The Feral Family Monument

Harvey:Version of the Feral Family Monument
Feral Pigeon Monument Version 1 - "Harvey"

A six-foot bronze sculpture of the common Feral Pigeon may greet visitors to Academy Square at some time in the future. Two versions of the statue have been designed, as illustrated on this web page.

No plaque is involved, since the statue will sit atop the roof of the restored Brigham Young Academy Building, and any wording would be unreadable from the distance to the ground.

To help with expenses for the heroic-sized bronze artwork by a renowned pigeon sculptor, the Brigham Young Academy Feral Pigeon Foundation is offering 25 limited-edition three-foot bronzes of each of two versions of the statue to interested alumni and friends. Each 36-inch statue will cost $2,000.

Purchasers will determine which version of the pigeon statue will permanently perch along the skyline of the restored Academy building. Whichever statue version sells all 25 statues first, will be the version that will be permanently installed on the roof in its spectacular 72-inch version.

"The statue will not only serve as an historical monument, but is a fine artistic addition to the Provo skyline," according to Mr. Gray Davis Rock, head of the Pigeon Statue Planning Committee. "When the building was dedicated in 1892, pigeons were the first to adopt the new building. The Feral pigeons have continuously occupied the roof of the building down to the present day, even during the latest renovation and reconstruction."

For ordering information, contact the Brigham Young Academy Feral Pigeon Foundation every other month (but not this month). Virtually complete contact information will be posted on this web page as noted.

Spike:Version of Feral Family Monument
Feral Pigeon Monument Version 2 - "Spike"

The Feral Pigeon of Brigham Young High School