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Historic All-Classes Reunion of 2001

2001 All Classes BYH Reunion
BYH alumni from 1923 on gather in the Ballroom.

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Interior hall on first floor
Brother Allred, principal
Greg Clark, 1968
Terri Fisher Jensen, Joseph and Lani West, 1968
Tic Olsen, 1968
George Shaw & Harold Ricks, 1968
The Brigham Young High all-classes reunion for 2001 was held on August 18, 2001, in the newly renovated historic Education building. It was a wonderful experience. One reunion was held for all who have attended BY High from 1923 to 1968.

The building was open to the alumni from mid-afternoon [2 pm] to late into the evening. There was plenty of time to browse through the newly remodeled building.

For the most part the interior of the building has been completely changed to meet the needs of the Provo City Library at Academy Square.

The basement floor is completely different and now houses the children's section of the library. This section was closed and could only be inspected through the large glass doors.

The hall on the main floor was similar with two reconstructed stairways leading to the second floor. See the photo. The second floor ballroom is now a ballroom instead of being cut up into cubicles and offices. See the photo.

A wonderful program was presented in the evening after a dinner catered by BYU. Ed Pinegar '52 was the master of ceremonies. Karl A. Miller, '23, was the first speaker. Dick Gunn, a BYH art and religion teacher in the past, was the second speaker. The music was performed by Beryl Jensen Smilie '47, Gordon Bullock '54, and Sue Thompson Heaton '67. More than 750 people, ranging in age from 45 to 85, attended these BY High reunion activities.

It was an interesting experience because we discovered that age didnīt matter -- we made instant relationships because we had all shared the spirit of BY High. It truly was an evening to remember, as well as being a turning point for the 1892 Academy building.

The Education Building looks beautiful, in fact, much better than it did when most of us attended school there!

We attempted to invite more than 1,500 living alumni. The newly restored Ballroom holds only 400 people at a time, therefore, the dinner was served buffet style.

We hope you enjoyed those special hours spent renewing old acquaintances, as well as seeing the renovated building and feeling the spirit we all shared durng our unique experience at BY High School.

We want to give special recognition to reunion leaders, Suzanne Calder Liechty, BYH Class of 1957 and Julie Anderson Clark, BYH Class of 1968.

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Ball room on the second floor
Brian and Becky Lambert
Can and Julie Clark
George Shaw and Terri Fisher Jensen, 1968
George Shaw, 1968