

Joan and Robert Gallagher

Class of 1947. Joan Shirley Greer. ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: Our beloved mother Joan Shirley Greer Gallagher, 87, of Orem, Utah passed away peacefully on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, due to incidents of old age in American Fork. She was born on November 22, 1929 in San Bernardino, California, to Carr Francis and Margaret Susie Meikle Greer. Joan spent her young childhood in San Bernardino, California; Winslow, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico and then moved to Provo, Utah when she was a young teen when her father got a job as an engineer for BYU. Joan graduated from BY High School in the Class of 1947, then graduated from Brigham Young University where she studied Elementary Education. While at BYU, she was active in Cougarettes and the Nautilus Social Unit. As a young woman, she served an LDS mission to the Eastern States Mission spending much of her time in Pennsylvania. Joan was married in the Salt Lake Temple to Robert Gallagher in 1953. The couple lived in Berkeley California; Price, Utah and then moved to Orem, Utah. She has five children: Kim (Paul) Blanchard, Craig (Leslie) Gallagher, Lori (Leon) Bird, Eric (Lisa) Gallagher and Shawn (Ann) Gallagher. She has 20 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. After many years of teaching elementary school in Berkeley, California; Orem and Pleasant Grove, Utah, Joan earned a Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language from BYU. She helped start an ESL program at UVU and loved her students from around the world, often inviting them to her home for holidays. After retirement from UVU, she taught English in Japan and Lithuania. The most important things in Joan’s life were the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior and her family. She was a passionate genealogist and had sent tens of thousands of names into the temple and loved doing the ordinances herself. She loved to travel and has been to, at least 29 countries and all of the states in the Union. She was also a lifelong learner and was always reading, one of her famous sayings was “I am reading the best book!” She loved and taught her children to love music, art and ballet. She is preceded in death by her parents, and by her sister June Greer Brown, BYH Class of 1945. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 2, 2017 at the LDS Chapel at 50 South 750 West in Orem, Utah. A viewing will be held prior to the services from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m at the church. A viewing will also be held at the same church from 6 to 8 p.m. the night prior to the service. Interment will be in the Highland City Cemetery. Condolences may be left for the family at [Provo Daily Herald, September 1, 2017]

Greer, June
1088 East 390 South, Apt 110
American Fork, Utah 84003-3336 US

June Brown
  • Home: 801- 225-1797

Class of 1945. June Greer (female). ~ ~ ~ ~ HER OBITUARY: June Greer was born July 23, 1927 in Riverside, California. She passed away October 17, 2015 at 88 years old in American Fork, Utah. She is survived by three children and four younger siblings. Predeceasing her were her husband Douglas C. Brown in 1973 and her youngest son Boyd L. Brown in 2006. Following her childhood in Arizona and New Mexico, June moved with her family to Provo where she attended and graduated in the Class of 1945 from Brigham Young High School and Brigham Young University. At BYU she met Douglas Brown of Springville, Utah. They were married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple in 1949 and had four children. In the 1950's, they lived in Iran and Libya with their young family. June taught at Payson High School before her career as a beloved teacher of business practices at Utah Valley University. She taught there until her retirement in the 1990's. Her funeral service will be held in the conference room across from the Woodbury Art Gallery on the second floor of the University Mall in Orem on Saturday, October 31 from 11 a.m. - 12 noon. Use the southeast entrance of the Mall (next to RC Willey) then take elevator to the second floor. The family requests that donations go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society or the General Scholarship Fund of Utah Valley University. [Deseret News, October 24, 2015] ~ ~ ~ ~ Her sister is Joan Shirley Greer Gallagher, BYH Class of 1947.

Greer, Margaret Grace

Greer, Margaret Grace

Grace and William Nuttal

Class of 1904~Honorary. [Athough she attended BY High for four years, she did not have all of the credits needed to graduate with her class.] Margaret Grace Greer was born in Wallsburg on October 31, 1880. She was the 9th child of eleven children born to Harriet and Dixon Greer. She was sorry she could not graduate from BY High but William Albert Nuttall had asked her to marry him in November of 1904, and she felt that would be the best thing to do. They went to Salt Lake on the train and were married in the temple at about 4:45 pm, after having been in the temple since 8 in the morning. They were married on the 16th day of November 1904 by John Winder. Grace was the mother of 8 children. She lived to be 91 years old. (See website for her story.)

Greer, Menlo

Greer, Menlo

Menlo Greer

Class of 1925. Menlo Greer. Source: 1925 BYU Banyan yearbook, BYH section.

Gregson, Eva Louise
1007 Starr Court
Auburn, Alabama 36830 US

Lisa Cook
  • Cell: 334 703-7031
  • Home: 334-466-0918

BYH Class of 1957. Eva Louise Gregson. Moved to Provo from Vancouver BC Canada, a member of the Canadian contingent to BYH. Gregson family then moved to Los Angeles, California. Eva Louise Gregson was married in 1956 to Ron Bills and had 6 children. They later divorced. She married Dick Cook and they live in Auburn, Alabama. She had a career as a Personnel Manager for an Engineering firm. Active in LDS Church. ~ ~ ~ ~ "It has been so many years since I have seen any classmates. Since my children and grandchildren live in the Provo area I visit often. It would be a wonderful treat to know when reunions are being held and other activities in which I might be able to participate. I have some of my fondest memories at this school with these particular group of people and would love to reconnect. Thank You, Lisa Cook (Eva Louise Gregson)" @Mar2013

Gregson, Shirley
[Last known address]
Colorado Springs, Colorado US

Shirley and Denny Mullins

Class of 1961. Shirley Gregson. She married Denny Mullins. [Last known address: APO NY, NY 09128 and Colorado Springs, CO] ~ ~ ~ ~ HER MOTHER'S OBITUARY: Doris Clegg Gregson, 85, passed away August 27, 1990 in Salt Lake City. Born August 13, 1905 in Burnley, Lancashire, England to Herbert and Florence Cooper Clegg. Married Joseph Mercer Gregson, May 15, 1937 in Burnley, Lancashire, England. Later solemnized in the London LDS Temple, September 10, 1958, he died November 15, 1985. Immigrated from England in 1959 with her companion, Joe, living in Salt Lake City. Was Queens State Certified Nurse specializing in mid-wifery in England. Worked in the newborn nursery at the University of Utah Medical Center, Salt Lake City. She was an active genealogist and temple worker. She will be remembered in our hearts and dearly missed by all who knew her. Survived by two daughters, Margaret Chapman, Salt Lake City; Shirley and husband, Denny Mullins, Colorado Springs, Colorado; 11 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; sister, Edna Simpson, Kendall, England; in-laws, Anne Clegg, Australia; Bert Cross, Scotland; Lawrence and Doris Gregson, England. Funeral services were held Thursday, August 30, 1990 Salt Lake Central 33rd Ward, 453 South 1100 East. Her interment, Redwood Memorial Estates. [Deseret News, Wednesday, August 29, 1990]

Gregson, Wayne
1302 Sheffield Way
Roseville, California 95661-5542

Wayne Gregson
  • Work: (916) 783-9982

Class of 1950. Chorus.

Gribble, William

Gribble, William

William Gribble

Class of 1917. William Gribble. He received a BYH Normal Certificate in 1917. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 66.

Grimes, Jeannette
502 South 1040 East No. 229
American Fork, Utah 84003 US

Jeannette Franklin
  • Cell: 801-885-3147
  • Home: 801-885-3147

Class of 1958. Jeannette Grimes. Senior Class Social Chair. Pep Club, Notre Maison, Chorus, Junior Prom Committee, Wildcat Yearbook Advertising, Girls State Alternate, Senior Sluff Day Committee. ~ ~ ~ ~ BYU 1962. ~ ~ ~ ~ Alternate email: ~ ~ ~ ~ I am living in American Fork Utah after having lived many years in Massachusetts where I married, had and raised four children, and then got divorced. In 1996 I moved to Utah where my children had settled (I thought) and worked at BYU as a program manager at the Freshman Academy before retiring in 2007. I now have 13 grandchildren - six of whom live in Utah, four in Boise, Idaho and three reside in Concord, New Hampshire. @2010

Grimmett, Karen
2444 South Fairway Drive
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 US

Karen Quarnstrom
  • Work: (801) 798-7509

Class of 1954. Karen Grimmett. Fauvines, Debate, Childrens Theater. BYU BS Physical Education 1959. Married Blaine Quarnstrom.

Grimmett, Mary Helen
435 East 3460 North
Provo, Utah 84604-4628

Mary Tilson
  • Work: (801) 356-0444

Class of 1964. Varsity Cheerleader. Dramatics, Chorus, Seminary Graduate, Seminary Historian, Seminary 4 years, Pep Club Vice President, Ski Club, Junior Class Social Chair. Married ____ Tilson.

Grimmett, Penny Gloria
660 North 300 East
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 US

Penny Gloria Spresser
  • Work: 801-368-0460

Class of 1958. Penny Gloria Grimmett. Debate, Interpretive, Childrens Theater, School Plays, Quill & Scroll, Pep Club, Thespian, Y'ld Cat Newspaper Feature Editor, Band, I Speak for Democracy, Model U.N., Junior Prom Decoration Committee, Senior Hop Decoration Committee, Notre Maison, Contest Play, Graduation Committee. She married _______ Spresser. @2008

Grimmett, Richard G.

Grimmett, Richard G.
, Utah US

Dick Grimmett

Class of 1932 ~ Honorary. Dick Grimmett played on the BYH Basketball squad in 1930 and 1931. He played his senior year for Moreland High School in Idaho, where he was named All-State Forward. In 1933 he joined the BYU Varsity Basketball Team. ~ ~ ~ ~ Richard G. Grimmett was born January 6, 1913. His parents are Hyrum H. Grimmett and Hannah S Grimmett of Idaho. He died on February 3, 2003 in Utah at the age of 90.

Groberg, Richard H.
620 Castlerock Lane
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404-7945 US

Richard and Ronda Groberg
  • Work: (208) 522-7914

Class of 1956. Richard Groberg. I attended BYH my senior year only. I don't remember too many details. After graduation from BYH, I attended and graduated from BYU in Business and Finance in 1963. I served a two and one-half year mission to Finland between my sophomore and junior years at BYU. I now live in Idaho Falls, Idaho where I have worked since college. I have been involved with real estate management, ownership and development. I have also been a bank director for the last ten years. Kaye Johnson Ivie, also BYH Class of 1966, worked at the same bank for many years. I married Barbara Jean Colby in 1962. She died of cancer in April of 1998. I married Ronda Lou Holm in December 2000. We have eight children and fifteen plus grandchildren. We served a mission to Finland during 2003-2005. We plan on returning there for a visit this fall when the temple is completed. I have held many positions in various real estate organizations, local, state and national. I still work but not as regular as before. I have two sons who work in the same office and I try not to interfere too much. I have had many opportunities to serve in the church including Bishop and High Council four times. I am presently serving on a High Council and as a temple officiator at the Idaho Falls Temple. My brother John is serving as the President, but we were called by another member of the presidency. I have enjoyed tennis, golf and football. I have had season tickets to BYU football since they built the stadium. I don't attend much but someone is always willing to use the tickets. All of our children live in Idaho or Utah. We enjoy the family very much. My wife's very musical and directed a community choir for the past thirty years. They perform on temple square every other November. I have lived in Idaho Falls my entire life except for education and missions. @2006

Groesbeck, Cornelia E. [Cora - not Ira]

Groesbeck, Cornelia E. [Cora - not Ira]
Salt Lake City, Utah US

Cora and Clarence Snow

BY Academy High School Normal Class of 1890 and 1891, and Collegiate Normal Class of 1893. Cora Groesbeck, Normal diploma, Source: Utah Enquirer, May 23, 1890. ~ ~ ~ ~ BY Academy High School Normal Class of 1891 Diploma on May 21, 1891. Source 1: Graduation Program of the Normal Class of 1891. Cora [not Ira] Groesbeck, received a Normal Diploma, Bachelor of Pedagogy (B.Pd.), in 1893. Source: Students Record of Class Standings, BY Academy, Book 1, page 7. ~ ~ ~ ~ Cornelia Evangeline (Cora) Groesbeck was born on July 18, 1873 in Springville Utah. Her parents: Nicholas Harmon Groesbeck and Cornelia Melissa Sanford Groesbeck. She married Clarence Snow of Springville, Utah, on September 5, 1900. She died on November 12, 1964 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery. ~ ~ ~ ~ OBITUARY OF HER SON: Eliot Snow, distinguished physician and surgeon, died peacefully October 11, 1995 in his home in Salt Lake City. He was 92. Dr. Snow was born in 1902 to Clarence and Cornelia Groesbeck Snow in Logan, Utah. Clarence Snow was the youngest of 10 children born to Mormon pioneers Erastus Snow and his 3rd wife, Elizabeth Ashby Snow. Erastus Snow and Orson Pratt were the first Mormons to enter the Salt Lake Valley. Dr. Snow graduated with an A.B. from the University of Utah in 1924 and with an M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School in 1928. He interned at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia from 1928 to 1930. From 1930 to 1932 he served a fellowship in surgery at the Lahey Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts where he was first assistant to the eminent surgeon Dr. Frank H. Lahey. He married Marjorie Eleanora Greacen in 1932. He then returned to Salt Lake as surgeon to the Salt Lake Clinic, where he was active in its growth until his retirement in 1972. He spent four years in the Medical Corps of the Army of the United States during World War II. From 1950 to 1971, during the Korean and Vietnam wars, he was chairman of the Utah Committee for the "Drafting of Doctors, Dentists, and Allied Specialists" for which service he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Selective Service. In 1933 he was instrumental in founding the Salt Lake Surgical Club which in 1937 became the Salt Lake Surgical Society. From 1963 to 1972 he was the governor of the American College of Surgeons for Utah. He started, and was chairman for seven years, of the college's committee for the study of malpractice and liability. His wife, Marjorie Greacen Snow, preceded him in death on April 1, 1989 at the age of 85. He is survived by two sons, Geoffrey Snow, of Colorado; and Rick Snow, of California; by three grandchildren; and by his sister, Dr. Dorothy Snow; and brother, Dr. Robert Snow. [Deseret News, Wednesday, October 25, 1995.]

Groesbeck, Earl S.

Groesbeck, Earl S.

Earl Groesbeck

Collegiate Grad of BYU, Class of 1931. Earl S. Groesbeck. He received a BS Degree in Physical Education in 1931. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 10, page 434.

Groesbeck, Rhoda

Groesbeck, Rhoda

Rhoda Groesbeck

Class of 1917. Rhoda Groesbeck. She received a BYH Normal Diploma in 1917. Source: Annual Record, B.Y. University, Book 9, page 157.

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