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Joseph & Hyrum Jenkins, BYH Class of 1913

As a tribute to the many sets of twins who have attended Brigham Young High School over the years, the following is a partial list. Please let us know of any others, beginning in 1876, and we will add their names.

Class of 1913: Joseph Jenkins & Hyrum Jenkins

Class of 1924: Clement Allred & Clemont Allred

Class of 1949: Gene Hanson & J. Howard Hanson

Class of 1949: James Jones and Robert E. Jones

Class of 1950: Marion Norton & Marilyn Norton

Class of 1951: Dilworth W. Chamberlain & C. Craig Chamberlain.

Class of 1954: Jill Clarke & Jack A. Clarke

Class of 1955: Connie Boyden & Carol Boyden (Honorary)

Class of 1955: David Wright & Donald Wright

Class of 1957: Karolyn "Kelly" Ashby & John Howard Ashby

Class of 1957: A. John Swensen & Donald G. Swensen

Class of 1966: Joel Zabriskie & Noel Zabriskie

Class of 1967: Stan Bergeson & Steve Bergeson

Class of 1967: Byron Crookston & Clark Crookston

Class of 1970: Edward Nicholes & Richard Nicholes

Class of 1971: Lisa Weight & Lynn Weight

Class of 1971: Aliece Harms & Arthur Harms

Class of 1972: Sandra Jean Egbert & Robert J. Egbert

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Photo by Phil Thomas - 5 sets of twins at BYH
Five sets of BYH twins pose for Phil Thomas,
school photographer, by the Beehive in 1966.

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