Now It Can Be Told...
The Actual Story Behind The Unusual
Painting Vandalism at B.Y. High &
Provo High School in the 1960s

Repainting the beehive after vandals defaced it.
Repainting the beehive after it was defaced.

Re: Painting vandalism at BYH and Provo High.

I suppose it can now be told, since the statute of limitations has run out for everyone involved:

Our situation was such that we had neighborhood and childhood friends at BY High, at Provo High, and at Orem High.

One evening, not long after the various painting vandalism occurrences took place, we, the BY High portion of the bunch of us, were describing how regular classes at BY High were temporarily halted one morning while Principal Thomson gathered the entire school for an impromptu assembly to read us the riot act about vandalism.

The portion of our bunch who were from Provo High joined in, reporting that the very same thing had recently happened to them.

But while we were amused by the situation, since none of us were involved, the boys from Orem High were having the most fun with it. They couldn’t breathe because they were laughing so hard.

Finally they admitted that it was them, the fellas from Orem High, who had painted up both BY High and Provo High, placing kids from both schools under suspicion, while the real vandals went scot-free.

~~LeEarl Baker, BYH Class of 1965

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