Brigham Young High School
Class of 1954

The Brigham Young High School
Class of 1954
60th Anniversary Reunion Announced!

Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
Location: Skyroom at the Wilkinson Center
Time: 3 pm to 6 pm

Parking is best on the East side of the Wilkinson Center. Cost is $30 per person and reservations can be made up to June 1, 2014. Delicious pork dinner served at 4 P.M Hope to see all of you there!

For additional information, contact any member of the Reunion Committee:

J. Paul Smith
Joyce Gibby Willis
Cecil Clark
Sue Avery Swain
Margaret Ashton Morrill

BYH Class of 1954 - 55th Year Reunion in 2009!

The BYH Class of 1954 held its 55th year reunion on Friday, June 12, 2009 in the new Gordon B. Hinckley alumni building on the BYU campus.

The Reunion Committee
in first name alphabetical order
Annette Wing Taylor
Barbara Allen
Carmen Brandley Hamilton
Cecil Clark, Co-Chair
Conrad Bryner
David Wilkinson
Dixie Gehring Edwards
J. Paul Smith
Jack Clarke
Janice Allred Datwyler
Joyce Gibby Willis
Kathleen Keeler Murphy, Co-Chair
Margaret Ashton Morrill
Sue Avery Swain

Reunion events included both a dinner and a program. Tours of the new Hinckley building were included.

J. Paul Smith, Dixie Gehring Edwards, and Joyce Gibby Willis produced a DVD depicting the activities of the Class of 1954.

50th Year Golden Anniversary Reunion in 2004

Hover for chart; click for large version.

Special thanks to Joyce Gibby Jones Willis for providing the identifications. Hold your cursor over the photo for identification numbers.

1. Dick Knight, 2. Weston Kilpack, 3. Allen Reinholdt, 4. Neal Harding, 5. Bob Oaks, 6. LeGrande Young, 7. Glen Crowther, 8. Conrad Bryner, 9. Gordon Bullock, 10. Ray Dawson, 11. Vaughn Boulter, 12. Joyce Gibby, 13. Gloria Unge, 14. Kathleen Keeler, 15. Jeanette Chamberlain, 16. Dale Robison, 17. Sue Avery, 18. Robert Edwards, 19. Gordon Booth, 20. Bud Campbell, 21. Gary Johnson, 22. Margaret Ashton, 23. Marjory Short, 24. Jarret Anderson, 25. Barbara Boyce, 26. Karen Grimett, 27. Rulon Graham, 28. Dixie Forsyth, 29. __________, 30. Carolyn Penrod, 31. Annett Wing, 32. Lyle Houtz, 33. Sonny Burningham, 34. Marvin Hymas, 35. J. Paul Smith, 36. Richard Millward, 37. Bill Simmons, 38. John Hart, 39. Glenna Lant, 40. Cecil Clark, 41. Barbara Allen, 42. Dorothy Darbro, 43. June Berry (Faculty), 44. Carmen Brandley, 45. Richard Gunn (Faculty), and 46. Weston Killpack.

The BY High Class of 1954 held its 50th Year Reunion at Academy Square in Provo on July 27, 2004. Forty-four members of the class were able to attend, along with two past faculty members.

Special thanks to Gordon Booth '54 for sharing this outstanding 50th Year Reunion photograph with us.

We are continuing to look for information and photographs regarding the Class of 1954.

If you have photographs, photo identifications, or BYH stories you would like to share, please email them today.

BYH Class of 1954 Class Roster
Honorary Members Class of 1954

Hardy Redd '54

Allen Reinhold '54

Adrianne Taylor '54

Robert Oaks '54