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2010 - The 45th Year Reunion

BYH Class of 1965 - 45th Reunion in 2010

The BYH Class of 1965 held its 45th Year Reunion on May 29, 2010, the Saturday before Memorial Day. Ann Hickenlooper Tolley served as the Reunion Chair.

The reunion site was Mapleton, Utah -- a party barn near Ann Hickenlooper Tolley's house. Click on the 2010 Reunion Announcement link below for additional information.

We are currently waiting for a Class of 1965 45th Anniversary Reunion report and photographs from attendees. Send to

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Leaders of the BYH Class of 1965

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2005 - The 40th Year Reunion

The BYH Class of 1965 held its long-awaited 40th Year Reunion on the Utah Valley State College campus on Saturday, July 2, 2005. They began with dinner followed by a short program, followed by plenty of time to get caught up. They had tables available to display BYH memorabilia, photos, etc. The 40th-Year Reunion book was published online by Jerry Hintze. The class is still looking for Kathy Johnson Lloyd, Suzanne Smith Nordes and Jeff Sorensen. If you know any contact information we would really appreciate your sharing it with us. A group photo taken at the reunion will be posted as soon as it is received.

BY High Class of 1965 Reunion Committee

Note: Ann Hickenlooper Tolley was elected Chair of the 45th Year Reunion for 2010.

2015 - The 50th Anniversary Reunion!

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