Brigham Young High School
Class of 1964

The BYH Class of 1964
has scheduled their 50th Year Reunion
Friday, July 25, 2014
Place: Provo City Library -- Former BY High Education Bldg
Time: 4 PM Gather and visit
6 PM Dinner
Program after dinner
Reunion Organizers: Kim Cameron and Darrel Danielson

The BY High Class of 1964 passed by its 45th Year Anniversary in 2009. It will celebrate its 50th Year Golden Anniversary in 2014.

The Class is currently seeking:
Graduation photos
Reunion photos
BY Elementary photos
Graduation programs
Stories of BYH days
Student newspapers
Student memorabilia


BYH Class of 1964 - 45 Years in 2009!

Class of 1964 Reunion
October 1, 2004

The BY High Class of 1964 held its 40th year reunion on October 1, 2004 at the BYU Alumni House. Twenty-one classmates were able to attend.

The highlight of the evening was going around from one to another and relating a memory of our years at BY High. There were many memories of the carrels with the signaling systems, and hiding from the instructors. Some of the memories mentioned were of particular teachers and administrators.

One of our best memories was the year of the games against Judge Memorial resulting in the State Basketball Championship of 1963. Also mentioned were field trips, debates, parties, plays, assemblies, sports and field days. Dating and dances were brought up, too.

We are looking for photographs taken at this reunion -- if you have some you'd like to share, please email them to

Class of 1964 Reunion in 1984

The BY High Class of 1964 held its 20th year reunion in 1984. The following group photograph was taken on the front steps of the historic Education Building on Academy Square.

BYH Class of 1964 -- 20th Reunion in 1984
Class of 1964 -- 20th Yr. Reunion in 1984

Loyal Baker '64

H. David Nelson

I Thought I Was

Lynn Benson
Speech Teacher