Brigham Young High School
Class of 1957

BYH Class of 1957 ~ 55th Anniversary in 2012

Class of 1957 Celebrates
55th Anniversary in 2012

BYH Class of 1957 - 50th Yr Reunion 2007

Golden Jubilee 50th Year Reunion
Celebrated June 30, 2007

The BYH Class of 1957 in 2007

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BYH Class of 1957 Reunion in 2007 (left to right):
~ Back row: 1. Joan Crowther Hamilton, 2. Hannah Olyroyd Jorgensen, 3. Connie Bills Hinckley, 4. Bonnie Ballif Spanvill, 5. Delbert Brown.
~ 7th Row: 6. David Sorensen, 7. Carol Lynn Wright Pearson, 8. Larry King, 9. Dale Longhurst, 10. Kelly Ashby Strong, 11. John Muirhead.
~ 6th Row: 12. Richard Hartvigsen, 13. David Hamblin, 14. Darryl Steele, 15. Mr. Verl Allman (teacher).
~ 5th Row: 16. Robert Redd, 17. Ted Dowling, 18. Roland Clark, 19. David Grow, 20. Lanny Britsch, 21. Aniene Andrus Porter.
~ 4th Row: 22. Mary Allen Redd, 23. Gaile Woodruff Clark, 24. Alene Gleason Hone, 25. Pam Gease Gates, 26. Larry Taylor, 27. Boyd Bauer, 28. Ron Taylor, 29. Mike Jones, 30. Lois Anderson Hayward.
~ 3rd Row: 31. Mary Anne Keeler Jolley, 32. Leda Law Muhlestein, 33. Larry Murdock, 34. Ken Bentley, 35. Joan Peterson Fisher, 36. Joe Gammett, 37. Doug Jones.
~ 2nd Row: 38. Kolleen Johnston Smith, 39. Laura Jo Dunkley DeMordaunt, 40. Virginia Clark Bragg, 41. Liane Harding Solomon, 42. Sharon Jewett Mathews, 43. Larry Nelson, 44. David Morrill.
~ 1st Row: 45. Sonja Whittle Peterson, 46. Nelda Graham Mackay, 47. John Swensen, 48. Don Swensen, 49. Suzanne Calder Leichty, 50. R. D. Muhlestein, and 51. Gary Boyden.

Fifty one classmates attended. (Todd Andersen attended but does not appear in the above photograph.)

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Reunion Details

The Class of 1957 has kept track of 113 alumni, including all those who graduated, and all those who attended BYH at any time during high school.


101 attended the 50th Year Reunion including:
-- 51 classmates
-- 5 teachers
-- 45 spouses & friends.
22 are deceased.
7 are missing.

Teachers Attending
(5 out of 18 invited)

Verl Allman
Don Snow
Winston Mercer
Dick Gunn
George Horton

Classmates Attending

Mary Allen - Redd
Todd Andersen
Lois Anderson - Hayward
Aniene Andrus – Porter
Kelly Ashby – Strong
Bonnie Ballif – Spanvill
Boyd Bauer
Ken J. Bentley
Connie Rae Bills – Hinckley
Gary Boyden
Lanny Britsch
Delbert Brown
Suzanne Calder – Leichty
Roland Clark
Virginia Clark – Bragg
Joan Crowther – Hamilton
Ted Dowling
Laura Jo Dunkley – DeMordaunt
Joe Gammett
Pam Gease – Gates
Alene Gleason – Hone
Nelda Graham – Mackay
David Grow
David Hamblin
Liane Harding – Solomon
Richard Hartvigsen
Sharon Jewett – Mathews
Kolleen Johnston – Smith
Doug Jones
Mike Jones
Mary Anne Keeler – Jolley
Larry King
Leda Law – Muhlestein
Dale Longhurst
Dave Morrill
Richard Muhlestein
John Muirhead
Larry Murdock
Larry Nelson
Hannah Oldroyd – Jorgensen
Joan Peterson – Fisher
Robert Redd
Dave Sorensen
Darryl Steele
Don Swensen
John Swensen
Larry Taylor
Ron Taylor
Sonja Whittle – Peterson
Gaile Woodruff – Clark
Carol Lynn Wright – Pearson

Activities & Program

Began mingling at 4:30 p.m.
Class picture taken.
Lanny Britsch (Class President) Master of Ceremonies.
John Swensen & Joan Crowther Hamilton welcomed everyone.
Hannah Oldroyd Jorgensen sang “My Favorite Things” (lyrics by Julie Andrews).
A buffet dinner was served.
An a cappella group -- the “Cadillac’s” -- sang 1950’s songs.
Carol Lynn Pearson read entries from our old "Y’ld Cat” newspapers.
Classmates shared memories.
Visiting, visiting, visiting!
The “Brigham Young High School Class of 1957 Golden Jubilee Memories” booklet was distributed as everyone departed at around 10:30 p.m.

Special Thanks to the Reunion Committee

Joan Crowther Hamilton & John Swensen, Chairs
Lanny Britsch, Class President
Gary Boyden
Gaile Woodruff Clark
David Grow
Lois Anderson Hayward
Connie Rae Bills Hinckley
Alene Gleason Hone
Mary Anne Keeler Jolley
Doug Jones
Suzanne Calder Leichty
Aniene Andrus Porter
Robert Redd
LeAnn Harding Solomon

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