BYH Class of 1935
Graduation List Discovered

BYH Class of 1935

The Salt Lake Telegram
May 7, 1935

Graduation: May 23, 1935

BYH Principal: Edgar Milando Jenson
BYU President: Franklin Stewart Harris, Sr., BYH '04

BYH Class of 1935, Salt Lake Telegram, May 7, 1935

Class of 1935 list:

1. LaVell Bigelow [Mid: Meldrum]
2. James Malcolm Booth
3. Ruth Candland [Mid: Hannah]
4. Marguerite Christensen
5. Margaret Christensen
6. Clida Cope [Clyda]
7. Darlene Earl
8. Leah Harris [Mid: Dorothy]
9. Vira Henrie
10. Nellie Hughes
11. Ivan Iverson
12. Mabel Jensen
13. Beulah Jensen
14. Helen Johnston
15. Richard Keigley
16. Velma Madsen [Helen]
17. Paxman Martin [First: Thomas]
18. Paul J. Merrill
19. Max M. Nicholes
20. Monte Neilson [Jay Nielson]
21. Cora May Olsen [Mid: or Mae]
22. Reed Oldroyd, Senior Class President
23. Marjorie Olson [Student Body Vice President]
24. William E. Pardoe [Mid: Edward]
25. LaRue Quinn
26. Virginia Redd
27. Vir Richins [Mid: Schofield]
28. Marden Roper [Mid: Delos]
29. Helen Robinson [Student Body Secretary & Historian in 1933-1934]
30. Edwin Smart [Student Body Head Cheerleader in 1932-1933]
31. Earl Thomas
32. Barney Wallick [Student Body President]
33. Verdun Watts
34. Aenone Woolf

Addendum: In the obituary of Leah Harris is the following line: "Leah grew up in Provo, Utah and attended BYU training school, graduating from BY High School in 1935 as valedictorian in a class of 39 students." The Salt Lake Telegram news article, May 7, 1935, includes a preliminary list with 34 names. "Several more applications are pending," according to Principal Edgar M. Jensen. From various other sources, we have been able to add 7 names, for a total of 40:

34. Clyda Mae Hammond [Student Body Secretary & Historian in 1934-1935]
35. Clyde Lyman Anderson
36. Stephen Glasscock
37. Veda Hicks
38. Jack Reynolds
39. George Billings Robinson
40. Lynn Wilson

Another senior, Helen Evelyn Matthews, a member of the BYH Class of 1935, graduated with the BYH Class of 1936.

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