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BYH Class of 1960 50th Golden Anniversary in 2010

2010 - 50th Year
Golden Anniversary Reunion!

Click - BYH Class of 1960 On The Steps in 2010
BYH Class of 1960 On The Steps in 2010

1 - Ellen Nielson. 2 - Betty Lynn Jacobsen. 3 - Kathy Pritchett. 4 - Janet Hicken.
5 - Pat Hancock. 6 - Lana Rowan. 7 - Eldean Booth. 8 - Karen Knudsen.
9 - Walt Layton. 10 - Carolann Lambert. 11 - Newt Andrus. 12 - Doyle Davis.
13 LeGrande Avery. 14 - Doug Pond. 15 - Kent Jarvis. 16 - Ken Burgess.
17 - Richard Hintze. 18 - Gerry McDonald. 19 - Tom Crowther. 20 - Diane Carver.
21 - Bob Clark. 22 - Lowell Card. 23 - Bert Mitchell. 24 - Duane Simmons.
25 - Dick Oaks. (Special thanks to Steve Carter for this photo.)

Click - BYH Class of 1960 50th Yr Reunion in 2010
BYH Class of 1960 50th Anniversary Reunion in 2010

1 - Sondra Read. 2 - Kathy Pritchett. 3 - Betty Lynn Jacobsen. 4 - Ellen Nielson.
5 - Diane Carver. 6 - Doyle Davis. 7 - Eldean Booth. 8 - Carolann Lambert.
9 - Karen Knudsen. 10 - Barbara Tate. 11 - Lynn Clark. 12 - Ken Burgess.
13 - Janet Hicken. 14 - Tom Crowther. 15 - Richard Hintze. 16 Duane Simmons.
17 - Harry Payne. 18 - Lana Rowan. 19 - Kent Jarvis. 20 - Robert Ream.
21 - Dick Oaks. 22 - John Avery. 23 - Billy Mitchell. 24 - Walt Layton.
25 - Gerry McDonald. 26 - Doug Pond. 27 - Bob Clark. 28 - Bruce Bingham.
29 - Lance Rich. 30 - Lowell Card. 31- Pat Hancock. 32 - Newt Andrus.
33 - Steve Worsley. 34 - Bert Mitchell.
(Special thanks to Steve Carter for this photo.)

The Class of 1960 held its 50th Anniversary Reunion on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 6:30 pm. Class members met first at BY High for a tour of the school. Then group photos were taken.

All 35 of our class members present reassembled for dinner in the beautiful yard of Newt & Kris Andrus in Orem. Steve Worsley, a professional caterer, served a beautiful spread. For those who are not class members, Steve is also our class member!

The Worsley dinner menu included grilled salmon, pork loin, platters of fresh fruit, tossed green salad, rolls, and cherry cheesecake. It was fantastic!

Our reunion program consisted of the each of our class members giving a two-minute report of what they had been doing for the past 50 years!

Special accomplishments and funny embarrassing moments were shared while members were coming to the mike.

We enjoyed two special performances: First, Lowell Card played an fun Irish jig on a fiddle, and then Janet Hicken Frazier did a imitations of Patsy Cline's "I have his class ring, but she has you" -- it was really funny.

Reunion Committee members were Co-Chairs Lana Rowan Moon and Richard Hintze, and also Newt Andrus, Lance Rich & Steve Worsley.

Great thanks everyone who came, and to many others who helped us locate our lost class members.

Everyone had a great time. Additional pictures were taken at Newt's by Steve Carter, and they are available from Steve by emailing him at


Class members are invited to continue to send in class photos (for example, even BY Elementary class photos), scans of memorabilia, school newspapers, and other treasures to display on this page. Please send information and scans to:

See also Steve Carter's Class of 1960 50th Anniversary Reunion Website

30th & 35th Year Reunion
1990 & 1995

BYH Class of 1960 in 1990

In 1990, the BY High Class of 1960 held its 30th-year reunion in Orem, Utah at the home of Newt Andrus.

In 1995 the class held its 35th-year reunion in Sandy, Utah at the home of Kent G. Jarvis.

The class members gathered in the summers of 1990 and 1995 and brought each other up to date on their lives, renewed old friendships, and couldn't resist reminding each other of embarrassing moments.

The photographs on this page were taken at the 1990 reunion. The reunions were very interesting because most of the Alumni there were quite easily recognizable.

At the 1995 reunion, hamburgers left the grill at a brisk pace. It had just rained, and the new sodded lawn was quite uneven around at the new home where the reunion was held.

Alumni spent the entire time in conversation and laughter. Those attending, even the non-alumni spouses, seemed to enjoy themselves. There were many exclamations of delight as long-separated classmates were united again. Tales of high school ball games and coaches were heard, as well as stories about teachers at the old school.

The host, Kent Jarvis, and his family, were kept very busy supplying food and drinks, and thus were not able to take many good pictures. However some of the other alumni took pictures, and we will post them on this website if you send them to us.

A common observation was the the Class of 1960 had a large number of successful alumni, each one successful in his or her own way. Both reunions were well worth the travel, even for those who came from far away places.

45th Year Reunion in 2005

A BY High reunion for the Class of 1960 was held Sunday night, July 3, 2005, at the home of Newt and Kris Andrus in Orem. It was a great success!

Steve Worsley did a bang-up job of preparing the meal, and displayed it beautifully with lots of antiques layered high as a centerpiece on the buffet table.

Blue and white gingham checked tablecloths, decorated with yellow daisies and other accessories completed an artistic look that only Steve knows how to do. And I'm not a bit prejudiced!!

We barbequed steaks and chicken, enjoyed potato salad, baked beans, fruit salad, and rolls with butter. To top off the meal, Steve brought his soft-serve ice cream machine for everyone to help themselves to home-made sundaes with fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries on top!

It was really fun to see everyone. Sorry, we did not take a group photo that night. I saw a couple of cameras floating around, but there were not any chiefs to organize a group picture. Not everyone came at the same time. By the time the late-comers arrived, there were some who were leaving. It is too bad we didn't capture the whole wonderful evening in a photo.

Most of the classmates stayed and visited. We laughed at all the memories told of times together at BY High some 45 years past.

We want to have another reunion soon, not just waiting five years from now. Can you let those who couldn't attend this one, know that we will let them know in plenty of time for the next reunion?We wish to see every one of them. We are grateful for this BYH website and will keep you posted.


Cheryl Startup Worsley
(Steve's wife)

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