T. Laine Raty
as cartooned
by student artist
Karl Thomas

Ray Beckham '66, apparently complained to Karl Thomas '66 that art teacher T. Laine Raty was "on his back" -- leading Karl to draw to at least two cartoons on the subject.

Karl Thomas did not limit his subjects to teacher Laine Raty and student Ray Beckham, but also included incarnations of student John Boshard as both rabbit and boa constrictor; student shooter Phil Thomas supported by teacher Verl Allman; Edgemont-defending student Oren Larson; fawning student Lynn Tolley; and a tasty stew featuring Verl Allman again.

Karl Thomas portrait by Larry Christensen - 1966

Since turnabout is fair play, here is an oil cartoon painting of Karl Thomas, circa 1966, by Larry Christensen.

Portrait of Anna B. Hart by Laine Raty
Hart Art