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Class of 1918 Graduation Program Found

Class of 1918 Graduation Program Cover - BYH

December 2005
Sandy, Utah

Dear Larry,

I was recently looking at the things my Mother left to me when she passed away.

I have in my hand, a graduation program that reads as follows:

Brigham Young University
Senior H.S.
Class of 1918
Monday Evening, May 27, 1918

The program shows 22 graduates of the Academic Department, 15 graduates of the Business Department, 3 graduates of the Arts and Manual Training Department, 1 graduate of the Music Department, and 1 graduate of the Agricultural Department.

If this would help you fill in the Class of 1918, I could scan the document for you.

My Mother kept the program because her brother, J. Arthur Graham, was also a BY High Class of 1918 graduate! I didn't know that before now.


Kent Graham Jarvis - '60

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Kent,

What a treasure! Please scan each page of it and email it to me. I will post it right away. You might also contact BYU Special Collections and see if they need a copy.

Best wishes!

Larry Christensen '66
BYH website volunteer
San Diego, CA

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I will scan the program. It might be interesting to perhaps use the front cover, on the class page. It has become somewhat discolored, but perhaps it could be re-touched. After all, it is about 87 years old.

I can do a very good write-up on my uncle, J. Arthur Graham, since we were all very close.

It may be tomorrow before I can scan it, as I need to trouble-shoot the scanner driver.

This does not apply to BY High School, but my Mother received a BS degree from BYU in 1927. She was in good company; I recognize some other names on that program including Philo T. Farnsworth and Ezra Taft Benson.



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Here is the Class of 1918 Graduation Program. I scanned in color, at 300 DPI, with no adjustments.

The embossing on top of the page is still visible.


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List of BYHS graduates, Class of 1918

Back cover of BYHS grad program, Class of 1918
Back cover

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